The Growing Mountain of Manga – Early Summer 2015 Purchases

I keep getting behind in my intent to post here, but I still find time for the hobby itself at least! During my (sadly now over) summer break, I was able to catch up on some reading. I made two major manga orders and this entry covers the first order. I’ve already made a considerable dent in these books. However, I recently replaced my old TV with a shiny new one and have fallen prey to streaming anime on Hulu Plus, so I haven’t dived into my second mountain of manga yet. All in good time!


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A Massive Backlog of Manga (Late 2014/Early 2015)

I’ve been busy at my new job and most of my free time has been devoted to gaming, so I haven’t kept up with the blog. Now that my first year at the new place is officially over, I have more time! I bought a number of manga these past months, so it’s time to tackle the task of posting the backlog.


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June and July 2014 Manga Orders

I’m moving in two weeks so that means things have been busy and I haven’t gotten as much reading done as I’d like. I’ve been either arranging stuff for the move, packing, finishing up business here, or gaming in my free time. I’m a bit behind on the reading part. Here’s three manga orders I received in the past month or so.

Here’s the first order that arrived about a month ago. I’ve made a decent dent in it.

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April 2014 Manga

There were a few “must have” manga released, so I placed a small order. I’ve actually had a little free time to read manga this past week. How exciting.

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Winter 2014 Manga

I’ve had some new manga for a few weeks, but have been too busy to really dive into them yet. So by default, this is my annual spring break manga binge order. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to read these before summer hits, but with the work load lately, I’m not counting on it.  Working every weekend will do that. I’ll probably do a little more around here once May hits. In addition, during the summer, I get to figure out how to pack and move ALL this manga without it being a disorganized disaster. I’m happy to move, but it will be a challenge. I have a great idea on how to tackle that problem–let’s buy MORE.

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My Precious – Shuuten Unknown print signed by Sugiura Shiho

Today, I received something that is now the pinnacle of my manga collection. It’s a signed print from my favorite mangaka, Sugiura Shiho, featuring the characters from Shuuten Unknown. A second print was also included. My full name is written on the print, so that was whited out in the pictures.


This was part of a campaign ran by Mag Garden to promote the release of Shuuten Unknown Volume 1. If someone purchased a copy of Shuuten Unknown 1 and the October issue of Avarus, they could send in for a set of prints, including one signed by the mangaka herself for a small price. The online bookstore MangaOh took this one step further by offering to send in the required proofs of purchase and forms to Mag Garden if someone purchased both products on their website for a small fee. Mag Garden sent the print to Mangaoh and they forwarded to the buyer’s address. The brilliant thing here is that it works well for foreigners!  So I was all over that and now have my precious. I love it. I’ll have to get it professionally framed at some point.. once I identify a shop worthy of touching my precious.

Annual Thanksgiving Book Binge

I’m usually really busy from October to mid-November, so it’s tradition to binge on books and games. I’ve kept that alive this year. Dot Kareshi III is coming soon as well!


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Seishun Hajimemashita – Limited Edition

I recently bought the (stupidly expensive) limited edition of the otome game, Seishun Hajimemashita. I rarely go for limited editions, but this was clearly the only way to go for this game. So it better not suck! Either way, I’ll get to listen to Yoshino Hiroyuki use his punk-ish voice, so I can’t go wrong.


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Shuuten Unknown by Sugiura Shiho

Shuuten Unknown


After spending almost ten years following the adventures of Rakan and Chigusa in Silver Diamond, I was lost when it came to an end. I followed the manga from the beginning and it was hard imagining the hobby without it. And then I saw the first images of Sugiura Shiho’s new manga, Shuuten Unknown (Last Stop Unknown). I learned to let go and embrace the excitement of seeing your favorite mangaka present a brand new setting and characters. We’re in for another fantastic ride.

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Dot Kareshi II and New Manga

I got some new loot, including the new Dot Kareshi game and some manga.

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