Oyaji BL Manga Primer

At some point, you get tired of reading manga about 16 year old kids.  You crave something different.  The further you get away from age 16, the more prominent this feeling can become.  Thankfully, there’s a trend within BL that gives us some grown, adult men and it’s been growing in popularity:  the oyaji!

“Oyaji” literally means father, but is also casually used to refer to middle-aged men. The lower age limit to qualify as an oyaji is typically early 30’s.  Common oyaji “cues” include visible signs of age like wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, an established family, and, of course, crotchety old man behavior (my favorite).   Within manga, there’s certain character types associated with this term.  The majority of oyaji seem to fall within the 30-45 year old range, particularly for BL.

Yamada Yugi teaches us oyaji moe points

First, if you’re completely new to this subgenre, here are some of the most highly regarded mangaka that reliably produce fantastic older men.  Their works are a great place to start and are relatively well-known, so I’ll only briefly mention a few of their relevant works.

  • Ono Natsume (basso)- noticeably older, professional men
  • est em – all types, very versatile
  • Yamashita Tomoko – natural characters
  • Suzuki Tsuta – one of the best at the gentle,  sweet type
  • Nishida Higashi – mostly salarymen (this is a good thing).  Kudos for having real oyaji, including some in their 50s (and still hot!)
  • Naono Bohra – her oyaji feel more fetishy, but there’s many and a wide range of them

This would be best titled “shin’s Oyaji BL Primer” because it isn’t all inclusive (too much!) and I’m blatantly playing favorites.  Hey, what can I say–it’s my blog and I think I have decent taste in oyaji. ♥ I’m not including everything, as I’d actually like to finish this list at some point (yet I know I’ll add to it later).  So this will be an overly large manga snippets post describing my favorite oyaji within those works.  And boy do I love my oyaji.

So here’s some hand-picked BL works that I’ve enjoyed which feature an older man, whether top, bottom, in the middle, on the side… I don’t discriminate!

Works are sorted into loose themes to make this entry remotely easier to read!

The Damaged Oyaji

Mo’some Sting by Yamashita Tomoko
If I had to crown someone “favorite oyaji,” the title would go to Asagi.  Asagi breaks my little heart.  He’s in love with an emotionally and mentally disturbed masochist.  Asagi is willing to hurt the other guy, just like he asks, yet Asagi would rather be gentle, because… well, he likes him.  Asagi also has a violent yakuza with psychotic tendencies obsessed with him, making his life a little too exciting.  Asagi is blunt and a bit of a dirty old man (yes!), yet he’s also kind to a fault, risking much to help his troubled niece.  He’s a damaged older man surrounded by even more broken men.

The End of the World by Shingyouji Tsumiko
The oyaji here is a genius math professor who sees a world different from us. Since he was a kid, Anekawa could escape into this other fantasy world, but he views all people as if they were a part of that fantasy (think bad renaissance fair costumes and animal ears).  A student, who looks normal in Anekawa’s eyes, tries to coax him into no longer running away from people.  Anekawa is one of the more timid characters I’ve read in a while.  However, in the real world, he’d surely be diagnosed with some mental disorder and drugged into oblivion, so it’s nice seeing him overcome his fear to find some loving human interaction.  Sweet story with some nice imagery.

Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma wo Hitotta by Takao Hiroi and Kamuro Akira
This features a man haunted by the death of his old friend who he loved.  When confessed to, he ran and didn’t realize he loved him until the friend was already dead.  Heartbroken and still running 15 years later, he drinks himself into oblivion on his friend’s death anniversary, waiting for a random person to pick him up and fill the void, even if for a short time.  He’s a broken man that needs comfort.

This is the one artist I want more, more, MORE oyaji from–these are most delicious, beautiful, yet grizzled, masculine men out there.  Please, please make my BL dreams come true and draw more scruffy, bearish characters~

Zion no Koeda by Inariya Fusanosuke
These stories are rather well known and feature what I’ll call “oyaji abuse.”  Inariya likes torturing her poor old guys… and her young guys for that matter.  So you get older men in her characteristic war-torn settings and there’s an emphasis on military and captivity themes.

