Docchi mo Docchi by Hiiragi Nozomu

Docchi mo Docchi

It’s a battle of pride and willpower for the top!

Docchi mo Docchi (Same Difference) is Hiiragi Nozomu’s newest manga and it contains what she does best:  silly and terribly cute BL.  Docchi mo Docchi is a “seme vs. seme” setup with two strong wills battling for control:  not only against the other guy, but also their own feelings about the situation. Two normally mature, elite businessmen lose their composure while trying to dominate the other, just to prove who’s top dog.  So who will fall first and is he really the loser?

The twin tower buildings of an elite company both have their own most desired man.  First, there’s Ozaki, the company’s buff sex symbol.

Ozaki’s phermones are so strong that it’s rumored a mere glance will impregnate women. At least they wish it would!

Then there’s Tsuburaya, the intellectual and cultured prince.

Tsuburaya has his own gentlemanly style.

T0gether, they are the elite of the elite.  So what happens when these two forces collide? Who is the best?  A lover of all things beautiful and also sensing some competition that needs squashed, Ozaki approaches Tsuburaya.

Ozaki thinks he’ll gain an advantage by using a nontraditional method of confrontation…

…but he quickly loses that advantage.

Wait, just who’s challenging who?!  Both alpha personalities, they are determined to get the other guy to fall in love first.  Teasing invitations are casually tossed around and even they meet up at a hotel.  But this just ends with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a knee to the groin.

Tsuburaya is bold and likes to up the ante.

What starts as a silly, childish fight turns serious.  BUT–like hell either would ever admit they like the other guy… after all, that’s “defeat!”  Thus begins a new struggle of breaking away from this pattern and becoming more honest with each other and themselves.  However, even if they manage that, the (rather indelicate) question remains:  who’s going to come out on top?!

Shortly, this was a cute and fun story with more of Hiiragi Nozomu’s enjoyable characters and humor.  Ozaki in particular was both hot and adorable–I’m crazy for big guys who are strong-willed, but can be thrown off-balance and blush madly.  Tsuburaya has a bold, aggressive edge that teases cute reactions out of Ozaki.  Tsuburaya’s impressive poker-face guards his own emotions well because he’s the tsundere type. Together, they’re quite the pair. Anything more gives away the fun and surprise. My favorite themes in BL are rivalry and dominance struggles, so this manga was very tasty and fulfilling.  My only complaint is that I want more~

23 responses to “Docchi mo Docchi by Hiiragi Nozomu

  1. love. it. looking for a scanner now >_<
    thank god for your blog ❤


  2. OHHH, I spot Nakama staying true to their good taste as usual 8D

    Loved your review and am really curious about this title now!
    It’s fun how you might think “this dude’s definitely the seme”, but the next panel changes your opinion completely. Might consider getting this later… your orders only make my to-buy lists bigger and bigger =.=

    … so they didn’t have graphic sex? *Q*

    • Thanks 🙂 That’s exactly what this manga does–it keeps you guessing. It’s like two dogs play fighting; they roll around on the ground and you’re just waiting to see who comes out on top.

      Hehe, at least there’s lots of good choices for new books

      Yes, yes they did have graphic sex~ I usually like posting a frame of it for my BL entries, but it spoils the fun too much in this case

  3. I have actually decided to scan this one myself lol…(although I did ask someone) so that I have a copy for myself and one for everyone else LOL adorable chibi are my utter weakness!

  4. wow excellent story looking forward to more. thank you for sharing.

  5. nice review …
    definitely my type of story.
    thanks for the heads up ^^

  6. This seems interesting!! Thank’s for the review!!

  7. Haaa it got licensed before nakama released anything :/. Now to wait till godknowswhen (what with dmp changing their schedules now and then) for the actual book to get to us.

    • Well, it’s hard to blame a company for being timely for once. They’re usually pathetically late to the party. For the amazon USA preorder price of $6.81, I’ll wait patiently enough.

  8. Totally my type of bl manga that I fancy! ^^ Thanks for ur review, I will definitely read it…..someday T-T Too bad it got licensed D; I will wait until sb scan it! xDDDDD Or until it reaches my country or I will try buying in on ebay/amazon 😛 I hope that at the end they did have some sex scenes, not cloudy ones, but fully graphic like who tops who! *Q* Anyway, thanks a lot! :*

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  10. Do you know a website I can read it on?

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