Shiny New Releases – Oyajina! Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai

Oyajina! was one of the reasons I started this blog.  I wanted people to know more about it.  Sadly, it remains untranslated in any form… and no one has really read it and gone nutso over it with me. /dead

Regardless of this fandom fail, the series is still progressing.  The cover for the second Oyajina! manga – Oyajina! Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai has been posted on Opera’s blog.  Shinomiya (the blonde) was one of my favorite characters from the first book, so I’m looking forward to him (her?) pushing around Ryuu, who acts like an enthusiastic shounen manga hero at times.  It’s smooth playboy versus endearingly dense big guy… who are actually teenage girls.  And just look at girl!Shinomiya on Ryuu’s head.. /definitelydeadthistime.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

And as a bonus, because Opera is officially now the coolest manga magazine to have ever existed, Hiiragi Nozomu is also featured on the cover.  She’s one of my favorite BL mangaka and I have no doubt this tank and her future works will only further cement her position on top.

14 responses to “Shiny New Releases – Oyajina! Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai

  1. Hi! Fist of all, I really like your blog! It’s so interesting with all these news about what is going to be published in Japan!
    It’s so sad that there aren’t any scans from this manga.. it seems so amusing! If you don’t mind I want to talk about it in my livejournal and I was thinking to add some images. At the moment, the only ones I find are those from your blog. Thanks! ^_^

    • Hi and thanks 🙂 Oyajina is the one series I’d like to see most in English. One day, maybe 😦

      Sure, you can use a couple images if you like. Thanks for asking first. In general, I’m mostly upset if I’m trolling around the internet and notice someone lifted material without any citation. Deja vu reading your own words and all.

  2. Love your enthusiasm! I read your original post on this series and am crossing my fingers that it’ll be published in English for me to buy SOON!

    I love everything Opera puts out (most recently, Lies Are a Gentleman’s Manners)!

    • Thanks! This series literally fires me up, so I also hope it’s translated so others can share in this enthusiasm 😀 Opera is my favorite magazine.. I buy all their tanks and it’s hard not buying the magazine itself too. Lies Are a Gentleman’s Manners is excellent. We need more manga like the stuff you find in Opera! It’s just on a different level than the rest.

  3. This sounds really fun. Or, like Mangaupdates so aptly puts it; “Is this a fujoshi’s dream come true?” Haha

    But you know, I was thinking maybe I should buy these two tanko, ’cause it looks quite ‘safe’ (ie: not smutty) and seems pretty fun besides…in other words, it was going to be my first BL purchase — and then for safety’s sake I checked my country’s mail regulations, only to find that “any material portraying homoerotic relationships is strictly banned; recipients and senders of such goods are subject to severe litigation and heavy fines…” O_O
    Well…there goes nothing. And I was actually shocked when some people on LJ were complaining about not being able to buy BL / GL. I had no idea my country was the same until today!
    The weird thing is, now that I know they’re are banned here, I’m suddenly overcome by the desire to buy some…and I’ve never really wanted to buy BL / GL before! I must get rid of these destructive desires LOL.
    And now I can only wait for some kind soul to scan the raws or scanlate it for me 😦

    • Ah yes, MU likely aptly altered my own statement on my blog about Oyajina from “This is what fangirl dreams are made of.” There’s no such mention of any statement like that on the book itself. AND they changed it to fujoshi. Jesus, whoever does stuff like that can go to hell. It annoys me when people shamelessly lift stuff from here and give no credit. Or then remove the credit when I add it on MU.

      But it IS so much fun. My copy of this should be here TODAY. Very excited. It is “safe” in terms of graphic content. There’s no sex. Kissing, that’s it. Either way, I’m sad to hear of such regulations anywhere. That’s terrible. And of course they are more desirable once someone tries to take it away~

      Hiiragi Nozomu sadly has few friends in the scanlation community. The content of this particular project doesn’t make it easy to fit current groups’ tastes.. which is too bad. It’s one of the best BL manga written in the past few years. It certainly doesn’t fit into the tired old molds.

      • Oh…well, I’ve written tons of descriptions for MU and don’t really care whether people know I wrote them. Never “lifted” anything from anyone’s sites / blogs, though XD

        Actually, I think a lot of countries have such regulations — I mean, if there are placed where gay people are tortured and/or receive the death penalty, then this kind of law is sweet and kind by comparison.

        There’s barely any good BL / GL getting scanlated nowadays (thankfully someone is still doing Koori); since Storm in Heaven went down, I’ve totally given up on getting any BL worth reading. And apart from Gunjou, there isn’t a single English-translated yuri I like. So sad…

        • I dislike reading and being surprised by my own words elsewhere. I write them for my blog, not for MU. If everything is just copied, then there’s no point in having my own space and I’d just delete it then. It’s always disappointing when I see it: “Oh, someone else read this? Yay! Let’s see… OH deja vu…and no credit.” I don’t really care if someone credits my blog though. They credit scan groups and companies, so I don’t think my time, effort, and money to buy the books should be treated differently. I’ve had my entire AkaAka post translated into other languages without a WORD from the other parties. I think that’s really rude. I didn’t translate it, but interpreted and wrote my own views down. If they asked, I would have said sure, but without that simple polite gesture, it’s not okay.

          Oh, I don’t doubt those laws exist in many places, but I still think it’s awful. I’ve lived in states where gay marriage is legal, so I guess I’m lucky to have a more accepting environment. You still see hate and ignorance at the individual level at times, of course.

          I’m glad to see Koori picked up again! I do feel like there’s less BL lately.. we lost some good groups with good taste, so there’s naturally less to go around. I think Gunjo is the only GL I’m currently reading too. Well, besides my Eiki Eiki crack. That’s a shame.

  4. I actually suggested this title to DMP, and one of the members of the guild- who is apparently familiar with this title-second my suggestion. Also, according to them, Docchi mo Docchi has gotten lots of fan feedback and is not even released yet. Which has to mean that Hiiragi Nozomu has her English fans. So maybe Oyajina will either get scanlated or licensed(hopefully for print).

    • Docchi mo Docchi has gotten tons of attention.. I know I stirred up a wildfire here and subsequently on Nakama (the entry here has the most hits out of all the manga titles by a margin). Yet anyone who talks to me always talks about how they *want* to be able to read her titles, not that they are actively reading them.. so I only hear a lot of “potential” fans. Searching around different blogs etc. doesn’t seem to turn up much about her. It’s lonely.

      If Oyajina is licensed, I want it to be printed. I admittedly wouldn’t care about a digital copy nor would I buy it at those prices. I would buy a print book in a heartbeat.

  5. The important thing is that the interest is there. And if it sells well, DMP might be more willing to publish Oyajina. I would prefer print because I actually want to own these books, but I wouldn’t mind digital since I’ll probably buy the Japanese version anyway.

    I have to ask SuBLime to add it to their list too. I would actually prefer it if they were the ones to publish it if it’s digital only, because their prices are cheaper and they give us an online copy plus a pdf.

    • I’d rather it hold out for SuBLime. I bought Oku-san from them (despite having the Japanese version) and I find their prices/reader+downloadable pdf business model much more agreeable.

  6. Ohhh, you should suggest it to SuBLime. The more people mentions it, the better the chance for localization.

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