The Working Man

Kuma to Interi by basso
What’s not to love about a handsome, well-dressed, intellectual, and powerful older man?  The former Prime Minister of Italy has a secret hobby of playing around with younger men.  At least Faust treats it like recreation until he encounters a man who is his least favorite type:  an older, bearish man.  Who turns out to be a paparazzi nonetheless.  Faust is the runner-up for my favorite oyaji.  Check out Amato Amaro and Al to Neri to Sono Shuuhen for more delicious older men, including some of the side characters here.

Polaris Bell by Terashima
Shuugo is a bisexual, flippant high school student who is loose with “love” and his *ahem* lower half.  He finds girls and boys equally attractive, equally disposable.  That is until he meets a composed older man who is a local train conductor.  Shuugo falls hard and I can’t blame him.  This 2 volume slice of life story dances inbetween Shuugo and the people around him.  However, we also get to see this earnest, uniformed oyaji warm up to Shuugo as well!

Harem Days by Naono Bohra
This book is a tasty oyaji feast, with no less than three older men.  There’s Suzunari, a manager who knows what he wants and knows what he likes, which happens to be the new office worker who is a former punk.  Suzunari is the calm, yet cunning type.  The company president is protective of Suzunari and doesn’t approve of this office fling at first.  Another story has an older, blind man and a young man who hides his love for 10 years.  You can’t go wrong with Naono Bohra when it comes to finding lots of different older men.

Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo by Natsume Isaku
Shimano has it all–he’s young, handsome, rich, and has a bright future career. Everyone admires him, except his older boss Kurokawa who enjoys ordering him around like he’s the new guy. Shimano learns that while Kurokawa is a friendly, successful salesman, he’s very messy, divorced, and often drinks alone at home. Kurokawa is rather bold and has a bit of a leecherous, teasing attitude towards Shimano.  Dirty old men are the best.  This work is a good example where the divorced ex-wife isn’t demonized as a plot device to bring the guys together and she is even a good character.  Yay!

Zantei, Koibito by Akiba Touko
Sakamoto is 34 years old, divorced, and a successful business manager.  He works hard and he plays hard–he’s also crude and loud, likes his beer, and likes… a younger guy.  He gets wasted at a work party and pounces on his younger subordinate.  However, the next awkward morning, he turns the tables and claims the other guy pounced on him since he was drunk!  Haha, he’s a feisty, straightforward old man.  He’s a workaholic, to the detriment of his love and sex life.  This has lively characters and “clean” artwork.

Bamford Koushakuke no Shitsuji by Ike Reibun
The steward from No.99: Ningen Omocha gets his own (very porny) love story. While Graham appears cold and stern on the outside, he has quite a salacious affair with one of the butlers, Alex. Is Alex just a toy or will the unflappable countenance crack when someone else threatens to claim Alex? Either way, it’s Ike Reibun, so expect dirty sex and lovely period costumes. The best part of the manga is Graham’s character: he’s a shrewd guy with a monocle and princess curls ponytail.

Mada Ai ga Tarinai by Nishida Higashi
Inoue Masayuki is a middle-aged, divorced HR manager with a surprising problem–there’s an anonymous complaint accusing the talented, younger manager Kitahara Akihiko of sexual harassment. Inoue approaches Kitahara to investigate and just when his suspicions start to clear, a nude photo of Kitahara is sent to his cell phone. A cat-and-mouse game evolves between the two–Inoue can’t dismiss, yet won’t be easily fooled or manipulated by Kitahara. And Kitahara sent the nude pic himself–to lure Inoue into bed.

It’s fun watching Inoue’s conflicting attraction grow into determination to show Kitahara that he has more appeal than just money and good sex. Even the scheming Kitahara can be oblivious and caught off-guard.

The (Ex) Family Man

PapaI Love You by Mishima Kazuhiko
There’s a father-figure borderline oyaji character in the main story.  Mayama Karou’s life changes drastically when he takes in his two abandoned nephews, aged 5 and 16.  They start to lead a warm, happy family life together until one day, the older boy suddenly kisses him.  This is good for a sweet story about romance overcoming pseudo-family ties.

The second story has an older man attending prep school who catches the eye of a younger teacher.  The older man is quiet and self-deprecating, but we watch him grow a much-needed spine as he chooses his own path in life.

