WTF Corner: BL Fairy Tale Anthology – The Princess Collection

WTF Corner:
BL Fairy Tale Anthology – The Princess Collection

I’m not making this shit up. I’m not nearly that awesome.

For the love of god, if you don’t want to see some poorly drawn, blurry, and hilarious shota, don’t click this link.

I bought this little gem while on my Clover no Kuni no Alice high–the cover features a shota Alice getting molested by the white rabbit.  Too bad that couple never actually showed up in the work.

As the title of this anthology suggests–this is a collection of BL themed takes on some popular fairy tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, The Frog King (Prince), and Hansel and Gretel.  For the most part, it’s a very poor shota anthology, yet it sometimes crosses over that fine line of bad into awesomely bad territory.  So we’re going to highlight those parts.

The Little Mermaid
This story immediately starts out with a mermaid getting his nipples tweaked (his only remotely sexual looking body part), followed by his human partner running off to the bathroom to “take care of business.”  Strong start, right?  The mermaid is frustrated and wants to become human–not to experience the joys of the surface world or to live happily ever after, but because he wants to sex up his human lover.  Good motivation!  So he gets some potion that turns him into a human during the full moon, some disturbing shota-sexing happens, and then he starts to turn back into a merman.  But then a miracle happens!  He’s left with legs!  Sorta…?

They are happy about this?!  The lower parts must have been spared as well, maybe with some awesome fish flap attachments this time.  Kinky.

Little Red Riding Hood
This Little Red Riding Hood was skipping through the forest… equipped with a mace and tearing up any wolves he found after his grandmother was attacked.  The beaten wolves are pissed and have a plan to repay little Red.  They dowse Red with honey, which attracts this spunky shota’s natural predator–a pedobear knock-off.

This pedobear prefers delicious shota

What follows is either hilarious or disturbing.. mostly hilarious.  Bonus points for the mosaic – NSFW @ tumblr

Hansel and Gretel
Gretel has a tough life.  His family is dirt poor and his creepy dad can only get two sets of second-hand clothes, one for girls and one for boys, at a time.  So Gretel  is stuck wearing the girl outfit because it “keeps away the pests” from his more pretty, feminine brother Hansel (sweet parenting btw).  Unfortunately, Hansel’s delicious shota level is off the charts, so Gretel spends his days protecting his brother from pedophiles.

Hansel and Gretel were walking in a forest and you probably know what happens from there.  This story deviates from the original when Gretel wakes up to see his brother being banged by some pervert.

Distraught, Gretel lifts his skirt and reveals that he’s a boy, hoping to lure the pervert away from his brother (who doesn’t particularly appear to need his help..).  Gretel is promptly ignored.  After he insists, the warlock decides to oblige.  I’m not sure how this young guy resembles the cannibalistic hag from the original, as the only powers we see him use are to morph clothes so these shota look like they popped out of a Minami Haruka manga, frilly skirts and all.

The heart is a nice touch

Then some more creepy shota-sexing happens, this time with a little 3P and incest thrown in.  The best part is that the brothers then decide to stay and live with the pervert!  The “it’s not rape if you enjoyed it” trope is still alive and well in BL, folks.

Alice in Wonderland
The last story is titled “Sexual Desire Alice.”  Oh man, I already know this is going to be fantasic.  Alice, who is now an overgrown emo boy, chases a cute shota rabbit down a hole and ends up in Wonderland.  Alice then searches Wonderland because he wants a piece of that sweet bunny ass.  Before finding the white rabbit, he meets a few of the residents, including the March Hare.

The March Hare was the highlight of the book

Alice also hears about their terrifying queen.

I wanted to see her in action

Soon enough he finds the white rabbit and (not-so) sexy time begins.  I’m scared too, little shota bunny. I’m scared too – NSFW @ tumblr

This anthology amused me, but not in the expected way.  It was so bad that it was good.  I actually don’t regret buying this.

9 responses to “WTF Corner: BL Fairy Tale Anthology – The Princess Collection

  1. Oh god….there are some very creative individuals in this world hahahaha, very messed up too. It’s funny when something so bad becomes good…I think I have a graphic for that. Oh yeah, courtesy of xkcd (geek) So bad it’s worse

    • Haha, perfect. This is definitely Plan 9 level of so bad it’s good. Those are always fun to watch with friends. None of my friends would read this with me though… XD

  2. I think if the queen had some “thing” going on in the book, that would actually be hot. Like Madonna with even minimalistic cone-bras lol. But the whole book is srsly wtf-ed. Bad enough that it was shota (you should have a new shelf with all wtf books mashed in there, like a happy family)

    • I was genuinely disappointed we didn’t get to see the queen. Her and the March Hare could have made something nice out of that book. XD I immediately thought of Madonna too with those mini cone pasties, haha.

      I really wish books were labeled that they contained shota content. All I had to go off of was a small image of the cover and the stuff inside looks even younger than that Alice. Sigh.. it happens enough that I dubbed it “shota bombing.”

      I should make a special shelf that holds all the “questionable” things in case I need to get rid of them, FAST. lol

  3. Why is it that every time they try to spin a twist on a well-known fairy tale it blows up in their faces?For every single manga or anime I’ve ever known to have touched stories like Alice in Wonderland remotely usually end up being horrible. It’s like a curse or something.

    • That’s true–usually things that take “inspiration” from these stories end up being trainwrecks. They try to dig ideas out of classic stories and we often add extra expectations *because* they are nicking stuff, but the new stories just end up falling flat. At least this one was a funny trainwreck I suppose.

  4. This is possibly one of the best reviews I have ever read! Thank you so much! I laughed so hard, I had to change my pants! ❤ Something compels me to buy this perversion… and I'm usually so serious in my love for folk lore!

    • Ha, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀 That’s a good attitude to have if you ever tried reading this book. I went in thinking I’d get some semi-serious fairy tale stories, but found something else. Every now and then it’s fun to read something way out there, so it turned out okay. 🙂

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