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Final chapter of Boku to Kanojo no XXX in next issue of avarus

The final chapter of Morinaga Ai’s Boku to Kanojo no XXX is scheduled for avarus’s upcoming September issue (8/12).  I’ve been reading and loving Boku to Kanojo no XXX since it started in 2002 and I’m excited (and nervous) for a conclusion.

While full of Morinaga Ai’s characteristic silliness, it has something a little different:  it is damn hot at times.  The premise is that Akira, a boy with a weak and dull personality, switches bodies with his crush, a beautiful girl who is also impressively rude, crude, and pushy.  The outward result is basically a hot, confident asshole guy and a demure, pretty girl, making the previously unattractive two now incredibly attractive to many. The girl does whatever (and whomever) she wants with Akira’s body, while Akira tries to respect her personal boundaries.  This becomes difficult when Senbongi, Akira’s best male friend, falls for Akira.  After Senbongi learns that it’s actually Akira inside a girl’s body, it doesn’t phase him at all and he proceeds to try to seduce Akira, perhaps even with more fervor!  As long as those two get it on in the end, I don’t care who is what gender~  Surely, after all this time, Morinaga Ai won’t troll us and not have these two ultimately end up together….


Volume 8 will be released on 10/15/2011.  *waits nervously in the corner*

Kirara no Hoshi by Morinaga Ai

Kirara no Hoshi

Kirara no Hoshi is Morinaga Ai’s newest series.  I have a long love affair with Morinaga Ai, going strong at 10 years.  Simply, I find her funny.  I typically don’t seek out comedy manga, but she has this over-the-top, sorta raunchy style that is so atypical for shoujo manga. The humor, hot guys, and high energy of Kirara no Hoshi is nothing less than what you’d expect from her.

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