Winter 2014 Manga

I’ve had some new manga for a few weeks, but have been too busy to really dive into them yet. So by default, this is my annual spring break manga binge order. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to read these before summer hits, but with the work load lately, I’m not counting on it.  Working every weekend will do that. I’ll probably do a little more around here once May hits. In addition, during the summer, I get to figure out how to pack and move ALL this manga without it being a disorganized disaster. I’m happy to move, but it will be a challenge. I have a great idea on how to tackle that problem–let’s buy MORE.

winter201401 winter201402

  • & 7 – Second to last volume. My heart is breaking already. The cliffhanger it ends on will destroy what’s left as I wait for the final volume to be released.
  • Koi to Gunkan 5 – New Nishi Keiko. It’s interesting to see the struggle of a town abandoned by industry try to stabilize. Things are starting to feel a bit tense.
  • Nakajima Nakajima 2 – More new Nishi Keiko. Curious to see if this turns into a full blown father/son romance rival manga like…
  • Boku no Otou-san 3 – Some day I’ll cover this on the oyaji romance list. Perhaps soon so I can get over the blog guilt.
  • Torch Song Ecology 3 – Last volume!
  • Tsukikage Baby 2 – I was surprisingly pleased by this dark horse oyaji manga. We’ll see if it works out that way or they backpedal on that part of the storyline.
  • 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made 8
  • Liar x Liar 5 – I tend to read this series first out of the pile when a new volume is released. I’m always curious to see where this is going to go.
  • Koban 3 – End of this series, but the new series Koban PB has already started in Comic Spica.
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 8 – Beginning of the parade of continuing shoujo manga series
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 8
  • Honey 3
  • Dame na Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai 2
  • Taiyou no Ie 10
  • Haru x Kiyo 2
  • P to JK 3
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino 4 – The Sagano smirk is on the cover.
  • Sayonara Sorcier 1 – Ranked #1 on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi female list, so I grabbed it.
  • Palace Meidi 1 – Another highly ranked series on Kono Manga ga Sugoi.
  • Ibara no Kanmuri 1 – New Kamio Yoko manga
  • Kyoto Yuuto mo Hashi no Hou 1 – It looked like a cute supernatural shoujo manga.
  • Hanamachi Oni – more supernatural manga
  • Sora no Yousei – more!
  • Ura-men 1 – manga with a fortune-teller… sorta more?
  • Sono Otoko, Kikkai ni Tsuki
  • Danshigurashi – looks like a promising BL-ish manga
  • Bokura no Yukue wa – Old guy on the cover? I’m already there.
  • Sensei Kunshu – Still haven’t worked up the stomach courage to finish Heroine Shikkaku, yet I grabbed this..
  • Magical Change 3 – I’m kinda sad this ended. It’s been a lot of nonsensical fun.
  • Meteora – Kuku Hayate is always something to look forward to.
  • ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsuka – New Ono Natsume
  • O.B. 1-2 – Been waiting for these!
  • Yuuutsu na Asa 5
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei 7  – lol at having a climax being shoved into the extra booklet that was included with the regular volume. Poor, yet deliberate choice of words there.
  • Kitto Koi ni Chigainai – New Nishida Higasi!
  • Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru – New Yamashita Tomoko!
  • Waka-sama Onmitsuchou – Love the look of this!
  • Niini no Mori – BL fantasy from Shoowa


I got the limited editions of both Ken ga Kimi and Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino since the last post as well. While it will likely be May before I can play Ken ga Kimi, I really like the limited edition. It would have been better with a soundtrack, but the art bonuses are nice. It came with six postcards and I found a simple frame that kinda works with my shelves, so I’m displaying these for now.


The limited edition for Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino is not nearly as good. If I wasn’t such a hardcore fan, I wouldn’t bother. The box illustration is weaker than other illustrations. I prefer the clamshell picture of Yue and Sagano amongst the power lines. The box drawing has that unnatural feel where everyone is standing around waiting to get their picture taken together. At least the Ken ga Kimi boys are posing for the camera with their respective flowers. The logo is too big and centered to really display the box nicely as well unlike Ken ga Kimi which is sitting nicely on my shelves. The extra booklet is cheap and mostly rough sketches, a short comic, and some commentary. It’s not colored. Only the cover illustration is nice. The rest (not much–stickers and a drama CD) is meh. Summarized: unless you’re an AkaAka collector, buy the regular edition. My other AkaAka doujinshi booklets are way nicer than what was provided. But DO buy it! It’s a great game with beautiful art and story and now the voices make it even more enjoyable. I started playing the PSP game. Even though I’m busy, since I’ve already played the PC game, it’s fairly easy to pick up and put down when necessary.

10 responses to “Winter 2014 Manga

  1. You didn’t like AkaAka limited edition? Hmm, I did actually. The box itself is really nice, not some cheap box like Otomate makes, plus the booklet, even though it’s thin and not colored, I thought it was quite… dunno, stylish? Like, the whole set felt it had a particular taste. At least if you compare to Otomate (not sure about Rejet and Honeybee though).
    I’m the same aka too busy to read everything. I was so desperately waiting for Yuuutsuna Asa, it arrived long ago but I haven’t even touched it yet.
    On the other hand,I bought Holly Box with Hidaka’s oneshot and cover, and was very disappointed, the anthology was very shallow, I wasted my time and money on it.
    Hanamachi Oni – I absolutely love it, it’s as sick as all Sakurada’s works but it’s interesting.
    5-ji Kara 9-ji Made – I started reading the series, it was interesting but is it worth buying all the volumes, what do you think?
    I’ve noticed some potentially interesting titles there, thanks! I do have a list for my next order already but still…
    Btw, it’s been bothering me for a while, but how do you keep all your manga? I know you have all those shelves but still, you buy tons of books, where do you store them? I’m really struggling with it, I’m already out of free space yet I bought 6 books by Kaminaga Manabu, some of them with hard cover., I have no idea where to keep all this stuff.

