April 2014 Manga

There were a few “must have” manga released, so I placed a small order. I’ve actually had a little free time to read manga this past week. How exciting.


  • SK8R’s 1 – Skater manga by Tojitsuki Hajime. It was inevitable. And it’s pretty awesome.
  • Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru – A collection featuring some of Yoneda Kou’s doujinshi.
  • 10 Dance 2 – Just gorgeous
  • Waka-sama Onmitsuchou 2 – Quite a porny ninja adventure.
  • Docchi mo Docchi!!! – Third volume in the series and it won’t be the last. The obi says seme vs semes vs seme–the new one was once a classmate of Ozaki. It was more interesting to see how Ozaki and Tsuburaya interact now. Tsuburaya really seems to embody the title “same difference” with his attitude toward their relationship. That’s actually a good thing–he just wants to be with Ozaki, his adorable, spoiled boyfriend.
  • Uchi no Tenshi ga Kemono Deshita – An otaku-themed story where the love interest looks like a guy’s favorite moe character and uses that to his advantage. The manga was okay, but there were some vexing things early on in terms of the characters/writing (for example, the otaku guy claimed he was “a bitch” that could sleep around with anyone, some “I’m not gay, gross!!” lamenting, and lots of drooly, flappy sex mouth).  The later chapters were better. Eh.. could have skipped this one.
  • Ore Monogatari!! 5 – I heart Takeo
  • Shuuten Unknown 2 – I’ve been looking forward to more of this manga. I can never have enough Sugiura Shiho. Can’t wait to see where it goes. I still need to frame that signed picture.. need to look into that this summer.
  • & 8 – It’s over. Too busy sobbing in the corner to read it.  Seriously, I’m not sure when I want to read this now that I’m holding it. WTF

12 responses to “April 2014 Manga

  1. & ended?? I suspect I’m 1 chapter behind. I too actually fell in love with the series and I’ve kind of gotten used to its storytelling style and atmosphere. It’s a pity. Hope new work by Okazaki will just as great.

  2. And I totally forgot to buy Shuuten Unknown… Is there some major progress in the 2nd volume?

    • Major progress? I don’t know what that would be. I’ve read the first third of the book and they’re moving along and there’s noticeable character development. It’s pretty standard for her adventuring style storytelling and she doesn’t write short series. The chapters are a lot shorter than what she used to write.

  3. Oh nice bunch of manga books!!! 😀
    Well I don’t know all of them but I liked what I read of 10 Dance, Docchi mo Docchi, Soredemo and Shuuten Unknown. The last one is really intriguing and I love the dynamics between the two guys and the situation they are in.
    Soredemo has some extra stories?
    Thanks for the post!

    • The Shuuten guys are pretty amusing with their cynical + kinda naive personality clashes. I like how she’s good playing her characters off on each other.

      It’s mainly previously published doujinshi, but Soredemo has a newly drawn story that shares the title of the tank.

      • Ah thanks so much for the info re:Soredemo!
        And seeing Ten Dance in your pic again, I think it’s the first work of this mangaka where the development is this slow. And I love it!! 😀

        • Yeah, 10 Dance is definitely a slower pace, yet it’s potent due to the body language and passion in the work. She’s mostly done oneshots or single tanks, so it’s a nice change of pace. Good stuff!

  4. I’m very excited by Okazaki’s last series ^^ but I’m sure it won’t make it in French 😦 . Sad… I always wanted to read a historical manga by Okazaki since her kimono drawings are so beautiful. I loved one of her short story in Yawarakai Kara which is set in Heian period. Omg…

    I too “heart” Takeo ^^ after reading 2 volumes.

    • Okazaki’s stuff always looks pretty, but I’ll probably wait on purchasing the new series. Not sure I want to attempt reading a historical series about monks raw.. that does not sound fun. I’ll have to find a preview or something.

      Takeo is one of my favorite characters lately. I finished Vol 5 a while ago and he’s even more of a sweetheart. Their relationship is so fluffy.

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