Summer Manga – at least what wasn’t lost in the mail

I ordered some manga at the end of June, intending to have a great end to summer reading before I return to the lovely 50+ hour work weeks. Despite receiving some books weeks ago, I haven’t posted anything yet because others never showed up.

After over ten years and hundreds of packages, I have my first lost box. It was a large order, containing almost 50 books. Honto’s packing slip and box numbering suggested they did their part. The books were packaged in three boxes, but only two showed up. A box containing 25 books has yet to show, 3 weeks after the others arrived. Yup, gone. It just had to be the biggest box too. It’s hard to believe it costs that much for the post office to lose my shit anyway. Wherever it ended up, I hope they enjoyed the dirty man porn. MY dirty man porn. That volume from Kamuro Akira/Takao Hiroi is high quality.

So here’s what made it:

  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 3
  • Heroine Shikakku 7 – no Rita on the cover, small victory
  • Pin to Kona 7 – been impatiently waiting for this one
  • Taiyou no Ie 6 – also this one
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Kishi no Kokoroe 2
  • Saiyuki Reload Blast 1 – Minekura!! Artbooks at end of July!
  • Seishun Trickers – Mizuno Minami manga that I’m missing
  • Ilegenes – Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku 2
  • Ikumen Father – A father story. I’m trying to give Kodaka Kazumi another go–got this new work and her classic Kizuna. This one was nice–didn’t blow me away and stuck to the formula fairly closely, but I didn’t hate it either.
  • Ikumen datte Koi Shimasu – Another daddy story. The new Mishima Kazuhiko. It was decent.
  • Ore wo Aishitemo Iindaze? 1 – oops, already filed away in the shelves and omitted from pic.
  • Yuujin ga Yuusha
  • El Halcon Perfect Edition – freakishly expensive, but almost 800 pages long. I was hoping for more color pages at that price.
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier 3
  • Matantei Loki Ragnarok – Shin Sekai no Kamigami 1
  • Suppli 6-10, extra – wish these were in English like 1-5.
  • Nokemono to Hanayome 3 – I don’t know what’s going on, but I keep getting it anyway
  • Litteraire by Hatoyama Ikuko – a rare artbook purchase, but I couldn’t help myself waiting for Yukishiro, Barabeni which wasn’t released in time for the first order. It’s not that expensive if you consider the prices of her manga.

Favorite illustration with The Sorrows of Young Werther

Close second with The Catcher in the Rye

Comparison to illustrate the freakish size of El Halcon

A moment of silence/rage/whatever for those who were lost. I’m trying to decide which of these listed below I want to rebuy when I go for the next round of Feel Young tanks (all three look delicious). Knowing you paid for something twice lessens the appeal considerably. I might add some of the borderline ones to future orders.

  • Cubism Love 2 – replaced already
  • Renai Switch – replaced already
  • Mahoutsukai no Neko 4 – will rebuy
  • Joker no Kuni no Alice – Circus to Usotsuki Game 3 – will rebuy sometime since it’s a continuing series
  • Hanazono Fantasica 1 – will rebuy, dem legs
  • Saihate Keisatsu 1 – not sure
  • Honey Sweet Kitchen 1 – probably not
  • Suzuki-san no Oshigoto – probably not
  • Hakkenden 11 reprint – I’ll rebuy, but that will technically be the third time for Vol 11
  • Furachi na Kyouken no Tenazukekata – hmm.. oyaji will likely save this one from the axe
  • Otonarisama – I really want this one again–cute oyaji on cover
  • Gossho ni Ore mo Ikaga Desu ka? – maybe? if I can retain the taste for fathers/crack
  • Honjitsu mo Jougai Rantou – not sure
  • Himitsu ga Hanazono – not sure
  • Hito wa Sore wo Koi to Yobu – probably not
  • Mobile Sweet Honey – will rebuy
  • Orange Days – not sure
  • Fushigi no Kuni de Aishiyou – not sure
  • Shinseigokumon – will rebuy
  • Gives – at some point
  • Tightrope – at some point
  • Wakaba no – Shounenki – Probably not. I remembered I thought the writing of Seven Days was boring.
  • Ore no Kokoro ni Fumikomuna! – will rebuy
  • Dakaretai Otoko – will rebuy
  • Torch Song Ecology 1 – will rebuy

Since I needed actual manga to read before the summer ends soon, I did another order and paid more for it to arrive this time.