Work In by Suzuki Tsuta
There’s two couples in this work.  The first are salarymen and the boss is a bit older.  It’s a sweet office romance story you’d expect from Suzuki Tsuta.

The second couple has the oyaji jackpot.  There’s an older dad, usually unkempt and unshaven, who hides a breathtaking face underneath all that scruff.  Personally, I like him the other way. ❤  Good couple chemistry and a cute daughter too!

Nobara by Kumota Haruko
The oyaji in the main story is Kamita, a caring father trying to move on to the next stage of his life.  He has a young, adorable daughter who he works hard to care for alone.  Kamita’s kind smile has caught the eye of the younger Take who runs the restaurant he works at.  When he learns that Kamita is getting a divorce because he’s gay, Take is overwhelmed by the possibility that he might be available and interested..

…something bothered me about this work though.  Divorce is common fodder for these older parent stories and is terribly misused and ill-represented in manga in general, perhaps as a result of age/lack of knowledge and culture gap.  It rubbed me the wrong way by demonizing the wife (in BL–no way!), even though Kamita is the one who married her fully knowing that he was gay.  Not cool.  But he finally owned up to some responsibility and admitted he did something terrible and won me back (somewhat).  This could have been done more gracefully.  It was a bitter taste in the otherwise very sweet story.

Konoyo Ibun (Volume 3) by Suzuki Tsuta
Part of Konoyo Ibun focuses on the older boss, Minamiura.  He has some of the best smiles.  Definitely check this out if you like the gentle, yet a bit mischievous type.  Here’s another good use of divorce as a plot device in oyaji BL. It has a tempering effect on his life and personality while not  involving any clumsily injected drama that detracts from the overall tone of the work.

Nichijou Sahanbi – Beautiful Life by Moto Haruko
Another oyaji dad, but his character is more unique within this subtype.  He’s not the gentle, ideal housewife type.  He’s a big guy who takes his infant into a bar and gets drunk.  Okay, he’s not as terrible as that sounds.  He’s nice to everyone and picks up a lost kitten young man he found on the street.

The Bad Boy

Shinjuku Lucky Hole

Division by Nishida Higashi
Tanaka is one of Nishida Higashi’s bad boys, as evidenced by his elaborate back tattoo and missing pinkie. Desperate and on the run in a foreign country, an innocent lawyer latches onto Tanaka, for better or worse. Tanaka is cunning, but unstable and unpredictable. On a whim, he might help you out. On a different whim, he might leave you to be gang-raped. One minute he’s smiling and calmly eating dinner, the next he’s stabbing a guy in the hand with a fork while laughing his ass off. Despite that (or because of it?), there’s still something thrilling about Tanaka that attracts the other man (being stranded in hostile territory with no language skills probably helps). Ever had a psycho boyfriend? He’s got nothing on this oyaji.

Aiso Tsukashi by Yamada Yugi
Previously a side character in Takaga Koi Daro, Sawaragi gets his own love story in Aiso Tsukashi. Sawaragi is a former yakuza who was recently released from prison. He decided to leave that part of his life behind until a former inmate, Shuuya, shows up on his doorstop with nowhere else to go. Sawaragi is the strong, silent type, but has a soft spot for lost kittens, both the furry and human kind, and reluctantly takes in Shuuya. Yamada Yugi oyaji are always great. There’s more oyaji scattered throughout her oneshot collections.

Shinjuku Lucky Hole by Kumota Haruko
Hiyama Kumi is a former porn star who manages an adult film company with his partner, Sakuma. They met in a non-traditional manner. In order to repay his father’s debt to the yakuza, Kumi was sent to live and be “trained” by Sakuma so the young Kumi could appear in gay films. Eventually, Kumi starts to develop feelings for Sakuma and schemes to release him from the yakuza world.

Kumi is indebted to Sakuma, who lets others know that Kumi is his. Sakuma is intimidating and possessive in his own way. Kumi may sleep with people for a living, but crossing over that professional line into personal feelings is a good way to bring out his scary, threatening yakuza side. They have an interesting dynamic, both in their past and present. The present storyline features them as two hot oyaji, of course.

Now That is an Old Man!

