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HaccaWorks* Goods

After taking its sweet time, my Celga package finally arrived, bringing me much joy.  The purpose of this order was to finally amass what HaccaWorks* materials I could and it was a raging success.  I own all the books!  HaccaWorks* is a self-publishing group best known for their visual novel Hanakisou and (hopefully soon) Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino.  Hanakisou was originally released on PC and later ported to PS2 with full voices.  It will be be re-released on PSP this September.  AkaAka missed the latest Comiket deadline, so here’s to hoping for a release next winter.

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Persona 3 Doujinshi – Samui Yoru ni Miru Yume by Shikibu Akira (original Persona 3 spoiler)

I have a confession.  For the most part, I don’t like when fangirls pair up painfully straight male characters with no homosexual inclinations or mistake true animosity for “sexual tension.”  The furthest I’ll regularly go is US x UK in Hetalia and well… Himaruya EGGS me on with that anyway.  As a result, Hetalia makes up the largest part of my modest doujinshi collection, followed by Togainu no Chi and Lamento.  Once jpqueen went under (sob), I stopped buying doujinshi since it became too much of a hassle and cost prohibitive.

I was pawing through my doujinshi and came across a little gem I had forgotten–one that managed to convincingly ship a pairing that I really didn’t care for, nor had felt the subtext, in less than 16 pages.  The doujinshi in question was a Persona 3 (original P3) doujinshi named Samui Yoru ni Miru Yume by Shikibu Akira.  I wasn’t even interested in buying P3 dj (I have 3 total); I think I bought it because it was cheap and had nice colors on the cover.  It turned out to be a great find.

Gutters from hell warning–no way I’m bending this baby!  As a side note, I’m collecting larger scans and even some pages I don’t end up using in entries in my tumblr, so if you’d like to see nicer pics, head on over there.

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