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Oyaji Romance Manga Selections

I consider myself an advocate of the delicious oyaji.  At least advocate sounds better than raving fangirl madly attempting to brainwash others. *ahem* As a follow-up to my oyaji BL manga primer, here’s a selection of great romance manga featuring older men.  Romance for adults.  Not necessarily the naughty kind, but the grown-up kind.

You’ll notice this list is much smaller, especially since I went ahead and independently covered a number of the titles.  Unfortunately, romancing older men isn’t a terribly common theme, at least not as the main focus of a manga. I don’t use the label “romance” lightly.  A genuine, powerful draw between two characters must be the main focus to make this list.  So here’s a selection of my favorite titles featuring an oyaji in a romantic story within some selected shoujo, josei, seinen, and BL manga.

Dowth may be like 1000 years old, but he’s still got it.

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on BLUE collection – new BL imprint from Shodensha

Shodensha (publisher of Feel Comics) is releasing a new BL imprint entitled “on BLUE collection.”  After being colossally disappointed with gataeu, I was wary of trying another new BL imprint from a trusted, yet non-BL publisher–until I saw on BLUE’s initial lineup.  With seasoned, talented mangaka on board, I’m game.  Here’s some information about the first releases, taken from their website.  There’s more to come in August.

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“Fujoshi Baton” Meme

Queen passed on a fujoshi baton, which is a survey-like meme asking about your manga and mostly BL-related fandom history and preferences.  So I gave it a shot.  I am disturbed that I can’t name the first BL work I ever read. /senile old lady

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Manga Snippets – 10/30/10

A short peek at two titles from my latest order of books.  The dark-haired guys always get me.

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Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun by Hideyoshico

Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun

A look at one of the first print offerings from Gataeu Comics.

I have mixed feelings about Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun.  First off, on a shallow level, I must say I really enjoyed the art in this book.  It has this rawness to the lines that I just eat up.  Attractive character designs, good facial expressions, good choices when to use backgrounds and when to use white space, varied layouts… it looks good.  However, some of the content and characterization detracted from my enjoyment of the work overall.  Surprisingly(?!), manga needs more than just some pretty pictures strung together.

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Oyaji BL Manga Primer

At some point, you get tired of reading manga about 16 year old kids.  You crave something different.  The further you get away from age 16, the more prominent this feeling can become.  Thankfully, there’s a trend within BL that gives us some grown, adult men and it’s been growing in popularity:  the oyaji!

“Oyaji” literally means father, but is also casually used to refer to middle-aged men. The lower age limit to qualify as an oyaji is typically early 30’s.  Common oyaji “cues” include visible signs of age like wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, an established family, and, of course, crotchety old man behavior (my favorite).   Within manga, there’s certain character types associated with this term.  The majority of oyaji seem to fall within the 30-45 year old range, particularly for BL.

Yamada Yugi teaches us oyaji moe points

First, if you’re completely new to this subgenre, here are some of the most highly regarded mangaka that reliably produce fantastic older men.  Their works are a great place to start and are relatively well-known, so I’ll only briefly mention a few of their relevant works.

  • Ono Natsume (basso)- noticeably older, professional men
  • est em – all types, very versatile
  • Yamashita Tomoko – natural characters
  • Suzuki Tsuta – one of the best at the gentle,  sweet type
  • Nishida Higashi – mostly salarymen (this is a good thing).  Kudos for having real oyaji, including some in their 50s (and still hot!)
  • Naono Bohra – her oyaji feel more fetishy, but there’s many and a wide range of them

This would be best titled “shin’s Oyaji BL Primer” because it isn’t all inclusive (too much!) and I’m blatantly playing favorites.  Hey, what can I say–it’s my blog and I think I have decent taste in oyaji. ♥ I’m not including everything, as I’d actually like to finish this list at some point (yet I know I’ll add to it later).  So this will be an overly large manga snippets post describing my favorite oyaji within those works.  And boy do I love my oyaji.

So here’s some hand-picked BL works that I’ve enjoyed which feature an older man, whether top, bottom, in the middle, on the side… I don’t discriminate!

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Unlucky Strike by Mishima Kazuhiko

Unlucky Strike

Having a harem of schoolboys can apparently be a bad thing.

If I told you Unlucky Strike is different from all of Mishima Kazuhiko’s other works, I’d be a dirty liar.  However, if told you I didn’t thoroughly enjoy reading this book, I’d still be a liar.  Mishima Kazuhiko takes some ideas from her other works, mixes it up a bit, and gives us a tale about a tsundere teacher who is protected from his own bad karma by a devoted student.

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GUSH ManiaEX Anthologies – When did they start sounding this fun?

When GUSH first started releasing their themed anthologies (the lineup on their website), they admittedly did not catch my attention and were almost immediately dismissed as generic and not worth the risk.  It didn’t help that I don’t generally like GUSH comics.

However, the oyaji themed anthology R45 grabbed my rapt attention. While I originally thought that meant everyone had to be 45 or older, it really meant only one of the two. DAMN! I still need to do an entry on that book, once I figure out what I want to cover within it!

I’m looking at their website and a gem has popped up!  The newest entry has the theme of “can’t get it up.” It’s all about the brave men willing to take on their partners who can’t “get it up” due to various reasons, ranging from nervousness, emotional trauma, or old age (YES! lol).  Oh boy, these poor guys.  BL tackles ED?  I’m guessing not.  However, this sounds classic and I bet there are some awesome WTF stories in there.  And I love my WTF stories.

So now I’m into it again, browsing their wares.  Then there’s this anthology with the tagline “A man’s sex appeal is determined by his hair!”  I just… I just want to see what they come up with inside this book! Body hair?! Hair everywhere, in an entire book? Okay, the cover is a bit scant, but what a BL scandal!  They’ve certainly compiled some more attention-grabbing anthologies.  My wallet cries.

Gateau Comics

As of this month, Ichijinsha is releasing their mobile BL manga in tankoubon format under their new Gateau Comics label.  Takarai Rihito (Seven Days) drew some gorgeous promotional images.  Being a huge fan of this publisher (Zero-Sum, Ward, DNA Media Comics, Yuri Hime), I’m excited to get my hands on some of their honest-to-goodness BL titles.   No teasing shoujo here!  There’s three titles available this month and two titles are listed to follow in September.

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Manga Snippets – 8/20/10

Random snippets from some recently read manga.  Feel free to chime in if you’ve read them!

  • Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa
  • Konoyo Ibun (3), (4)
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Preview Book
  • Umi no Kishidan (17)

Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa

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