Shiny New Releases: The Man of Tango – the final

I can’t stop staring at this cover. So I’m going to make you stare at it.


The Man of Tango – the final is being re-released on 1/15. This is no mere reprint. There’s lots of new material, including a newly drawn 23 page final chapter and 34 pages of material not collected in the previous mellow mellow comics version. This is truly the final, definitive copy of The Man of Tango and not to be missed!

5 responses to “Shiny New Releases: The Man of Tango – the final

  1. I am so excited!!

  2. Btw is this going to be released by sublime? i havent been in contact with okadaya in a bit because she has been working so hard as you can see but i thought it was with them but maybe not? any more info you can give ;D im so happy for her!

    • I haven’t heard of any English release as of yet. It’s so new, so anything could happen. Sublime would certainly treat it nicely, but it’s a bit more hardcore than their usual fare.

      • I spoke to her the other day and she updated me on the situation and she will give me more details closer to valentines so if you want me to come back and add it here I would be happy to ❤

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