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Shiny New Releases: Mobile Sweet Honey and Himitsu ga Hanazono by Akiba Tohko

I haven’t read anything by Akiba Tohko in a while and apparently she has two new releases.

There’s Mobile Sweet Honey:

Looks like it’s about a technical, PC-loving otaku who starts to crush on an email friend. But the friend is a member of the guy’s hated liberal arts bunch.. ha. Science people don’t hate liberal arts as much as people like to think, but I’m amused nonetheless as a science geek. So I’m guessing different worlds, rivalry, comedy themes. I like that.

That is Himitsu ga Hanazono. The story is about seven male students who transfer into a previously all girls school.  Instead of getting his glorious harem of women, it looks like somehow Irie is going to be drawn to another of the guys.

They both look like cute, fluffy reads.  And then there’s backlog! Like Ore wo Aishitemo Iindaze?

Orange Days has an ore-sama tag on chil-chil.net. I’m weak to that when done well and I think she can pull it off.

Hito wa Sore wo Koi to Yobu has a cute guy turning down advances from other classmates in the all male school, but seems interested in a particular one.. I like the impish look.

Honjitsu mo Jougai Rantou looks energetic.

Choices, choices. What to get?  All of them. It matters how much room I have left in this order. This is what I get for falling behind. On ONE author.. she’s damn prolific.