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“Oyajism” is a thing

There’s a line of manga dedicated to serving oyaji lovers: Oyajism.  While it was exclusively digital before, it recently released three print titles. I received two of the three today. I missed the third because my casual cover browsing did not detect the third oyaji. I will fix that mistake soon enough. You can stalk the publisher on twitter as well.  Here’s the covers for the print line-up:

I haven’t looked into the digital titles at all yet, so I don’t know if there’s any region-locking, DRM, time limits, etc.  But some of them look ridiculously cute. If I didn’t have ~20 new manga staring at me, I’d be digging furiously. I shouldn’t covet  more manga before I’m done unpacking the new….

….but look at this.


Update:  Yeah, that lasted a whole 5 minutes. I purchased the oneshot shown above (74 yen) and loved it. It’s linked with a T-Time application. So it’s tied into their program. But damn, I can get so many adorable old guys that I just don’t care at the moment. Oyaji moe is at maximum capacity.