Negaigoto wa Hidamari de

Gush ManiaEX R45 anthology
I haven’t given up on doing a full entry at some point on this one, but the whole theme is oyaji.  Sweet!  The most disappointing part was that I thought ALL characters were going to be 45 or older, but one of them is almost always the standard younger guy.  But you get a good mixture of artists, character types, and stories.  There’s older salarymen, a professor, a doctor, business owners… something for everyone!  It is a great collection that delivers on its oyaji promise.

Negaigoto wa Hidamari de by Katsuragi
Nakakouji Tomohiko and Shiomi Haruhito have been friends all their lives. Now in their 50’s, Tomohiko blurts out that he wants Shiomi to marry him. Thinking his secret crush on Tomohiko is blown, Shiomi panics. However, Tomohiko just needed some help to deflect a marriage proposal. Now that the secret is out, will it ruin or transform their long companionship? It’s a bit comical and very sweet story about “silver love.”

Life, Love by Nishida Higashi
Even though one of the main characters is 36, I wanted to highlight his father, a powerful politician, simply because he’s gorgeous in a suit.  Father and son have a complicated relationship to say the least.  Nishida Higashi is not afraid to make her characters older and they sure age gracefully.  Also check Mitsumete Itai for a much older man.

en el parque (and others) by est em
est em is the queen of introspective, sentimental stories featuring much older men.  There’s quite a few stories which explore different themes.  You have older men leading normal lives, experiencing failing health, facing life crises like the loss of loved ones, and more.  Perhaps my favorite–“en el parque” breaks my heart a little every time I read it.  As to not spoil it, just read it–it’s a short story in Tableau Numero 20.  However, there are some positive stories as well, such as “lumiere” (in the Orokamono wa Aka wo Kirau tank).  An old man dictates a story of a choreographer and dancer.  Is it fiction?  Or perhaps he’s reminiscing about a long lost love?  I hope at that age I can look back at my life and past loves in such a manner.

The Crack-tastic Oyaji

Shachou Momoi-kun by Nishida Higashi
Watanabe is a hard-working, older manager who is targeted by the new company president (who is seemingly there to find a boyfriend more than actually work~). He’s an earnest, kind older man, but also a workaholic demon when necessary. Instantly attracted, Momoi weasels his way into Watanabe’s life. Since Watanabe has lived his life until recently as a straight husband, he isn’t sure how to feel about the situation, despite his growing attachment. Shachou Momoi-kun is a funny gag manga with a few serious moments. It tears down the fourth wall and has a half-naked man dance on top of it (sadly, not the oyaji). There’s also a randomly serious side-story included that has an oyaji vampire. Bonus salarymen oyaji everywhere, as expected from my personal Queen of Oyaji BL.

Liechtenstein Hakase no Karei Naru Nichijou by Shingyouji Tsumiko
This is the crack cocaine of weird oyaji BL manga. Liechtenstein is a brilliant biotech company owner, but he’s also naive and sheltered to the point he doesn’t know how to use public transportation. This little lamb falls right into the sadistic arms of his younger admirer, Shumiia. Liechtenstein is subjected to subway molestations, fake proctology exams, elaborate spy setups, and more.. including a random tentacle plant. This is the only BL manga I own that contains tentacle porn (NSFW, duh), which is more comical than anything, if you believe that. Being a huge masochist, Liechtenstein didn’t seem to mind much at all~

Oyajina! ~Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai~ by Hiiragi Nozomu
How you can improve upon the already awesome oyaji character type? Stick teenage girls in older male bodies and watch the ensuing hijinks and budding romance. Fluffy teenage love, but now with more old man facial hair! This is what fangirl dreams are made of. Full entry here. A continuation will be released in February.

The Creepy Oyaji

Kaori no Yuuwaku by Nakamura Asumiko
Hide your shota, this sexual predator is coming to town! This older man not only looks smooth, but he seduces young boys like a pro. Great to look at on the outside, a little creepy to think about what’s on the inside.  So let’s drool at the eyepatch instead.

