8/13/10 – Tousuisha Manga Order

I have a complicated love/hate relationship with amazon.co.jp.  I love them because they decided to carry the Tousuisha catalog 1-2 years ago.  If you ever ordered from amazon.co.jp, you know why I hate them.  Their shipping/handling is just ridiculous.  I have to deliberately make large orders so I’m not paying 100% of the cost of the book for shipping and even then, it only gets knocked down to 65-70% of the total cost usually.  As a comparison point, bk1 with air shipping usually ranges from 35-40% of the total cost. YES, I notice these things—I’m a scientist, I can’t help myself when it comes to pattern recognition.  :-p

I buy literally everything Tousuisha releases.  They have a shoujo magazine  Ichiraci that often has fantasy themes and light BL content.  WIN.  My obsession, regular manga hunts, and glorious manga booty of their stuff could fill an entire creepy post itself.  If you ever dared to talk to me about one of their titles, let alone about something that wasn’t a “mainstream title” (Silver Diamond, Koori, Asterisk, etc), you’d be my new manga BFF and I’d never leave you alone. :3  So we’ll just say my regular order was overdue, which is terrible for this publisher—the limited distribution means stuff can go out of print easily, although it seems to be improving.  Since Tousuisha releases stuff on the 20th every month, it will be a little while before it ships.

It’s a small order, so here’s a pictorial list:

In order:

  • Asterisk (8)
  • -HOME- (1)
  • Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 (8)
  • Kurokami Maria (2)
  • Akashiro Tamago (10), (11)
  • Umi no Kishidan (17) (final)
  • Oh My Vamp (3)
  • High & High (6)

A few non-Tousuisha works always sneak in:

In order:

  • Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa
  • Super Lovers (1)
  • Takuhai Spirits!!

And one artbook to push my shipping/book cost ratio down to 70% :/

Kazuaki Artworks

I can’t believe Umi no Kishidan is over.  This title was responsible for my still raging shoujo pirate moe, which sadly doesn’t show up often.  Aciel is also one of my favorite ladies of shoujo manga currently.  Definitely check out Kaizoku to Ningyo for some fun pirates in shoujo manga. More Asterisk is always ❤ <3.  Now I’m tempted to make a snippet post with all their recent stuff. /freak

For my random stuff, technically being a Tousuisha mangaka, Super Lovers had an easy in.  My other two random titles were just because I felt like reading more Jaryuu Dokuro and Matsu Takeshi.  And I’ve been stalking Kazuaki since kaiyorihito/kaiyorishiki (1).

My bank account hates me after successive bk1, Celga, and amazon orders.  There’s still lots left to read at least~

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  2. There is also another “nice” thing with Amazon.co.jp: whenever a package arrives from Japan, there’s a risk that I might have to pay customs and taxes, and on top of that, the shipping carrier charges a fee because of the customs paperwork. And last time I used Amazon, the site used a carrier which charged approximately three times as much for the paperwork as does the carrier used by BK1. Additionally, with Amazon’s rip-off shipping rate, the total value of the package increases, so there is an increased risk that the customs officials will decide that I have to pay fees. Conclusion: I haven’t used Amazon at all for several years.

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