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Shiny New Releases: LE THÉÂTRE DE A ~A no Gekijou~

All those gorgeous stories that Nakamura Asumiko published in Gothic & Lolita Bible are being collected in an all-color, hardback volume: LE THÉÂTRE DE A ~A no Gekijou~.  There will be one new story, bringing the total to 16 different oneshots included in this volume. The release date is 8/27 and the sticker price is 2400 yen. I can’t wait for the chance to read all these and add this beautiful book to the collection.

Shiny New Releases: Ore Monogatari!! by Kawahara Kazune and Aruko

I found a high school shoujo romance manga that I want terribly.  It’s been a while since I’ve burned with such strong manga lust.  It’s because the main character of Ore Monogatari!! is a bit different this time.

For starters, Takeo is about two meters tall and weighs 120 kg (265 pounds).

The more typical-looking shoujo manga male character is Suna, Takeo’s best friend.  Despite their gap in appearance, they’ve been good friends since childhood.  The only problem is that every girl Takeo likes ends up chasing after Suna, who never accepts confessions from the girls anyway.  However, Takeo’s luck might be turning around after one girl seems to have eyes for him and not his friend.  If only the awkward and dense Takeo could realize it.

Takeo is as pure as untouched snow–a feature typically reserved for the heroine.

I could go and on about my love for this manga, but I figure that means I should just do full entry on it sometime.  Thus, I should save something for that time!  There’s a lengthy sample available online to satiate the hunger in the meantime.

Oh god, where have you been all of my manga life?  You’re late!!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Confirmed

It’s already official–we’re getting a Natsuyuki Rendezvous anime in July.  I can’t decide what is more exciting:  that I get to watch this anime, that this means more people will read this outstanding manga, or that more people will discover Kawachi Haruka and subsequently fall madly in love with her work (don’t resist–it is inevitable).  I’ll have to settle for spazzing uncontrollably.

Rokka looks so cute! And all the colorful flowers are still there!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Rumors

I’m still alive, barely! I’m breaking my work-induced radio silence to point out an interesting development.  Various internet rumblings have revealed a suspicious domain name: which is registered to TOHO AD CO.,LTD.


There’s nothing more concrete than that at this point, but that means we might see a Natsuyuki Rendezvous anime.  Dammit, this better be true.  The final volume will be released in about a week–if it’s true, hopefully this will be confirmed then.  Maybe a nice obi announcement for us?  If I hear anything more substantial, I will likely post it since I’m such a hopeless Kawachi Haruka freak and this is one of my favorite manga ever.  Oh and I hate April Fools shit, so I won’t pull anything like that.


Shiny New Releases: Limiter by Monden Akiko

I ordered a pile of various Monden Akiko manga, including her new BL manga release, Limiter.  I did this before I saw the cover.  The cover is out.  No. regrets.

Okay, so it’s tiny, but it can barely contain that sexy beast on the cover~  It has the catch line “I’ll rewrite your memory.”  Kinda like overwriting a hard drive, but using other hard objects… yeah, I’ll stick to NOT making terrible jokes.

There’s a little blurb about the story.  The police detective Yagi partners with the younger Amemiya.  While there’s some buried feelings between the two, Amemiya is consumed by his desire for revenge on a vicious criminal from his past.  The publisher then bills it as a story where brakes can’t stop the love crisis between two police detectives.  Ha, you can kinda guess how the story is going to play out, but I found that she’s good at writing harsher, more human characters and I think she’ll pull off something worth reading.  It will be released 2/28 under the Hanaoto Comics imprint.  Is it early March yet?  I want all these booooks.

Favorite Manga Purchases from 2011

Originally, I wanted to mark the end of the year with lists of my favorite fantasy manga, favorite romance manga, etc. that I read in 2011.  However, I realized I’d never finish that if I was going to include any reasons or descriptions of the choices.  So instead, I want to take a look at my favorite purchases in 2011.

I go through a lot of manga in a year.  Some of it I love, some of it… not so much. Such is the risk of exploring the great unknown in search of treasures.  As many of us can appreciate, manga can be expensive–particularly after this past year or so, the yen has strengthened against other currencies (especially if you use the dollar like me *sob*).  This causes us to be more selective about our purchases.  So it’s always satisfying when you buy a book that was just awesome and definitely worth your money!  Thinking of this, I revisited my 2011 manga purchases and tried to pick the top ten I was most satisfied with (but a few got lumped together by author because I’m such a stalker like that).  So in no particular order…

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Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2012 List

The top 20 manga for Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2012 have been posted to 2ch. So here’s the romanized list.  A detailed explanation is available in last year’s post.  It’s a survey that introduces the most “interesting” manga published in the past year, giving a chance for good (but not necessarily best-selling) titles to shine.  There’s two lists, for male and female-oriented manga, respectively.

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