Oyajina! ~ Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai by Hiiragi Nozomu

Oyajina! ~ Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai

Who knew high school girls were so hot?!

Oyajina! ~ Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai is a sweet slice of life tale about high school girls experiencing young love.  The protagonist Chinatsu is a cheery girl whose life is all good and normal until…

Chinatsu grew some hair (and other goodies!) in weird places.

Chinatsu’s condition is not unique; all the young girls in town have changed into middle-aged men thanks to some chemical pollution.  And that’s about all the explanation that is given, which is a good thing.  It would take away valuable space from cuteness like this:

That’s Tomoe, Chinatsu’s best friend.  This volume focuses on the changing relationship between the two.  It’s obvious that Tomoe cares greatly for Chinatsu in any form while Chinatsu has a taste for older men–which apparently includes Tomoe now.  Cue incredibly adorable, romantic confusion between two close friends who no longer know how to think about each other while in the throes of adolescence…in middle-aged male bodies.

They start out acting like their completely normal, high school girl selves.

Do not bully Chinatsu–Tomoe will take your bitchass out!

However, things soon get complicated…

Oyajina! is so sweet and innocent that you almost don’t notice there’s now an unusually large number of high school boys suddenly drooling over these middle-aged men.  It’s hard to blame them though. Oyajina! features Hiiragi Nozomu’s characteristic sense of humor, but she had a stroke of brilliance when she wrote this.  Not a single page disappoints and will either throw you into a fit of laughter or a diabetic coma from the cuteness, maybe both.  It’s one of my favorite contemporary works and I hope others will enjoy it too.  Lest I give the whole thing away, I’ll finish up with some images.  I’m dying to pic spam this.

Let’s look at the lineup:



Watch for Setsu on the right~


And I’ll end on the cutest face that ever existed in manga.

Ah, I feel like I’ve finally told someone a huge secret I’ve kept bottled up.  Hope you enjoyed~

20 responses to “Oyajina! ~ Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai by Hiiragi Nozomu

  1. Just LOL! I want to read this so much…

    BFFs turning into middle aged men sounds really awkward XD
    I really want to read it …..

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  4. OMG…. I’m so glad I stumbled on this… This is such a fresh premise for BL!! It’s been done in mangas and dramas but I like to see lovable female characters in BL for a change^^ More so that they become oyaji and gei! Ahhh.

    Thank you so much!! *off to amazon.jp basket it*

    • I’m glad it caught your interest! I love all the girls in this book. It is rare to find one likable female, let alone a whole cast of them, in a BL work. Them becoming gay oyaji on top of that is a dream come true. This book has a lot of fun with gender in general. I hope you enjoy reading it!

  5. I LOVED every bit of it!! especially the last chapter xD the father’s face was absolutely priceless! but it felt incomplete, I’m hoping that the mangaka would do a volume 2 for it…but it’s complete. Boo~ even though um…achieved their sorta happy ending xD I wished the high school boys got theirs too…especially the openly gay one and the one who has a crush on the small girl/oyaji. Haha~the artwork is soooo beautiful XD they way the mangaka draws the oyaji got me ogling at them…and the plot makes it even more acceptable to have them falling for each other! xD it’s soo unconventional and just brilliant.

    • Haha, yes, I loved every panel 😀 She is releasing a second volume in the Oyajina! series that should come out around the beginning of next year, at least that’s what she tweeted earlier today. But Oyajina! Second Season doesn’t focus on Chinatsu/Tomoe or the openly gay student with the small girl (haha, love ’em), but hopefully they’ll have cameos. She’s so good at making such hot oyaji and finding creative ways to get them to hook up. It’s just an adorable, unique manga. I can’t wait for the 2nd volume.

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  7. Wow. I really need to read your blog more… This probably isn’t translated into English or else it wouldn’t have been featured here, but please do let me know once you hear of scanlators who pick it up!

    • This is one of my favorite manga ever. If someone picks it up and translates into English, I’ll let you know! Hiiragi Nozomu does some really fun manga, but for the most part, she’s neglected in the English community.

  8. If I could just get the raws from somewhere, I’d absolutely love to do it.

    • I’m a crummy raw manga hunter, so I wouldn’t know where to look in particular. If you’re part of a group, perhaps advertising it on your page that you’re looking for raws might scare up someone more resourceful. This kind of series, while brilliant, might be hard “adopting” out to groups, so any interest is great ;_;

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  11. wherw do you read this manga is soo cute and awesome

  12. Acme just picked it up! *v* So many lovely ossans and– and– Chinatsu and Tomoe are just too cute to handle~~

    Would never have kept an eye out for this series if it wasn’t for your post, so many thanks for that!

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