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Shiny New Releases: Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante

Igarashi Ran is releasing Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante (1) on 7/25, a shoujo comedy manga published in Comic Zero-Sum. It’s also the sequel to Ai ni Toshi no Sa Nante (briefly discussed in this post).

Munns (?) has come from afar to Japan to train to be a butler.  Awaiting him is the legendary butler Yagi, who loves his charge just a little too much, a mansion full of mysteries and traps, and more… Follow his harrowing journey to become a great butler.

Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante sounds like more along the lines of Igarashi Ran’s silly, hyper comedic style.  I’m excited to see more Yagi–his “devotion” is hilarious, but always kept in check by the sharp Itsuki (much to Yagi’s dismay).  Then of course there’s Kazusa, Itsuki’s friend and the girl who is madly in love with the older Yagi.  I hope they both get plenty of screen time.  We’ll see how well Munns integrates himself into that mess!

Oyaji Romance Manga Selections

I consider myself an advocate of the delicious oyaji.  At least advocate sounds better than raving fangirl madly attempting to brainwash others. *ahem* As a follow-up to my oyaji BL manga primer, here’s a selection of great romance manga featuring older men.  Romance for adults.  Not necessarily the naughty kind, but the grown-up kind.

You’ll notice this list is much smaller, especially since I went ahead and independently covered a number of the titles.  Unfortunately, romancing older men isn’t a terribly common theme, at least not as the main focus of a manga. I don’t use the label “romance” lightly.  A genuine, powerful draw between two characters must be the main focus to make this list.  So here’s a selection of my favorite titles featuring an oyaji in a romantic story within some selected shoujo, josei, seinen, and BL manga.

Dowth may be like 1000 years old, but he’s still got it.

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