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Shiny New Releases: Docchi mo Docchi!!

Docchi mo Docchi (Same Difference) is back for a second volume, titled Docchi mo Docchi!! Don’t blink, you’ll miss the difference in the title. It’s a continuation from the first volume that focuses on their building relationship. I love the bright, cute cover. It will be released on 3/9. Getting new Hiiragi Nozomu manga is always a treat, so I already ordered a copy last week along with the new Tokyo Shinjuu book before that has a chance to sell out!


Shiny New Releases: The Man of Tango – the final

I can’t stop staring at this cover. So I’m going to make you stare at it.


The Man of Tango – the final is being re-released on 1/15. This is no mere reprint. There’s lots of new material, including a newly drawn 23 page final chapter and 34 pages of material not collected in the previous mellow mellow comics version. This is truly the final, definitive copy of The Man of Tango and not to be missed!

Shiny New Releases – Oyajina! Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai

Oyajina! was one of the reasons I started this blog.  I wanted people to know more about it.  Sadly, it remains untranslated in any form… and no one has really read it and gone nutso over it with me. /dead

Regardless of this fandom fail, the series is still progressing.  The cover for the second Oyajina! manga – Oyajina! Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai has been posted on Opera’s blog.  Shinomiya (the blonde) was one of my favorite characters from the first book, so I’m looking forward to him (her?) pushing around Ryuu, who acts like an enthusiastic shounen manga hero at times.  It’s smooth playboy versus endearingly dense big guy… who are actually teenage girls.  And just look at girl!Shinomiya on Ryuu’s head.. /definitelydeadthistime.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

And as a bonus, because Opera is officially now the coolest manga magazine to have ever existed, Hiiragi Nozomu is also featured on the cover.  She’s one of my favorite BL mangaka and I have no doubt this tank and her future works will only further cement her position on top.