Late July Manga Order Arrival


This bk1 order is large even according to my standards. But I wanted to finish the summer on a high note before the 50+ hour/week work kicks into full swing!  The amount is a bit daunting, but even this is the result of many eliminations. There’s a list of the titles in here under the cut.

Tried to spread out the unique titles in the last pic which made a pretty wide shot.  Here’s a more compact pic.

Btw, the boxes usually show up looking like they’ve seen terrible things, but the books are always fine due to nice packaging.

You like my awesome Photoshop.. er Gimp skillz?

And the result of deflowering the books

The master list:


  • Konoyo Ibun (3), (4)
  • Koi Suru Bokun (6)
  • End of the World
  • Mori no Animal Company
    • not sure why I was compelled to buy this, but I was
  • Amaoto no Uta
    • I disliked Sute Neko no Ie *ducks* but I haven’t given up yet
  • Usotsuki wa Shinsei no Hajimari
    • very curious, don’t let me down!
  • GUSH mania EX Tokushuu R45
    • oyaji everywhere!! *dies*
  • Kabocha Ouji
    • more Hiiragi Nozomu!
  • Hachigatsu no Mori
  • Jinsei wa Bara Iro da
    • I can’t believe I don’t own this.. had to double-check my shelf
  • Kid’s Log (1)
    • Hashiba Maki! I miss you being in Ichiraci *dies again*


  • Ame Nochi Hare (3)
    • can’t decide if the girls or guys are cuter
  • Tokaido HISAME -Kagerou- (4)
    • love this type of story ❤ ❤
  • Karakuri Odette 1-6 (complete)
  • Sailor Fuku ni Onegai 1-4 (complete)
    • honestly, I just wanted more Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Ouji to Majo to Himegimi (1)
    • big seller and eh.. I like princes, witches, and princess, so why not..
  • Don’t Cry, Girl
  • Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist (1)
  • Kirara no Hoshi (1)
  • Renai Bancho!!! (1)

Anthology/spin-off stuff:

  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Cheshire Cat to Waltz (3), (4)
    • not really into Boris yet, but eh..
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Shirousagi to Tokeijikake no Wana (2)
    • Peter ❤
  • Joker no Kuni no Alice – Yoake Mae ni Miru Yume
    • drawn by Job, so it looks like Chayamachi Suguro if she broke all her fingers.. we’ll see
  • Persona 3 Portable Comic Anthology ~Dear Girl’s~
    • I don’t want to admit how much I’m looking foward to this one
  • Togainu no Chi Anthology – Shiki Maniax
  • Saiyuki Anthology


  • Genkaku Picasso 1-3 (complete)
    • WOW, a shounen purchase! making a comeback?
  • Otoyomegatari (2)
    • *stares*
  • BUTTER!!! (1)
  • HER
  • Yobidashi Hajime (1)
    • curious to see what this one is about! hopefully not her last tank ;_;

Hmm.. what a balanced order.  I’m currently on a more shoujo reading cycle, so it leaned towards that. And geez, I’ve spent a LOT of money on those Clover no Kuni no Alice anthologies. No wonder I can’t fit in artbooks lately. I plan on posting something about that oyaji anthology because I have a HUGE thing for oyaji and apparently passed this onto Queen. I’m so proud. XD  I’d dive into them like Scrooge McDuck if I could without bending them.  Instead.. need to start covering them.  Need to order more covers too D:

And where to start?!  :O


6 responses to “Late July Manga Order Arrival

  1. Uhm I see Yamashita Tomoko, Suzuki Tsuta and Nakamura Asumiko…I’m drooling haha. I’ll be stalking you for the oyaji pics XD

  2. What are going to do with all the leaflets from the book (only the nice ones with drawings I guess)? I always wondered what other people do with them lol ;d

    • Already trashed, haha! I go through the advertisements to see if anything catches my eye and then they get tossed.

      I am keeping the Her by Yamashita Tomoko leaflet tucked in the book (it’s hidden in the corner of the pic) because it’s cute (will scan later). The Don’t Cry Girl leaflet next to it has an extra comic, so I’ll keep that one too. Honestly, these bother me a bit–I like the extra comic, but they are a pain to keep track of! Yet I’m not prepared to trash it either.

      • Oh, haha! 😀 I usually put those extra leaflet comics at the back, inside the plastic. But it is a pain to pull it in and out -_-

        Other than that… hiding my stash into the drawer hahaha like that goldon booklet + other “nice looking but I’m not going to wrap it in my book” leaflets

      • I tuck them in the same spot.. too bad neither of us have a better system ^_^;;

        I used to have a stash like that! I got kinda weird about loose paper after my most recent move and trashed my stash. At least I don’t miss it 🙂

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