Update to Oyaji BL Manga Primer – The Bad Boy and more

Here’s another update to the Oyaji BL Manga Primer with some long overdue additions. These short updates make it much easier to handle that big entry.  Unfortunately, there’s only two entries so far under the “bad boy” oyaji, but they are two great ones and I couldn’t leave it be.  I forgot how much I enjoyed Division.

The Bad Boy

Division by Nishida Higashi
Tanaka is one of Nishida Higashi’s bad boys, as evidenced by his elaborate back tattoo and missing pinkie.  Desperate and on the run in a foreign country, an innocent lawyer latches onto Tanaka, for better or worse.  Tanaka is cunning, but unstable and unpredictable.  On a whim, he might help you out. On a different whim, he might leave you to be gang-raped.  One minute he’s smiling and calmly eating dinner, the next he’s stabbing a guy in the hand with a fork while laughing his ass off.  Despite that (or because of it?), there’s still something thrilling about Tanaka that attracts the other man (being stranded in hostile territory with no language skills probably helps).  Ever had a psycho boyfriend?  He’s got nothing on this oyaji.

Aiso Tsukashi by Yamada Yugi
Previously a side character in Takaga Koi Daro, Sawaragi gets his own love story in Aiso Tsukashi.  Sawaragi is a former yakuza who was recently released from prison.  He decided to leave that part of his life behind until a former inmate, Shuuya, shows up on his doorstop with nowhere else to go.  Sawaragi is the strong, silent type, but has a soft spot for lost kittens, both the furry and human kind, and reluctantly takes in Shuuya. Yamada Yugi oyaji are always great.  There’s more oyaji scattered throughout her oneshot collections.

More Random Oyaji

Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai by Meiji Kanako
Lee is a magician who is much older than he looks (and he still falls within oyaji range!). Normally serious and somber, Lee seems particularly world-weary due to past circumstances, but there’s a young apprentice to keep his cottage bouncing with curious energy. Lee lives a rather austere, simple life for a powerful wizard and mostly keeps to himself.  However, others seek him out, including many magical beings, other wizards (not all friendly), and even royalty. Meiji Kanako has numerous older men in her manga–just make sure you’re familiar with her odd style before plunging in!

Hana wa Saku ka by Hidaka Shoko
Sakurai works long hours at an advertising agency and doesn’t have much time for anything else.  Nothing else even seems worthy of his attention or motivation–until he meets a younger artist.  Sakurai is an adult–practical and level-headed. He doesn’t blindly fall into love/lust, but can’t deny there’s something there and must work up the courage to pursue it. A beautiful love story for a beautiful man.

6 responses to “Update to Oyaji BL Manga Primer – The Bad Boy and more

  1. I was hoping you’d mention Tanaka! He’s definitely the highlight of her character pantheon; at first I was unsure about the missing thumb, as I always thought yubitsume involved only pinkies–but reading on is an entertaining education. ^_^

    • Gotta love Tanaka. 😀 It’s hard not listing all her older men. I thought it should be pinkie too, but it looked like a thumb when I glanced at a frame. Glancing at that picture again, I think his arm is just (kinda uncomfortably!) twisted around behind his back and it is his pinkie, haha That makes more sense at least!

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  3. Awww I love your oyaji posts ^^
    And I love Nishida Higash but I am not able to read Division, I think it’s only available in Japanese *pouts*
    Anyway I bet Tanaka is a very attractive character.

    Gosh I love both Sawaragi and Sakurai!!! I was thrilled to see Sawaragi getting his own story. And Sakurai, he’s adorable ^^
    Yamada Yugi and Hidaka Shoko are among my favorite mangakas.

    I don’t know the other guy but I will search about him.
    Thanks for the post!

    • I’m glad you enjoy them 🙂

      Tanaka is great. He’s the type you can’t take your eyes off of–because he’s hot but also to make sure you don’t get shanked! I liked both Sawaragi and Sakurai more than the main characters in the original stories, so I was excited to see them get their own manga. I love just about anything Nishida Higashi, Yamada Yugi, and Hidaka Shoko write. They give us a lot of oyaji love as well.

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