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Update to Oyaji BL Manga Primer – The Crack-tastic Oyaji

Since I’m still actively hunting the glorious oyaji scattered throughout BL manga, I figured I should actually update my Oyaji BL Manga Primer. I’ll post new additions separately before editing them into the main entry, so people can easily tell there’s been a change.  I have more oyaji manga on the way as well!

As stated before, these are selected picks that feature an older man.  There’s a short description of the oyaji and the manga itself listed.  It’s not all-inclusive, just manga that I particularly liked and felt worth including.  For now, here’s a few new additions to the list.  As I make new categories, a few things might get shuffled, like Oyajina! in this case.

The Crack-tastic Oyaji

Shachou Momoi-kun by Nishida Higashi
Watanabe is a hard-working, older manager who is targeted by the new company president (who is seemingly there to find a boyfriend more than actually work~). He’s an earnest, kind older man, but also a workaholic demon when necessary. Instantly attracted, Momoi weasels his way into Watanabe’s life. Since Watanabe has lived his life until recently as a straight husband, he isn’t sure how to feel about the situation, despite his growing attachment. Shachou Momoi-kun is a funny gag manga with a few serious moments. It tears down the fourth wall and has a half-naked man dance on top of it (sadly, not the oyaji). There’s also a randomly serious side-story included that has an oyaji vampire. Bonus salarymen oyaji everywhere, as expected from my Oyaji BL Queen (sorry Naono Bohra).

Liechtenstein Hakase no Karei Naru Nichijou by Shingyouji Tsumiko
This is the crack cocaine of weird oyaji BL manga.  Liechtenstein is a brilliant biotech company owner and professor.  He’s also naive and sheltered to the point he doesn’t know how to use public transportation.  This little lamb falls right into the sadistic arms of his younger admirer, Shumiia.  Liechtenstein is subjected to subway molestations, fake proctology exams, elaborate spy setups, and more.. including a random tentacle plant.  This is the only BL manga I own that contains tentacle porn (NSFW, duh), which is more comical than anything, if you believe that.  Being a huge masochist, Liechtenstein didn’t seem to mind much at all~

Oyajina! ~Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai~ by Hiiragi Nozomu
How you can improve upon the already awesome oyaji character type? Stick teenage girls in older male bodies and watch the ensuing hijinks and budding romance. Fluffy teenage love, but now with more old man facial hair! This is what fangirl dreams are made of. Full entry here. A continuation will be released in February.

Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan by Tojitsuki Hajime

Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan

BL = Bozu Love

I had a rough start with Tojitsuki Hajime.  Several of her earliest manga struck me as very bland, very forgettable.  At some point, either she matured artistically or gained enough freedom to draw whatever she wants (probably a bit of both!) because her recent manga are refreshing additions to BL.  Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan revolves around the supernatural occurrences and tasks undertaken by the resident monks.  This isn’t your average Shinto shrine or priests.  It’s an unremarkable employee dormitory, but the residents have some pretty remarkable (if somewhat random) styles that are heavily influenced by skater, street, and hip-hop cultures.  There’s even some “bozu atama” or shaven heads that you’d associate with monks and/or punks! Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan is a collection of occult stories that feature these modern day monks.

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Docchi mo Docchi by Hiiragi Nozomu

Docchi mo Docchi

It’s a battle of pride and willpower for the top!

Docchi mo Docchi (Same Difference) is Hiiragi Nozomu’s newest manga and it contains what she does best:  silly and terribly cute BL.  Docchi mo Docchi is a “seme vs. seme” setup with two strong wills battling for control:  not only against the other guy, but also their own feelings about the situation. Two normally mature, elite businessmen lose their composure while trying to dominate the other, just to prove who’s top dog.  So who will fall first and is he really the loser?

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Oyaji Romance Manga Selections

I consider myself an advocate of the delicious oyaji.  At least advocate sounds better than raving fangirl madly attempting to brainwash others. *ahem* As a follow-up to my oyaji BL manga primer, here’s a selection of great romance manga featuring older men.  Romance for adults.  Not necessarily the naughty kind, but the grown-up kind.

You’ll notice this list is much smaller, especially since I went ahead and independently covered a number of the titles.  Unfortunately, romancing older men isn’t a terribly common theme, at least not as the main focus of a manga. I don’t use the label “romance” lightly.  A genuine, powerful draw between two characters must be the main focus to make this list.  So here’s a selection of my favorite titles featuring an oyaji in a romantic story within some selected shoujo, josei, seinen, and BL manga.

Dowth may be like 1000 years old, but he’s still got it.

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on BLUE collection – new BL imprint from Shodensha

Shodensha (publisher of Feel Comics) is releasing a new BL imprint entitled “on BLUE collection.”  After being colossally disappointed with gataeu, I was wary of trying another new BL imprint from a trusted, yet non-BL publisher–until I saw on BLUE’s initial lineup.  With seasoned, talented mangaka on board, I’m game.  Here’s some information about the first releases, taken from their website.  There’s more to come in August.

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“Fujoshi Baton” Meme

Queen passed on a fujoshi baton, which is a survey-like meme asking about your manga and mostly BL-related fandom history and preferences.  So I gave it a shot.  I am disturbed that I can’t name the first BL work I ever read. /senile old lady

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Manga Snippets – 10/30/10

A short peek at two titles from my latest order of books.  The dark-haired guys always get me.

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