Saiyaku no Tebiki by Kusama Sakae
The oyaji here is a novelist who is a bit odd and disliked by his neighbors.  He meets a high school boy who is odd as well–he gets erect when he sees fire.   Lovely.  Their first encounter makes this oyaji seem like a sexual predator, but after that he downgrades to just a regular dirty old man messing around with a perverted high school boy.  I’m not a big fan of the work overall, but it does contain an unapologetic dirty oyaji.  Nice.

This is the debut work of Kusama Sakae, who has great oyaji potential.  She even drew the pin-up in the Gush ManiaEX R45 anthology–featuring both characters over 40.  Quite different from this work which contains shota.  I have high hopes for her~

Copernicus no Kokyuu by Nakamura Asumiko
I’m a big fan of Nakamura Asumiko’s creepy characters.  And the other ones for that matter.  First, we have the circus troupe leader, an old man who runs a harsh, unforgiving business.  Did I mention he not only sexually abuses, but also whores out his performers to customers?  This leads the main character to yet another creepy oyaji who keeps him like a boytoy pet.  And that’s just the beginning.

Random Oyaji Grab Bag!

BabyI Love You by Mishima Kazuhiko
Baby★I Love You is the sequel to Papa and gives the rejected guy another chance at love. So we get a cranky older guy topped by the impish, yet adorable,15 year  old adopted son of his unrequited love.  It’s one of my favorite feisty oyaji stories because of the strong personality clashes.  I’m also a sucker for little kids declaring  that a grown man will become their “bride” and them making good on that promise years later! A rare case when the sequel is better than the original.

Hana wa Saku ka by Hidaka Shoko
Sakurai works long hours at an advertising agency and doesn’t have much time for anything else. Nothing else even seems worthy of his attention or motivation–until he meets a younger artist. Sakurai is an adult–practical and level-headed. He doesn’t blindly fall into love/lust, but can’t deny there’s something there and must work up the courage to pursue it. A beautiful love story for a beautiful man.

Stalemate by Aoyama Toomi
Chiharu has cared for his nephew Shinichi for years.  They often play chess together, but Chiharu tries to encourage the high schooler to go out and play with others his own age.  Shinichi is quite attached, but still too timid to do anything about it.  When the opportunity arises to become closer, Chiharu is a reasonable man.  He figures he shouldn’t mess around with an underage, male blood relative.  Thankfully, he’s a naughty oyaji at heart and that doesn’t stop him for long.  This was Aoyama Toomi’s first tank and features some beautiful art.  Looking forward to more, hopefully with more oyaji~

Oyaji Kairou e Youkoso by Misasagi Fuhri
This series is all about the mangaka’s own oyaji kink and is written for all the oyaji lovers out there. Since it’s written by Misasagi Fuhri, who writes many older men, she’s worth listening to!  It’s basically a narrative essay of the mangaka fangirling over different types of oyaji and storylines involved, mixed with some short comics and oneshots.  Amusing reference material.  It’s full of so many different older man character designs who I wished had their own full stories.  Check out her other works–they are laden with oyaji goodness!

Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai by Meiji Kanako
Lee is a magician who is much older than he looks (and he still falls within oyaji range!). Normally serious and somber, Lee seems particularly world-weary due to past circumstances, but there’s a young apprentice to keep his cottage bouncing with curious energy. Lee lives a rather austere, simple life for a powerful wizard and mostly keeps to himself. However, others seek him out, including many magical beings, other wizards (not all friendly), and even royalty. Meiji Kanako has numerous older men in her manga–just make sure you’re familiar with her odd style before plunging in!


The oyaji BL game Love Me Tender by Vivid Color

Often left only one small role in a large cast of young, beautiful guys, oyaji get their own BL game thanks to Vivid Color, the makers of Silver Chaos, Hanamachi Monogatari, and Nessa no Rakuen.

The main character Yukihiko plays the piano at the bar his lover Oumi manages.
Oumi is a kind, affectionate lover and although he sometimes feels lonely, Yukihiko wants to stay with him always.  However, one day, Yukihiko’s ex-boyfriend Ryousuke appears, claiming he’s been searching for Yukihiko all this time.  Yukihiko begins to remember all those feelings he had tried to forget..

