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Shiny New Releases: LE THÉÂTRE DE A ~A no Gekijou~

All those gorgeous stories that Nakamura Asumiko published in Gothic & Lolita Bible are being collected in an all-color, hardback volume: LE THÉÂTRE DE A ~A no Gekijou~.  There will be one new story, bringing the total to 16 different oneshots included in this volume. The release date is 8/27 and the sticker price is 2400 yen. I can’t wait for the chance to read all these and add this beautiful book to the collection.

Utsubora by Nakamura Asumiko


Utsubora is a mature, suspenseful mystery manga that was published in Manga Erotics F by Nakamura Asumiko.  The story focuses on a famous, but struggling novelist who is ensnared by a mysterious young woman and the novel she presents to him. This entry will focus on the beginnings of the story–which means many enigmas will be left just as that. Don’t want to spoil the fun too much.

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Shiny New Releases: Adorute to Adarute

Nakamura Asumiko’s abrupt hiatus last summer tore at the hearts of many fans including myself.  The following months of complete silence were unsettling, with no hint of a glorious return. Thankfully for us and all of manga, she has been slowly getting back into publishing.  She just released a full-color oneshot, titled Adorute to Adarute.  It’s about two twins:  one lives alone locked away in a tower and the other is a crown prince.  What if they were to trade places…?

For being so short, it’s a solid work.  Absolutely gorgeous clothing too.  Although I admit I’m still a bigger fan of her monochrome or monochrome+color tone (Gothic Lolita oneshots) style.

The best part about this?  You can read it online for free at pocopoco’s website.  And don’t forget to drop by Bokura no☆Hikari Club while you’re at it!  This new online magazine pocopoco has attracted some mad talent!

Shiny New Releases: Koi Suru Savanna

The shiniest, most desired book of the day is Koi Suru Savanna by Yamazaki Dodo.  This series is recommended by Yamashita Tomoko (who also publishes in Feel Young).

Koi Suru Savanna is a love story about a good-looking young man who indiscriminately gets involved with many different women, earning him the title of “beast” from his female coworkers.  He claims he’s looking for a suitable partner he can become crazy about.  He then meets the poker-faced Houjou who casually responds to his advances.  What exactly is she thinking?! She sounds like an interesting character to tame the women-eating animal.

The tank also contains her work, Silica Gel.  Wait, what’s with that title?  The context likely refers to its use as a desiccant in those packets that tell you “do not eat contents!”  The chemist in me is curious.  :-p

This month is also great for new tanks from old favorites:

  • Nakamura Asumiko released a new tank, Tetsudo Shoujo Manga, which contains short stories previously published in Melody and Rakuen Le Paradis (so shoujo and yuri content).
  • Ono Natsume (bass0) has a new BL tank, Al to Neri to Sono Shuuhen, featuring characters from her previous work Kuma to Interi (more Faust please, brb dying).
  • Morimoto Shuu releases the first tank of Moon Trick (2/20).
  • Nishida Higashi finishes up the month with Suki ni Naru to Kowareru (2/26).

And I’m not even done browsing upcoming releases!  Fantastic!

Manga Snippets – 8/4/10

I’ve already dived face first into my new manga.  Since I won’t do individual posts for every title, I wanted to try some random snippets from works that I’ve recently read.  Feel free to chime in if you’ve read any of these, although refrain from spoilers if I haven’t finished it! No specific spoilers are given here–only short, general impressions and a couple fun images that will help me in my next purchasing round.

  • Genkaku Picasso
  • Persona 3 Portable Comic Anthology ~Dear Girl’s~
  • Sailor Fuku ni Onegai 1-4
  • Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist 1
  • Tokaido Hisame ~Kagerou~ 4 (end)
  • Kabocha Ouji
  • Mori no Animal Company
  • Yobidashi Hajime 1

Furuya Usamaru locked in a struggle of wills with Picasso!

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