  • Cubism Love 2
  • Renai Switch – oyaji love > the price for rebuying it
  • Negaigoto wa Hidamari de – oyaji love > my hate for Lynx manga
  • Yukishiro, Barabeni – expensive, but I wanted to try a manga from her and an endorsement from Nakamura Asumiko was all I needed
  • Kozure Ookami
  • Ookami no Ketsuzoku
  • Tsurugi to Kiri
  • Kirara no Hoshi 6
  • 500-Nen no Itonami
  • Yuri Danshi 2
  • Tig-Hig Planet
  • Loveless Limited Edition 11 – seeing ugly Seimei just enrages me.. why do I keep buying this? Oh yeah, because I have all the other limited editions.. stupid book hoarding tendencies.
  • Light Novel 4 – She finished it! Now I need to sometime.
  • Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka 3
  • Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante 2
  • Yoshida Kyoudai Monogatari
  • Kujaku no Kyoushitsu 1
  • Love Kare – over 20 – I wanted to sample some Dessert manga and this is a good sampler itself
  • Love Kare – under 20 – the under 20’s guys look the same as the over 20’s guys. Oh, shoujo manga!
  • “Sensei, Oshiete.” – random shoujo student/teacher smut from Dessert, yay
  • “Sensei, Oshiete.” – Zenbu, Shiritai

Yukishiro, Barabeni has book porn in it

and Negaigoto wa Hidamari de has old man sex in it. Score!

I’ve had English translated manga pile up over this past month as well.

  • Kizuna 1-6 – I wanted to read a longer, classic BL series and decided to give Kizuna another go after who knows how many years. Yes, there’s two copies of volume 2–I bought them from akadot and they sent me a duplicate and left out vol 3. I pointed it out and they sent me a copy immediately. They fixed it, so no hurt feelings and I’ve already picked up Ze 1-2 from them. I bought these from a few different places to get the best prices on them. Well discounted, translated manga can be cheaper than raw+shipping these days.. scary how the times have changed.
  • Gate 1-2 – amazon had them for $5.50 each–good for staring at my Subaru clone, bad for exposition hell.
  • X 3 reprint – I like torturing myself by reliving my CLAMP heartbreaks. These are nice releases at least. I’m postponing my reread of Tokyo Babylon for Dark Horse re-release as well.
  • Three Wolves Mountain – I wanted to try out a  SuBLime print release. Nicely done.
  • Punch Up! 1 – held off buying raw once I heard it was licensed. Again, nice quality. I’ll be watching their releases for more stuff I didn’t grab raw.
  • Secretary’s Love – cheap Akiba Touko to make up for the pile that was lost.
  • House of Five Leaves 7 – almost done with the series!
  • Hetalia 3 – surprise announcement, but I’ll take it. Reading this raw is harder for me due to the language and lettering.
  • Ooku 7
  • Sailor Moon 6
  • In These Words – Seeing GuiltPleasure on the cover of BexBoy and a ~50% discount on amazon was enough to convince me. It was a good buy. I want to know what’s going on within the story. There’s lots of gorgeous color pages in this book. I went in with zero knowledge, so of course my favorite illustration ended being of an accused rapist and serial killer.

I still kinda want the print of it. I have a thing for oranges and browns.

Couple of stragglers after that pic:

  • Ze 1-2 – I only found the first two volumes below MSRP. It’s been a long time since I read it, but the BL fantasy itch is making me want to revisit and maybe finish the series. I didn’t get far the first time.
  • Tale of the Waning Moon 1-2 – in English for cheap, nice
  • Yamada Sansuke no Muda na Teikou wa Yamemasho – Random bara manga on akadot? Nice cover, I’m in.

Geez, that’s what I get for letting it pile up for a month during the summer. I’ve made a good dent already, but still have a lot left to read.

13 responses to “Summer Manga – at least what wasn’t lost in the mail

  1. Ahhh, I want your dirty man porn, but I really doubt it even ended up in Canada. I have had close calls (like the time that BD had to resend a textbook because I didn’t receive it or the time that honto forgot to write down the city and province) but thankfully I’ve been somewhat lucky with the post.