For those keeping score, the main character is 38 and his two suitors are 44 and 47.  It’s not as extensive as Vivid Color’s other games, but it’s an oyaji BL game.  I seriously need to play this game more~

My god, I made a monster.  There’s more out there, but I’ll have to cut it off at this point.  Kudos if you made it this far–your love for oyaji is strong!

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  1. It’s a wonderful selection, I’ll try to read some (or all) because I love oyaji stories. ^^

    I’ll link to this post from my blog, hope you don’t mind.

    • I’m glad you’re an oyaji fan too! I’m always looking for good oyaji stories.. hope you find some good ones in there. 🙂

      Sure, I don’t mind at all. The more oyaji love, the better!

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  3. You are going all out with this! I would have never thought that you were going to select oyajis from everywhere ;D.
    I should start featuring some lists like these…so much to do, so much to do.

    • It was an idea I had that quickly spiraled out of control, ha! I even cut a category out.. might put it in later. Even I got tired of writing about my oyaji after putting this together! You just need to find some subtopic you’re passionate about and trust me, you’ll need a few days break from it after putting together a big post like this. 😉

  4. I love this whole page!!! Thank you….. I’m in heaven.

  5. Wow! I’m so glad I found this post! I am so, so grateful.

  6. i’ve been an oyaji lover since i was a kid, so i’m really happy to see someone like them enough to even write this much about oyaji bl. i’m so gonna get that game, and read some more manga..
    thanks a lot for this post, i found happiness in yet another unexpected place

    • Nice! I’ve grown to appreciate oyaji more recently. I am immediately drawn in whenever I see one in a manga these days. And thanks–I hope you find something new and fun to read, full of oyaji goodness. 🙂

  7. hello there im a oyaji fan too!can you tell me what exactly the name or title of the first picture in the Now That is an Old Man! and if you mind telling me the exact title of other featured pictures of other hottie oyaji…

    • Good to hear you’re an oyaji fan 🙂 I set the image titles to contain the manga titles, so in my browser(s), if I hold my cursor over the image, the title of the manga appears. I haven’t tested all browsers, but give it a try. That will answer almost all your questions. A quick google from there will match up with the manga (I use the same exact romanization on MyAnimeList as well which has more info). 🙂 Let me know if it doesn’t.

      The only one it doesn’t answer is actually the first pic in Now That is an Old Man! He’s actually just a pin-up illustration in Gush ManiaEX R45 and doesn’t have a story himself. He was drawn by Kusama Sakae who does some good work.

  8. ahh right!my bad!thanks for your urgent reply i really appreciate your effort…thanks and keep up the good work!some of the mangas are not available for download right?bec im trying to search for polaris bell yet i can’t find any source maybe it is new..anyway thanks and more power.

    btw, if in time i have some questions would you mind answering it…thanks!

    • No problem 🙂 I’m pretty ignorant about coding, so I wasn’t even sure if I did it properly.

      Honestly, I bet most of the manga aren’t available for download. Most are raw too. Polaris Bell isn’t terribly new (2007-9), but it’s only in Japanese and not widely known.

      Sure, as long as they aren’t questions about downloads, I’ll answer them :3

  9. Really?sad to know that it is hardly available..well maybe in time more fans will take an effort to scan some of these mangas and take their time as well to share this great creation..hehehe..

    anyways…i really really enjoyed your site..it’s my first time to know that i’m not alone!hehe..i thought that i’m really the only one who really wants these oyaji craves then i discovered your site and now enjoying reading your reviews about different oyaji, i’ll definitely recommend your site to my friend, and would you mind if i link your sites to other social networks?

    i’m curious about polaris bell, hehe..hope you can write another detailed reviews about that manga!again thanks and i apprecite your effort!

    • I guess that’s one of my main goals here–take a bunch of unknown manga in the English-speaking circles and hope it catches someone’s attention.

      Funny, I thought I was a bit odd too, but once I started talking about it (loudly!), I found others that shared the sentiment. You can link this blog anywhere–I don’t mind at all.

      Ah, I’d love to write more about Polaris Bell, and a ton of other things… just need the time! Thanks for reading 🙂

  10. I don’t read much BL, or more like I don’t read much in general, but from what I’ve read, I definitely like grown up men the most. Out of those you mentioned… I’ve read only, like half of those series, if not less. But would like to particularly highlight “Zantei Koibito”. I found this series to be simply adorable. I feel in love with that glasses guy and their relationship. It kinda felt really natural, their relationship, that is.

