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Dokyou Shichauzo! and Sansukumi by Kinuta Murako

Dokyou Shichauzo! and Sansukumi

A Shinto priest, Buddhist monk, and Catholic priest walk into a bar manga…

“Moe” is often associated with cute anime and manga like K’On! and Lucky Star that are marketed toward the male demographic.  But moe is alive and well in female-orientated manga, if you just know where to look!  Dokyou Shichauzo! and Sansukumi are essentially about three cute young men doing cute, innocent things and helping each other because they are good friends and good people in general.  If you described a manga like that to me, expecting me to actually read it, you’d be more likely to get a book tossed back in your face.  Perhaps that’s why I’m impressed by Sansukumi–it overcomes my jaded, low appreciation for all the supposedly cute, fuzzy things in manga.  It has impressed others as well, ranking on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi list for both 2011 and 2012.  So who are these adorable boys in religious garb and what are they up to?

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March/April 2011 Manga Recommendations

Monthly manga recommendation list time!  For supposedly being the answer to my limited time problem, this sure takes a lot of time to make!  Going over and revisiting titles can be time-consuming, but fun.  I guess 10 was an aggressive number to do every month, so for now this will be March/April. At least summer is around the corner and I’ll have less work obligations.  I have another theme post or two that I want to do and would rather focus on that, but I need to wait for my next manga order to really get started on it.

Al to Neri to Sono ShuuhenDoukyou Shichauzo!Otoko no Isshou

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