HaccaWorks* Goods

After taking its sweet time, my Celga package finally arrived, bringing me much joy.  The purpose of this order was to finally amass what HaccaWorks* materials I could and it was a raging success.  I own all the books!  HaccaWorks* is a self-publishing group best known for their visual novel Hanakisou and (hopefully soon) Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino.  Hanakisou was originally released on PC and later ported to PS2 with full voices.  It will be be re-released on PSP this September.  AkaAka missed the latest Comiket deadline, so here’s to hoping for a release next winter.


  • Hanakisou Plus Disc Supplementary Book
  • Hanakisou Plus Disc Preview Book
  • Hanakisou Supplementary Book
  • Maruha – 2007 Summer HaccaWorks*
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Hajime no Hitotsu wa Nozoki Ana (AkaAka – The Beginning One is a Peep Hole? lol)

I also ended up getting new copies of Hanakisou, Hanakisou Plus Disc, the soundtrack, and a few little extras.  All this stuff, except for Maruha and the AkaAka book, were from a single yahoo.jp auction, which saved me money on proxy bidder fees.  I really want to send a pic of Maruha and AkaAka to amazon.co.jp with me angrily flipping them off.  Amazon.co.jp would not ship those two (or any of the other books) outside Japan because they were wrongly classified as CD-ROMs.  There’s no CD!  It made what should have been an easy, cheap acquisition much more expensive because they are fucking clueless.  :/

And finally because a Celga order just isn’t complete without some oldie Tousuisha prizes.  There’s Pygmalion no Yume 1-3 by Shimazu Kazuki and Koi wa Isoge!! by Endou Akira.  Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru and Tokoharu Boys are technically duplicates, but came with the other two dirt cheap.  I will own everything Tousuisha made… just wait… >.>

In case you want to know, the rest of the entry describes what’s  inside all those HaccaWorks* books:  I sure wanted to know–I had to find out the hard/expensive way!  It was worth it, of course.  I can’t scan any inner pics without bending, which is a shame.  I might be getting duplicates of the first two mentioned though..

The Hanakisou Supplementary Book is very nice and detailed.   It’s 172 pages long and basically what you’d expect from a visual novel artbook/guide.  It contains a few color illustrations I haven’t seen, original character design sketches, character biographies, which include some funny D&D like stats, giving the characters things like levels, hit points, power, magic, luck, skills, equipment, etc.  There’s also a capture guide for all CGs and endings, a visual walkthrough of all scenes, Q&A with the characters,  a detailed dictionary of terms and lore, Q&A with the members of HaccaWorks*, and various comics scattered throughout.  I never knew all the members of the circle, so it’s quite informative.  I’m looking forward to knowing all there is to know about Hanakisou *cackle*

I can't scan without bending these, so here's a crappy photo instead. Nice drawing of Hanashiro.

The Hanakisou Plus Disc Supplementary Book is over 80 pages long and talks about the Typing of the Chicken story mode and characters, which is a silly supplemental typing game included on the Plus Disc.  It also goes into detail about the extra story “a sight of petals red,” which is supposed to focus more on Hanashiro.  It also includes some comics, Q&A with characters, and interviews with the HaccaWorks* members.

Hanakisou Plus Disc Preview Book is pretty descriptive.  It’s less than 30 pages  long and offers a peek at the (then) upcoming Plus Disc content and even includes a CD-ROM demo (the ONLY one with a CD-ROM, amazon *glares*) of the Typing of the Chicken game and the side story’s prologue.  Best of all, it has glasses!Kuroto on the cover.

The Maruha book focuses on the members of HaccaWorks* and contains some comics and interviews.  The very last page has a sketch of Yue and Kurogitsune from AkaAka and claims a planned 2008 release date.  Considering this book was written in 2007, the scope of AkaAka must have changed drastically, lol!

Finally, the AkaAka preview book!  This contains some character biographies, a couple 4 koma comics (Sagano’s is hilarious!  We also get a glimpse at his personality more), some rough sketches, and a short introductory comic.  I’m relieved to see the character descriptions and even story introduction parallels what I wrote in my preview entry.  There’s a few extra tidbits I’ll have to edit in as well!

Btw, these books open like western books and it confuses me. D:  I know I’ve been reading too much manga when I pick up a textbook and open to the back… -.- Overall, I’m very pleased with the results of this hunt. ❤  Hopefully it will sustain me until AkaAka is released.

2 responses to “HaccaWorks* Goods

  1. Ho! god!
    i also wanted to buy those Haccaworks’s goodies!
    they look so handome! *nyaah HanaKisou Soundtracks!*
    glasses!Kuroto is so damn hot! >w< *share the love*

    oh! °w° you're going to add more information on your previous AkaAka entry?! i'm impatient! :3

    *it's a shame i can't read japanese! you make me want to learn more! XD*

    • They are very nice books. I’m glad you also see the ridiculous hotness of Kuroto. 😀

      Yeah, there’s some more character information, including a bit about Sagano, that I need to translate and I’ll edit that in later.

      Japanese is a fun language to study. I took some classes years ago while attending university and the only reason I can still read it is manga and games. XD

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