    Aaand as for Suzuki Tsuta, her art style is simply perfect. Honestly speaking, it really turns me on xD

    • As I read more and more, I tend to favor the older characters, so I know where you’re coming from.

      Zantei Koibito was a good read–like you said, it felt natural and I thought the glasses guy had a fun personality.

      ❤ Suzuki Tsuta. I cannot properly express how much I love (and am turned on by, heh) Merry Checker. Her other stuff is fantastic, but that one in particular throws me into a tizzy.

  11. Do you order manga in Yesasia or Amazon?

    Gaaah. I really like Polaris Bell… :((

    • I order mostly from http://www.bk1.jp/

      IMO, both amazon and yesasia are rip-offs. Amazon at least has some stock that bk1 might not have, so I deal with it every now and then, while Yesasia is just overpriced and low-stocked. There’s English guides to help you shop on bk1, but you’ll still have to deal with the language barrier once you get the book.

    • I’m pretty much always using BK1. Cheap shipping charges, frequent 300 yen discount coupons for orders over 3,000 yen and a more or less constant “buy for at least 10,000 yen campaign” which gives you 1,000 yen back to buy more stuff for at a later point. The lack of certain items is a problem, though. First I thought that BK1 had everything except for Tōsuisha items, but then I found a Kōdansha item (http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/406379430X) published in March last year which is unavailable from BK1. I’ve never found anything else non-Tōsuisha which can’t be bought from BK1 (unless sold out).

      Yesasia has the advantage that the shop does, at least if you’re sending something to the EU, attach stickers marked with “port payé Allemagne” and “Deutsche Post”. This has the effect that customs authorities in some EU countries think that the item was posted within the European Union and so you don’t have to pay for any customs charges. However, although Yesasia may state that the items include free shipping, the items are more expensive to begin with, making Yesasia useful only if you would otherwise have to pay for very high customs charges.

  12. I guess bk1.jp is okay… but I’m scared that if I made a mistake, (I’m going to use my mom’s visa card. Still a minor. XD), it would cause a BIG problem for her. Because I can’t understand japanese. :(( Sadly.

    It’s okay even if those are just Raws that I’ll get. 🙂 Seeing the pictures are enough. Because that’s how MUCH I love Oyajis… :’]

    I even thought of working to get it. Hahah. Any decent job.

    • There’s help in English out there–Google “bk1 shopping guide.” With that, making a mistake is hard!

      One thing to note–some Japanese merchants only post their credit card transactions occasionally. In the US, this is unheard of and any credit card purchase is charged within ~2 days of purchase. bk1 doesn’t run cards every day–in fact, only a few times a month at best in my experience. What that means is that when you make a sale, the charge shows up initially, but then disappears! This doesn’t mean you get free books (damn)–a few weeks later it reappears and stays. So you’ll “see” the charge twice if you regularly check your accounts, but the first was more like a hold that refunds the money and it takes out money permanently on the second. I was pretty confused when I first saw that. It might not happen that way everywhere/in all countries. That has been my experience with three different national banks in the US and a VISA credit card. I’ll never forget the look on that teller’s face when I was complaining that my $300+ charge for Japanese books disappeared.. lol

      Oooh, that is some commendable oyaji love. I understand.. I’m experimenting more with josei stuff that I might not be able to read, but the oyaji promise was too strong :3

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  14. Hahaha, I completely enjoy reading this Oyaji reading ^^
    You have some fine taste indeed XDD

    But, I’m a little disappointed you didn’t mention J.B from Kizuna or many few other chara from Kodaka Kazuma, because they make a hot and sexy Oyaji ::yummy::

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks, it’s always good to find more people who like oyaji :3

      Well, I’m not the biggest Kodaka Kazuma fan, so I didn’t include any. But it’s not like I’ve read every single thing she’s written either, so maybe there’s better, undiscovered stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve tried reading her stuff. There’s plenty of other oyaji I didn’t mention, but the idea was that I was hand-picking my favorites at the time I wrote it. 🙂

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am always looking for good oyagi. I love Tsuta and Bohra, so nice to see someone else who appreciates them. I just love their art and Bohra’s uniqueness. I really wish I could find this stuff online though. Sigh, if I could understand Japanese I would be right up there helping the scanlating groups …. ><* But seriously, thanks for this post. I only found it by chance when I was looking to see if Merry Checker was updated further on any other manga sites. You are right though, Tsuta had a stroke of genious with this one!

