My Precious – Shuuten Unknown print signed by Sugiura Shiho

Today, I received something that is now the pinnacle of my manga collection. It’s a signed print from my favorite mangaka, Sugiura Shiho, featuring the characters from Shuuten Unknown. A second print was also included. My full name is written on the print, so that was whited out in the pictures.


This was part of a campaign ran by Mag Garden to promote the release of Shuuten Unknown Volume 1. If someone purchased a copy of Shuuten Unknown 1 and the October issue of Avarus, they could send in for a set of prints, including one signed by the mangaka herself for a small price. The online bookstore MangaOh took this one step further by offering to send in the required proofs of purchase and forms to Mag Garden if someone purchased both products on their website for a small fee. Mag Garden sent the print to Mangaoh and they forwarded to the buyer’s address. The brilliant thing here is that it works well for foreigners!  So I was all over that and now have my precious. I love it. I’ll have to get it professionally framed at some point.. once I identify a shop worthy of touching my precious.

9 responses to “My Precious – Shuuten Unknown print signed by Sugiura Shiho

  1. OMG that’s so so so pretty!!! I wish I could read this story!!!
    Congratulations!!! I think it will look even more beautiful when framed!

    I began reading Silver Diamond not long ago and I fell in love with her story and characters! But she’s not that popular, at least outside of Japan, or so it seems to me.

    Have a good weekend! 😀

    • Her art is gorgeous! It’s great to own something I can display.

      From what I’ve seen, she’s not super popular, but somewhat known in the English-speaking circles. But since neither Koori nor Silver Diamond is completely available in English, I think her fanbase is smaller than it should be. Reading her stuff from start to finish is an experience!

  2. Super nice! That’s very cool of the company to do that promotion. Did she hand-write your name as well?

  3. Oh wow, I even got a bit giddy upon seeing this so I can only imagine your excitement is 50x that of my own!:D It’s so nice that even her foreign fans can join in the fun. She has very pretty handwriting. I like how she used a pen that matched the colors of the print too.

    I know I said I’d find it awkward to get a print professionally framed, but awkwardness be damned! It’s too beautiful to chance it. I hope you can find a good shop soon!

  4. this is so nice!!!! oh, how lucky of you!! with the country I’m in, such opportunities are not really available so I’m really envious! The signed copy is really priceless too! Nice, nice!

  5. Lucky you!!! I live at the other side of the planet and it’s just lucky I managed to buy Koori and Silver Diamond ( and the two first volumes of Shuutne Unknow)!!! I love both those manga even if Koori is my favourite one!!!

  6. I bought the Vol 1 manga in Japan, but sadly I can only decipher what they are talking about since the text is in Japanese.
    but still it did not sto me from being giddy by having finally in my hands Sugiura Shiho sensei new manga release…..

    I just wanna ask you, where can I order the manga with an English translation?

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