    How did you like Renai Switch? I didn’t like the color page or the fact that it had no smut, but I did like the last couple.

    I gave my copy of Secretary’s Love to the library since I found it kinda boring.

    I kinda hate akadot since I had a problem with their website, and the cs ignored me. Good thing you had more luck with them than me. I want to buy Kizuna but I never could get into the scanlations, so I dunno. I also want to buy Ze, but I’ll probably wait for a reprint.

    I’m loving SuBLime, and even though I’m a bit meh about some of their choices, I’m willing to support them.

    I’m a bit disturbed by In These Words, and not exactly because of the subject matter, but because apparently people ship the main character with an apparent rapist and killer. I can only see myself accepting that pairing if one out of two options happen.

    Reminds me I have pre-order Tale of the Waning Moon volume 3.

    Are you planning on buying The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame?

    • They omitted part of your address? Wow.. that’s alarming. It probably didn’t happen with me this time since the other 2 boxes made it, but I didn’t inspect the mailing labels on it other than the numbering they write on the outside. Still, I don’t like the possibility that it was their incompetence..

      I just got Renai Switch and haven’t read it. I don’t like regularly paneled pages as color pages.. it’s a waste. No smut doesn’t bother me at all.

      I bought Kizuna through amazon marketplace. The pricing was marginally less than their website. Maybe they realized I’d make one hell of a stink on amazon where it’s very visible if they didn’t do something about it, not sure.

      Oh, I “ship” the two characters In These Words. Probably not the way others do–I’d like to see at least one of them dead by the end. Shinohara liked cutting up Katsuya in that scene.. maybe he could go all Buffalo Bill on him or something. I’m sure that won’t happen and Katsuya will live, but one can dream. I don’t necessarily like happy endings. I thought the intention of the writers was for the coupling to be disturbing and sick with things like “your notion of love is neither normal or wanted,” but the omake comics killed that a bit..

      Yeah, I’m going to get the Gengoroh Tagame manga when it’s released.

  2. Sorry to hear that you lost the last package. My first time ordered from Honto never made it here. Luckily it was sent back to them and I got the refund. Undeterred, ordered the 2nd time and this time arrived safely almost 3 weeks later. Thought it got sent back again. Looking at the package, i realized why the 1st package never arrived. They typed the delivery address on the top left corner instead of the standard bottom right corner. were yours sent like that too? I’m afraid that if I’m to make another order from them, it’ll be like striking a lottery, either I get it or lost it :\

    if you don’t mind me asking, when you send an email to cust serv @ honto, do you write it in English or Japanese language?

    I love the illustrations of In these words, sadly the plot was about rapist/killer which i disliked and likely will end in tragedy. I had Secretary’s Love but sold it, didn’t interest me. But I did get her new series to try : Mobile Sweet Honey.

    • It is unfortunate, as was your mix-up. That’s great you got a refund. I’m kinda hoping this was the case for me now. Who knows. It’s a bit disturbing to hear of these issues, as more than one is suggesting a trend. I’d be scared to reorder too.

      I didn’t look closely at my boxes last time outside the numbering (box 1/3, 3/3 with no 2/3 present). Sometimes my multiple box orders get separated and if there was an error, maybe the lost one wasn’t caught like the other two. I’m glad you said something though. I was going to place another large order with them, but I’m going to do something small instead and make sure that the box labeling is okay and consistent before I spend a lot of money on a single order again.. bleh. If I see something, I’ll post it so others can be aware of the situation.

      I haven’t sent an email to customer service, thinking it was 100% the post office’s fault. Of course, I got nowhere since I had no tracking number. I’m thinking about it now.. but I haven’t pieced together a sentence in Japanese myself in years. I’d imagine you wouldn’t get far in English. I could be wrong?

      I don’t see In These Words having a happy ending either, but I like disturbing, tragic stories at times, so I don’t mind. I would be disturbed if they turned it into a happy love story after all that happened.

      I want to rebuy Mobile Sweet Honey. It looked like a simple and fun story. I got the other one to placate myself after losing like half a dozen other volumes by her.. much cheaper than replacing all of those.