  16. This is the first post I´ve read from you and I keep coming back here from time to time to find more recs about this subject hehe.
    Thanks to you and this entry, I could enjoy more “ojayi” BL works
    I read your blog frequently but I think this is the second time I comment.
    I also enjoyed your “Docchi mo Docchi” post though not the work (yet) because I am unable to read Japanese * sad *
    I wish you a very happy New Year!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the (second) comment and I’m glad to hear you got to enjoy oyaij goodness! I should update this list sometime once I dig out a few more that I like. I hope you’ll get the chance to read Docchi mo Docchi. It might happen in the new year 😀

  17. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll have to check these works out 😀 oyaji are my favourite EVERRRR!! Happy new year 🙂

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  20. Could you maybe put up warnings for the ones that have rape? I know it’s a troupe in BL that a lot of people just get used to ignoring, but it’s a nasty shock for those who can’t

    • Derp, spelling error and misuse of word. Troupe = trope = me meaning to say plot device >_>

    • I don’t remember all the sex scenes in all these manga to label them. Certainly things that mention abuse/kidnapping like Zion no Koeda, Division, Life, Love, and the Nakamura Asumiko manga have sexual abuse. But I think there’s others that contain dubious consent, like Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma wo Hitotta and Kuma to Interi even. I did read Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai more recently and it has rape, but Meiji Kanako is an author known for that anyway. Oh and The End of the World tank has this really weird oneshot where some prisoners are “milked” against their will or something. That story was messed up.

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  23. Thank you so much for the Oyaji posts! I also love older men(with facial hair). I read Bamford Koushakuke no Shitsuji and fell in love with sexy Graham, despite that he’s a bit of a jerk. xDD omg when his hair is down I just….!! ❤

    I wish I knew what story, author, or who that sexy male is on the cover of Gush ManiaEX R45. I tried searching online but no success. ):
    anyhow thanks for posting, and its awesome to see a fellow Oyaji lover!!

    • It’s always good to see more oyaji fans!

      Graham does have fabulous hair. I think I was amused by him because he was so harsh, yet loved to rock those princess curls.

      For Gush ManiaEX R45, the little thumbnail I have here is from Kusama Sakae’s inner illustration for the anthology. Unfortunately, there was no oneshot associated with the drawing. On the actual cover (www.amazon.co.jp/GUSHmaniaEX-R45-GUSH-mania-COMICS/dp/4877241396/) that is Suzuki Tsuta and the oneshot is Honto no Uso.

      • Yes defitnetly is, I;m so glad I’m not the only one. c:
        LOL ikr, mean yet handsome old man with fab hair, I love it. Wish the manga was longer, but ah well.

        Ah I see, such a shame, that Oyaji there on the cover is pretty handsome. But thank you, I’ll go read that oneshot. 🙂

  24. Hi!
    Coming again (haha I love this post a lot! I don’t know how many times I reread it) to say that I purchased recently “President Momoi-kun” by Nishida Higashi and I absolutely loved it!
    I love this mangaka but I didn’t expect that this work would turn out like this (with so many meta-references) but I enjoyed it a lot!
    I hope to read more of your oyaji’s thoughts in the future! 😀

    • I’m glad you find it to be a good resource! I have a little mini pile of oyaji goodness I should sort through sometime. There’s probably a few that I like well enough to add to the lists.

      Momoi is a lot of fun! It’s pretty unique amongst her usually darker, dramatic stories. It’s hard to find BL manga with a parody twist that are so well done. I preordered Momoi’s English translated release (whenever that is going to happen). I just started her newest manga, Kimi ga Boku no Subete. I’m always excited about reading more Nishida Higashi.

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  26. DAAAAAAMN this helps so much, can’t get enough oyaji yet they’re so hard to find ;Ö; thank you for this post!

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