Shiny New Releases: Docchi mo Docchi!!

Docchi mo Docchi (Same Difference) is back for a second volume, titled Docchi mo Docchi!! Don’t blink, you’ll miss the difference in the title. It’s a continuation from the first volume that focuses on their building relationship. I love the bright, cute cover. It will be released on 3/9. Getting new Hiiragi Nozomu manga is always a treat, so I already ordered a copy last week along with the new Tokyo Shinjuu book before that has a chance to sell out!


4 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Docchi mo Docchi!!

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  2. Wait, what is this?? Aha, I can’t wait to read your synopsis of it! Maybe it’ll get licensed in English as well? 😉 You know… I’m curious to see your bookshelf. You’ve amassed quite a bit (maybe an understatement?). Currently, my books are half under my tv shelf and efficiently Jenga-ed in a cardboard box. #_# I can’t wait for the day I get to store them aesthetically.

    • It’s the direct sequel to Docchi mo Docchi, so I really hope they license this one as well.

      A while back, I posted a few pictures of bookshelves here: It’s gotten to the point I need to buy some more shelves though. It’s getting a bit cluttered and I don’t enjoy that as much. I’m envious of my own two photos on the bottom of that set: I didn’t have as many books to cram onto shelves, so it looks lovely!

      • I’m looking forward to the license! I hope it expands on the characters more.

        It’s so beautifullly organized! It makes you just wanna peruse through everything. I’d probably spend hours in there reading. I’ve only organized my books by date of order. I’m sure once I’ve gotten more, it’ll change.
        Thank you for the link! I can’t wait to have my own bookshelf. *_*

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