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April Manga Order

Summer reading time is upon us once again. I have more time and energy for hobbies during this season, so here’s the first round of books. Most are continuations of ongoing series that I follow. I’ll do another round soon for either the May 10th or May 25th releases. The dollar->yen rate is finally recovering.



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March Manga

I got really busy for a few weeks there and completely neglected this blog. I guess that’s about standard for this place. I’ll have to find the time to work on a blog entry about Tokyo Shinjuu if possible and if still relevant. I recently bought the second Tokyo Shinjuu series along with some other new releases.

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February Manga and HaccaWorks* Goodies

With the Yoneda Kou releases,  I knew I had to get my hands on some new manga.


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January Manga

Another batch of manga that arrived with good timing about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of A5 plastic covers. I need to order more, but already have 20 more books I want in the coming month. It never ends.

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November Manga Order

I picked up a few books to read during the holiday break last week. With some subsequent releases like Ane no Kekkon 4, I might want some more for the brief semester break.

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Three months worth of manga

What does three months of manga look like?  Something like this. These pictures represent 4-5 separate orders placed since August. I fell a bit behind in posting.

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August Manga – New and Previously Lost

It’s a whole month late, but my lost box of manga finally showed up. Why did it take 3 times longer than two other boxes that left at the same time? Well, despite the fact that honto ships internationally, they have no clue how to do so properly.

They printed the address in the wrong area and that screws up whatever sorting process is involved. Love the little label that was taped on sometime before it left Japan: “Be a sport and deliver this expensive merchandise if you could manage since the sender was too dumb to do this properly, thanks.” I’ve had 6 boxes total from honto and don’t recall the labeling on all, but this one clearly hit a snag. Considering this happened not only to me but a few people who have talked to me, it’s not an isolated incident and I’d use them with extreme caution.

As I don’t appreciate being screwed out of hundreds of dollars or the stress that comes from waiting for lost books, I’m not sure I can continue to order from them if they aren’t consistent. I have some points that expire at the end of the month, so I ordered just a few 7-21 day books and will see if this happens all the time. I don’t really have a long term plan yet nor have the patience to address it with work ramping up again. I’m mostly just interested in new releases for a while anyway. So I grabbed some manga using EMS from Mangaoh, who know how to label packages.

I was days away from ordering some duplicates of these lost ones

This annoying delay has seemingly resulted in just more manga showing up

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Summer Manga – at least what wasn’t lost in the mail

I ordered some manga at the end of June, intending to have a great end to summer reading before I return to the lovely 50+ hour work weeks. Despite receiving some books weeks ago, I haven’t posted anything yet because others never showed up.

After over ten years and hundreds of packages, I have my first lost box. It was a large order, containing almost 50 books. Honto’s packing slip and box numbering suggested they did their part. The books were packaged in three boxes, but only two showed up. A box containing 25 books has yet to show, 3 weeks after the others arrived. Yup, gone. It just had to be the biggest box too. It’s hard to believe it costs that much for the post office to lose my shit anyway. Wherever it ended up, I hope they enjoyed the dirty man porn. MY dirty man porn. That volume from Kamuro Akira/Takao Hiroi is high quality.

So here’s what made it:

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June Manga

My first order from honto came.  Nothing really has changed. Similar shipping charges, similar preorder lock-out made me miss no less than 4 books in this past order. Waiting for the 500 pts from the campaign/or see if the 10000 yen/1000 pts took from the banner I saw intermittently.  Just as slow as before, if not more so.. not very impressed with their point system so far. At least I got books.. sigh.

More pictures and some & spoilers (that you could have seen coming miles/volumes away) under the cut.

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May Manga~

Despite the arrival of summer, I’ve neglected things around here in favor of other shiny things.  Some of which include:

One of these things is not like the other.

Most attention has gone toward Diablo III which arrived exactly when I wanted a video game to binge on.  I’ve been running my wizard around like crazy. On the other hand, I’ve barely touched Brothers Conflict yet.  In due time.  If I manage to do it before I grab the Atelier Elkrone otome game.  It’s like my dirty little secret of wanting the Atelier games to be dating sims as well was heard.  I still want to loosen up Sterk… Fabulous.

I have been dabbling in manga and have received a number of them.

Caught up on Tousuisha manga purchases.  The reality of Silver Diamond ending is starting to set in. Volume 27 will be the last. I’ve been reading it continuously since.. 2004? There was a year in-between where I almost stopped reading manga, but Silver Diamond is the one thing I stayed current on.  It’s hard to imagine a manga world without Chigusa and Rakan. We’ll see where all the developments /revelations from this last volume go… I hope she doesn’t rip my heart out.

The rest of the new manga.. difficult to cram it all into frame.

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