June and July 2014 Manga Orders

I’m moving in two weeks so that means things have been busy and I haven’t gotten as much reading done as I’d like. I’ve been either arranging stuff for the move, packing, finishing up business here, or gaming in my free time. I’m a bit behind on the reading part. Here’s three manga orders I received in the past month or so.

Here’s the first order that arrived about a month ago. I’ve made a decent dent in it.


  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 9 – Sorry, but Mamura isn’t a strong enough character to carry a manga with his zero chemistry with Suzume. This arc needs to end soon.. zzzzzz. I feel asleep twice on my couch while attempting to read this.
  • Cubism Love 4 – The end! I completely forgot what was going on and need to review.
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier 8
  • Ane no Kekkon 7
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 9
  • Kirara no Hoshi 11
  • Tsukikage Baby 3 – Dat drama. I’m really starting to dislike Hikaru though. Was that… negging? Whatever it was, I wanted to smack him right out of the story.
  • Haru x Kiyo 3 – Cute stuff. This was nice to read after raging over Tsukikage Baby.
  • Lip Smoke – Finally picked up this gorgeous oji-san love story.
  • Bread & Butter 1 – Another nice older guy story.
  • Last Game 1-5 – Been meaning to pick up this series for a while. I enjoy it. You can’t help but cheer for the persistent Yanagi.
  • Ibara no Kanmuri 2 – This series is already done. It’s worth a read because it’s Kamio Youko. I’m looking forward to whatever her next series is.
  • Sensei Kunshu 2 – It really bothers me that Hiromitsu had the wrong hair color in the high school pictures shown. Did he lose the blonde that quickly? Did she forget her own trainwreck manga before this already?
  • Dame na Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai 3 – I like all the gross faces they make at each other. The young guy is admittedly adorable.
  • Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru 2 – Another manga has ended. Supposedly the last for this series? I have a hard time trusting Takanaga and her supposed endings.
  • Koisuru Boukun 9 – Is this over? Does it ever end? I can’t bother to keep track anymore.
  • Ten Count 1 – Typical pretty manga from her.
  • Warui Otona Mihon – It’s been a while since I’ve read a new Honjou Rie manga and an older guy was a good excuse.
  • Hybrid Stardust – I’m on a typical oyaji rampage.
  • Senior High School Student – Despite the title, there’s an older guy here too.
  • Stance Reverse – More oji-san backlog.
  • Yawarakai Toge to Aoi Yuki – I picked this up because Hashiba Maki illustrated it.
  • Maou Voice – The bad guy from a fantasy RPG-like setting falls in love with the hero and he’s very shy and clingy.
  • Koroshiya Sam no Volleyball – A young assassin gets hit on the head and forgets things. Commence shenanigans.
  • Umi no Ossan – The second Kanbe Gorou manga I picked up.
  • Bon Appetit

I placed a small order on amazon.co.jp to get the Ken ga Kimi artbook to avoid the proxy fee from Skit Dolce. Since I wasn’t interested in some clunky wooden box or the massive shipping cost associated with it, I went elsewhere and grabbed a few Tousuisha manga while I was at it. I packed the artbook the other day so it’s not shown.


  • G Defend 41-44 – Need to catch up, but I noticed some volumes have low availability, so I grabbed them.
  • Himegoto Asobi 3 – Loved this series. I was sad to see it end. It ended very well at least and I’m looking forward to the translated volumes as well.
  • Jika Renai Chuudoku – New Monden Akiko

Here’s the most recent order. It will be the last one at this location. A common theme is trashy age-gap romance. I went on an oyaji rampage and ended up buying several josei/naughty ledicomi with older men and then I veered in the other direction and bought Tanemura Arina’s Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi which involves a high school girl and middle school boy. I have a soft spot for Tanemura and it’s been a while since I’ve read her stuff, so I went with it. I’ve been wanting more quick reads lately.


  • Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi 1-5 – Just the kind of shallow entertainment I wanted. It’s turning into a 3 cousin love triangle. Nice.
  • Love Stage!! 4
  • Kami-sama Hajimemashita 17-18 – I forgot what was going on here and had to reread 4 or 5 volumes. Finally caught up though. Cute stuff. I love Suzuki Julietta.
  • Bokura no 17-ON! 1-2 – I needed more Akiyama Kaoru cuteness.
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 10 – Thankfully this arc seems to be moving toward a conclusion. Mamura needs the boot as a main focus. You can’t handle it, bro.
  • Ore Monogatari!! 6 – More Takeo is always good.
  • Hana to Suit – It was pretty. That’s why I bought it. Haven’t read it yet to see if it has more than a pretty cover.
  • Hakoniwa Royale – Random purchase about students who play a game–why not? I’m in a gaming mood anyway.
  • Oji-sama Koushaku wa Koisuru Otoshigoro – Random old guy manga. First of three oyaji manga from the Missy Comics imprint, so you know they are delightfully trashy. This one was the tame one.
  • Fushidara na Oji-sama – Anthology collection of sexy times with various oyaji.
  • Moujuu Oji-sama to Mitsuama Seikatsu – Another romance story with lots of sex with an older guy.

Since I’m moving, ALL the books must be packed!  It’s not as bad as you’d think, but it does involve stacking lots of boxes wherever there is room and looking at empty, forlorn bookcases. There’s 50 boxes in this space.


The colored duct tape is my labeling system. Each bookcase has its own unique pattern to quickly distinguish them so I can easily sort my boxes and group them for easier unpacking. I also have 27 other boxes stashed in other corners and still about 6 more boxes worth of manga left to pack.  That’s a lot of books. Thankfully, my new employer is paying for other people to haul the hoard.

5 responses to “June and July 2014 Manga Orders

  1. Last Game! ❤ Currently reading it and enjoying it a lot. 😀
    Koisuru Boukun is still on-going? O.O I've long given up in this series. ww

    • Last Game is great! I had seen some scans of it, but they’re low quality so I had to get the tanks. Much better!

      As for Boukun, I have no idea. At the end of Volume 9, it seemed like an odd place to stop and that it could keep going. It bothers me to have such a long, unfinished series, so I’ll have to check back in a year or two again. It’s common for Takanaga’s series to supposedly end, yet get revived again like a zombie (they start to smell ripe like one at that point too).

  2. I was under the impression that Koisuru Boukun officially ended at 8, which was a good place to end it, and now she’s just doing little random side stories to amuse herself. Gotta say, the stories that were collected in volume 9 seemed like rehash of their characters (was I missing something?).

    • It was labeled as “finished” but it didn’t feel like that. The content in volume 9 didn’t seem like side stories to me since it was a continuous story arc (step 1 – 6?) about hiring new assistants. I think of side stories as fragmented, unrelated things or stories focusing on side characters. Instead, it compromised the ending to me because it felt like an extension/rehash that didn’t end in a great place. With all the spin-offs and side stories she writes, I don’t know when “the end” ever happens.

      • Well, I can understand not wanting to let go of the characters she’s been working on for so long. I love them, too, and would love it if there were still more great story to tell. It’s too bad that it doesn’t seem like that’s what’s going to happen. It makes me sad to read rehash-type stories where the characters just end up feeling like parodies of themselves. That was how the “step” stories felt to me, I guess.

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