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Seishun Hajimemashita – Limited Edition

I recently bought the (stupidly expensive) limited edition of the otome game, Seishun Hajimemashita. I rarely go for limited editions, but this was clearly the only way to go for this game. So it better not suck! Either way, I’ll get to listen to Yoshino Hiroyuki use his punk-ish voice, so I can’t go wrong.


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Dot Kareshi II and New Manga

I got some new loot, including the new Dot Kareshi game and some manga.

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August Manga Order

After playing several otome games illustrated by Kuroyuki, I decided to buy the artbooks. I purchased the Black Wolves Saga and Gekka Ryouran Romance fanbooks and about 30 more manga jumped into the shopping cart. I’m not sure what happened there, but they’re here now!

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Arrival of the BL game No, Thank You!!!

I got my copy of the limited edition of the new BL game No, Thank You!!! in the mail today. The package contains the game, the soundtrack, and a full color special edition booklet. There goes my productive weekend.


I’ll likely post a few screenshots and impressions on tumblr as I make my way through the game. I’m not in a big rush. Not knowing what “backlog” means, I have three more PSP games on the way to split the time: Arcana Famiglia ~Yuureisen no Majutsushi~, Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~, and Gekka Ryouran Romance. I basically wanted more Yoshino Hiroyuki, seiyuu porn, and forbidden romances illustrated by Kuroyuki respectively.

June Purchases – a mountain of manga and some shiny otome and BL games

Even with my extensive otome gaming lately, I’ve burned through a lot of manga in the past few weeks. So as planned, I picked up a number of new books, including a lot of May releases.




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April Manga Order

Summer reading time is upon us once again. I have more time and energy for hobbies during this season, so here’s the first round of books. Most are continuations of ongoing series that I follow. I’ll do another round soon for either the May 10th or May 25th releases. The dollar->yen rate is finally recovering.



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March Manga

I got really busy for a few weeks there and completely neglected this blog. I guess that’s about standard for this place. I’ll have to find the time to work on a blog entry about Tokyo Shinjuu if possible and if still relevant. I recently bought the second Tokyo Shinjuu series along with some other new releases.

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