Silver Diamond 21 is Out 9/20 – AKA Goddammit, Another Tousuisha Amazon Order

There are a few series on my “must buy immediately” list and my favorite Silver Diamond is one of them.  Since bk1 doesn’t carry Tousuisha, that means I have to throw money at  Too soon, but I must.  ;_;   The book selection/balance is a bit odd in this order.  They come from my upcoming bk1 order and consist of the most expensive items, which helps balance out the shipping rape rate.  Of course, amazon insisted on being worthless–the two things I wanted the most and were the most expensive were back-ordered!  Fail. Only these people can make me cranky about buying lovely books!

Coming sometime after the 20th~

  • Silver Diamond 21
  • High & High 7
  • Koi Suru Cosmo 7
  • G Defend 37
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita 7 – another immediate order
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous 1
  • Please, Jeeves 1 (most excited about this one?)
  • Sen Zyouya no Chigiri
  • Doukyou Shichauzo! (Flower Comics is catching my attention again–seems good <3)
  • Hoshi Mamoru Inu (maybe this one is the most exciting)
  • Gush ManiaEX – Body Hair (lol)
  • Gush ManiaEX – Tatanai (BL+ED=????  Hypothesis = lulz)
  • BL Shacho
  • Te wo Tsunaide Koi wo (Gataeu)
  • Inu to Watashi (Gataeu)

I still can’t get over how much this costs me.  Instead of posting a news story about it every week, do something about that strengthening yen. >.>  You have until my follow up order at the end of September-ish~

5 responses to “Silver Diamond 21 is Out 9/20 – AKA Goddammit, Another Tousuisha Amazon Order

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  2. You can also get Tōsuisha stuff from Mangaō ( Not as cheap shipping as BK1 surface shipping, but Mangaō does at least offer EMS at the Japan Post rate, which can be a lot cheaper than Amazon’s rip-off rate. I’ve looked for ages for a place where I can get Tōsuisha stuff sent using non-express shipping, but this seems to be impossible. I would love to read the rest of Silver Diamond, but I’m not too happy about express shipping costs. I think it’s better to wait for three months and spend the saved money on a dozen of additional volumes instead.

    I hope that you are also aware of the scam Amazon is trying to use when you pay, by changing currencies at a really unfavourable rate (4.5% over the market rate), and that you always choose to pay in yen and not in whatever other currency Amazon suggests to you.

    • Oh, I’m quite aware of it, which is why I’m pretty much cussing every time I use them. I used MangaOh for years (until ~2 years ago), but I found them less reliable. They’d say they’d have something in stock, I’d order, they say “oops, we don’t actually have it” and then they’d cancel the ENTIRE order, they’d take days and days to send things out for no good reasons according to their posted availability.. I don’t know if that’s what other people experienced, but my experience was just terrible and very inconsistent.

      I can deal with the one “too much money” factor from amazon much more easily. At least I know I’ll get my entire order in a reasonable amount of time, something I’m willing to pay for. I’ve found buying more expensive books (never anything under 500 yen) tends to balance things out more.

  3. Oh, I didn’t know that. I’m still looking for some place where to get the latest few volumes, and as a poor student, express shipping isn’t a good option. With Amazon, the shipping for n books is (3400 + 300n) yen while BK1 is approximately 110n yen (using the surface option), so there doesn’t seem to be any point in making a big order from Amazon consisting of both Tōsuisha and non-Tōsuisha stuff, since the larger per-item increment for Amazon just increases the price difference between the two sites.

    I guess I could ask the Japanese import store in my city to get some volumes for me. After all, they only double the price, unlike Amazon who multiply the price by more than 6 (3700/562), but it is a little scary to go to a physical shop and ask for BL comics as a man. I feel much more comfortable buying the stuff online instead, receiving it in a box that no one can look into.

    For now, all I can do is to contact the BK1 customer service ( and ask them to start selling these books…

    • I’m not sure what you’re getting at, as we obviously have different standards to decide worth/the point of it. I buy too many books of varying price, so it’s a waste of time to figure out the cost of each. Instead, I like my shipping to cost a certain percentage range of the total bill. bk1 costs 30%-40% of the total in shipping for all my orders. I’m okay with that. If I pick up a book that cost me $6, then I know I paid about $2 to ship it. On the other hand, if I make an order on amazon for 4 Tousuisha books, I will pay about $28 for the books, but it will cost $50 to ship. Paying more for shipping is unacceptable to me and I’m not going to wait 8 months until I have enough books for it to begin to even out, especially as that publisher goes out of print more quickly than others. So by buying more expensive books, I can knock it down to usually 60-70% shipping cost of the total bill. Padding with an artbook I wanted (which makes the bk1 % jump) usually helps.

      I can’t blame you for not wanting to order from the import store, although I’d love to have the option personally. I don’t have a gender issue but I always got stares since I didn’t look “Japanese enough” or something when I brought my books up to the counter. My favorite was when one asked the other in Japanese if I could read these. I replied yes, otherwise, why would I be buying them? They were quiet after that..

      If I had a better experience with MangaOh, I’d try them.. it’s been a while, perhaps they got better? If I keep it to only new releases, maybe it will go smoothly and they won’t cancel my order on me. Who knows, I might give it another shot sometime.

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