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Hatena no Hana by Kawachi Haruka

Hatena no Hana

What would you do if you discovered your spouse had a secret stash of S&M equipment?

So, what would you do?

  1. Run and call a divorce lawyer.
  2. Confront him angrily.
  3. Put it back and pretend you saw nothing.
  4. Suit up, grab the handcuffs, and pounce on him when he gets home.

What was the reaction of the heroine of Hatena no Hana?  Since it was written by the lovely Kawachi Haruka, you know it’s gold.

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Chikutaku Bonbon by Katsuta Bun

Chikutaku Bonbon

Chikutaku Bonbon (Tick Tock Dong Dong) follows a young woman who lives in early 1900s Tokyo.  While originally appearing to have a supernatural bent, by the third chapter, the story settles in as a romantic comedy.  The beginning shows good potential with unique chemistry between the two lead characters.

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Manga Snippets – 10/30/10

A short peek at two titles from my latest order of books.  The dark-haired guys always get me.

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