    • I think the AkaAka limited edition is a waste of money considering there is a 2100 yen price difference. I don’t like the box illustration, so the quality doesn’t really matter if I don’t like the art. It’s too busy and the composition feels like a cut and paste job of as many elements as possible. They’re not really working together, but feel crammed instead. The clamshell feels like a single, cohesive picture at least. The booklet is sad. There’s so little in it. If people want nice art and information on AkaAka, they could take the 2100 yen price difference, add another 400 yen, and they’d get the 200 page guidebook that is fantastic! Haccaworks* always produces nice supplemental books and I go out of my way to collect them, so I guess I wasn’t expecting what happened with this package. The rest is just a few stickers and a drama CD (and a second drama CD extra depending upon store). For 2100 yen. I am comparing these to limited editions by Rejet and Honeybee because that’s what I’ve purchased recently. DotKare did a lot more with a lot less money in their limited editions. They have small, simple, but great booklets. All color, fun illustrations, sprite art, CG art, and a couple of sketches. The bromides/reversible CD covers were simple, yet a great idea as well. Seishun Hajimemashita is in an entire different league with what was included and there’s not a huge difference in price as well between regular and limited. So yeah, compared to the competition I buy (I buy regular Otomate only), it felt like this limited edition was just phoning in. I wouldn’t give it away, but I was expecting more. I can’t recommend it to others.

      5-ji Kara 9-ji Made is on my low end of priorities in terms of purchasing. It’s amusing junk food manga. I like having a few of those series to call upon, so I’m keeping up with it and enjoying it for what it is. If you like it so far, keep reading it. It delivers more. But I’m not sure how long it will be, so it matters how much you want to invest in it.

      That’s good to hear about Hanamachi Oni. It looked pretty and interesting, so I went for it. I’m okay with sick~

      To keep all this manga, I have a lot of bookshelf space. Like.. A LOT. I posted pictures here and I don’t think it’s obvious just how large those shelves are. My place is medium-sized and perhaps big for one person, so I have a lot of wall space that is dedicated to bookshelves. Big books are an issue and I have two smaller shelves dedicated to dealing with them, so that’s all about strategic planning. Eventually, I’ll probably have to pack a few things away or something.. but I’m good for at least several years. When I move, I’m a bit concerned about finding a proper layout where I have plenty of wall space for all the bookshelves as well as blank space for furniture/art.. we’ll see what happens there. I might be cursing my collection. I know I will when I start boxing it up again.

  2. I wonder if you have read the new Tomoko Yamashita’s book, and can you give some feedback? I’m pretty curious with this title and been wanting to purchase it, but the length is one problem for me as I mostly just buy stand alone books ( and this book, seems like there’ll be more volumes to it), however I’m not even sure if it’s really BL or just seinen. There’s not many review or feedback of the title so, yeah, I hope to get some info at least :”(

    • I have a bunch of other books in line in front of it, so I won’t properly read it for a while. When I skimmed it, there seemed to be some light BL content, but it’s definitely not the focus. I say that as a positive thing–the story (episodic in nature) seems like it can stand alone and that’s just one aspect of it. It is an ongoing series. The next volume will be out next winter.

  3. Hey, I’ve been wondering, have you read Shoowa’s manga yet? I’m about to place my order and just wanted know if you enjoyed it, because I don’t completely trust reviews on Amazon…

    • No, I probably won’t touch it for a few more weeks. It’s not a priority. I only got it because I wanted more BL fantasy and it’s part of the onBlue imprint. It doesn’t look like anything outside what you’d expect from her I guess?

  4. Liar x Liar is on its fifth volume. I remember when I first discovered your blog, it was still on its second. Oh, how time flies! I downloaded a copy of Shoowa’s new manga and since I can’t read Japanese or Chinese, I usually settle for just skimming to attempt to get a general gist of what’s going on.
    I’m usually a fan of her work, and I know that she likes to mix a bit of wacky and a bit of serious. I think this one was too far left into the whimsical and zany for even me. I say this of course without any real understanding of what’s going on, but it seems steeped in the fantastic based on just art alone. I prefer her more serious themed work. And seriously, what happened to Papa’s Assassin? I haven’t heard anything about it at all.

    • It has been a while, especially considering Liar x Liar has a slower release schedule!

      Shoowa can be a little polarizing for me–I’ll really enjoy something like Papa’s Assassin (which I don’t know the current status of), but then I’ll greatly dislike another like Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou (the amount of sex reached boring levels for me). I haven’t read enough of Niini no Mori and admittedly just bought it because I really wanted some BL fantasy and was hoping I could count on her. It didn’t immediately draw me in, so I’m working though the backlog before I pick it up again. I also want to check out Tsukikage, but Shoowa isn’t quite on my “buy regularly” list. It does look more serious and I agree that drama seems to be her stronger point.

  5. Have you sold the Waka-sama Onmitsuchou Yet!!!

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