WTF Corner: Himitsu no Shinsengumi by Miyake Ranjou

WTF Corner: Himitsu no Shinsengumi

There is a secret the Shinsengumi are hiding–BOOBIES!

Himitsu no Shinsengumi is a Manga Erotics F title, which makes you expect several things: excellence, something aimed at a mature audience (also meaning lack of furigana), and possibly something naughty. It delivers mostly just the second.

The Shinsengumi are hiding a secret:  a medicine that supposedly changes you into a woman. Specifically, it causes female sex hormones already present in the male body to “awaken” and basically that person grows breasts.  FYI:  the man parts somehow stay intact. *ahem* The medicine’s effects wear off after 4-5 days.  The supposed use for this medicine is that members can collect information disguised as women that would otherwise be difficult for their usual manly selves.  That’s all fine, except the leader has some rather unprofessional curiosity and decides to turn a few choice members into women for the hell of it.

I was waiting for an awesome scene like this

They soon discover a big plot brewing and the leader sorta regrets crippling some of their members.  Because apparently it not only makes it harder to fight, but one complained of becoming incredibly moody and crying a lot…and there were complaints of others becoming loud and mouthy…sigh.  Perhaps it’s appropriate for the setting and time period, but still…those lines are a bit annoying.

Honestly, I can’t be bothered with the rest of the overall plot. Sadly, I like the art and don’t mind the gender bender parts, but I just tired of reading it and probably didn’t give it a proper chance.  Having no furigana didn’t help my lack of patience.  If it was in English, I’d probably like it more.  The initial couple chapters focused too much on the Shinsengumi workings and not enough on character development.  I want to care about these characters and their glorious man boobs, but the short volume (~170 pages) didn’t grab my interest.  The hints at their growing confusion over their breasts as something that deserves consideration, not just tools or inconveniences, was promising, but still not visited enough in this volume.  I was never really into works about the Shinsengumi and this is apparently no exception.  Being a Manga Erotics F work, I had to give it a shot though.  It seemed to pick up towards the end of volume 1, but at 952 yen a pop, I doubt I’ll buy any more volumes.  Himitsu no Shinsengumi is good for some shock value and I really do like the art style.  I’m just lazy when not given enough incentive.  :/

This guy scares the shit out me.

I’ll be seeing you in my nightmares~

5 responses to “WTF Corner: Himitsu no Shinsengumi by Miyake Ranjou

  1. Lmao @ the intense face. I never managed to find raw scans for this one. I guess it was too freaky to be uploaded online. The inking is not bad though, I like the brush strokes at the bg.

    P/S: The blood looks like watermelon seeds, lol

    • Haha, guess so. Let me know if you ever find scans–I think it has potential, but I’m not paying that much money per volume to find out. XD I do like the rough, raw look in many of the panels. If only I wasn’t such a lazy reader.

  2. O_O How did you discover this one?

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