  3. CLAMP, please continue X. I’m dying to know the end.

    In These Word. The art is pretty. But… I’m not a huge fan of love-based-on-rape. I can tolerate a bit mature content, but a graphic rape is… a bit too much.

    • If only they’d finish X so we can put it to rest. I pretty much resent any manga they drew after it because it’s not energy spent on X. It’s wasted resent due to rights/contracts/whatever excuse/etc, but still.. I don’t like a lot of them anyway.

      ITW is very graphic, but it’s supposed to be disturbing. You know what you’re going into (if you read the back cover at least–although kissing a human skull on the cover is a sign itself). So I don’t see how it can be compared to love-based-on-rape. The guy is clearly sick in the head and it’s not love, as Katsuya pointed out. It’s rape for things like power, obsession, possession, etc. It’s all the ugly, exaggerated, and destructive aspects of “love” with none of the lighter, friendly emotional aspects. Certainly not that BL/shoujo trope “I’m clumsy at expressing my emotions so take my man meat and understand” that some popular titles have.

  4. X is my first gore shoujo manga. It’s funny how this series pass as shoujo. It’s more like josei to me.

    Gate 7 : The story is meh. all they do is eat, boring talk, and fight. Too much character at vol 1.

    ITW: Really? That’s sound interesting. I’ve read several review about this manga and all of them is very positive. maybe I willl buy this book.

  5. Oh man that sucks! I’ve loved using BK1 for years since they’re so reliable. But I hope this isn’t what I have to look forward to since they merged with Honto! 😦 I haven’t made a physical book order with them since they merged. I was planning on doing so once I had a little bit more money, and because my BK1 points’ll expire next year, I figured I might make an order with them.

    I did use their ebook shop to buy a book and discovered that the ebooks expire one year after purchase. WTF. This is why I buy physical books- at least I own them. You cannot download the book, either. You have to read it online in a plugin. I mean at least the ebook was only like 700Y compared to the 900Y of the physical book, and I got points for it, but WHAT THE HELL SERIOUSLY. I didn’t drop that kind of money for something that a) I have to log onto the internet for b) I don’t even own, and it’ll expire in a year.

    Sorry for the ranty-ness.

    • It’s not a bad thing you haven’t ordered yet. Like a few other people who commented here, my books were lost for over a month because of honto, not the post office. They printed the label wrong (destination address in upper left hand corner) and I guess I’m lucky they even got here. I did one order before this and 2 of the 3 boxes made it okay, so it’s not 100% failure, but not reliable either. Certainly not when that much money is involved. At least the books showed up a few days ago, but I don’t know if I can trust them with a big order again.

      I haven’t bought any ebooks and now I definitely never will. You pay THAT much for something that expires after a year?! No downloads, there’s expiration dates, it’s practically full price.. that is an AWFUL model. It’s okay to rant–that really sucks.

  6. Yeah, I scoured the page for the ebook, and I am not seeing any way to read it other than in-browser. Chrome doesn’t even support the plugin, it doesn’t look like, but that’s not really what irks me. I really, really hope I find out I missed a link or something, but if not…Oh well, lesson learned, I guess! But on the bright side, I got points for it, so…there’s that!

    It’s good you got your books- that is horrible, though! I hope they can get their act together. I wonder what the deal is? BK1 never made weird mistakes like that, at least not that I’ve heard of. Sigh.

    Are there any other alternatives to honto, though? I like Amazon, but their shipping rates are atrocious. I don’t know if 7andy ships overseas yet, but they seem alright. I only like to troll Rakuten if it’s a series that’s OOP, ’cause shipping can be somewhat expensive.

  7. I have had lots of things to read lately, so I haven’t placed any orders for a few months. How does Honto write your address? I looked at and it looks a bit strange. My name is supposed to be written in furigana, but it just says “ふりがな” in the field. No country indicated anywhere, and it says that I live in 東京都 and that my postal number is 000-0000. Luckily, I see both the street line and the postal number/city line there, although in unexpected fields. There are two addresses at although in fact both are the same. One is with “〒000-0000 東京都” while the other one is with a country line. I assume that I need to be careful to pick the address with a country line, or else the post might not be able to identify the country of delivery.

    • My address doesn’t look anything like that–did you click the oversees tab and fill that out? I technically have two address under my profile, a Japan one and an overseas one. You can select which to ship to when you order.

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