Seishun Hajimemashita – Limited Edition

I recently bought the (stupidly expensive) limited edition of the otome game, Seishun Hajimemashita. I rarely go for limited editions, but this was clearly the only way to go for this game. So it better not suck! Either way, I’ll get to listen to Yoshino Hiroyuki use his punk-ish voice, so I can’t go wrong.


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Shuuten Unknown by Sugiura Shiho

Shuuten Unknown


After spending almost ten years following the adventures of Rakan and Chigusa in Silver Diamond, I was lost when it came to an end. I followed the manga from the beginning and it was hard imagining the hobby without it. And then I saw the first images of Sugiura Shiho’s new manga, Shuuten Unknown (Last Stop Unknown). I learned to let go and embrace the excitement of seeing your favorite mangaka present a brand new setting and characters. We’re in for another fantastic ride.

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Dot Kareshi II and New Manga

I got some new loot, including the new Dot Kareshi game and some manga.

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New Bookcases

I recently purchased several new bookcases. With all the new space, I rearranged almost all the manga I own. After being over capacity for months, I’m amazed at all the extra space and snapped a few pictures.


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Canis -Dear Mr. Rain- by Zakk

Canis -Dear Mr. Rain-


The Edge Comix lineup adds yet another striking cover with the release of Canis -Dear Mr. Rain-. Similar to Tokyo Shinjuu, this manga is the first tankoubon release of a new artist, Zakk. The manga is about two very different people, their pasts, and how their futures will intertwine.

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Anime Game Text Hooker Codes for Dot Kareshi I and TinyxMachinegun

I admittedly struggle with either laziness or lack of knowledge when it comes to playing untranslated otome/BL games. Programs like AGTH and ITH are gifts because they make it simple to look up forgotten/unknown kanji or help players still developing their Japanese skills. Not all games work with these programs under the default settings and require h codes to properly extract the text.

The two recent Rejet PC games, TinyxMachinegun and Dot Kareshi I, did not play nicely with either program. However, a very kind and helpful user on has determined h codes for both games! They are available in the AGTH thread.  I’ve talked with people and have had quite a few blog search phrases looking for these h codes, so I hope people find them useful. They work for me. Now go play, text hook, and enjoy! I know I will. I’ve shied away from the unvoiced, hours long common route in TinyxMachinegun, but no longer. That delicious, scruffy oji-san shall be mine soon. I hope the upcoming Ken ga Kimi will be cracked as well.

August Manga Order

After playing several otome games illustrated by Kuroyuki, I decided to buy the artbooks. I purchased the Black Wolves Saga and Gekka Ryouran Romance fanbooks and about 30 more manga jumped into the shopping cart. I’m not sure what happened there, but they’re here now!

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