Annual Thanksgiving Book Binge

I’m usually really busy from October to mid-November, so it’s tradition to binge on books and games. I’ve kept that alive this year. Dot Kareshi III is coming soon as well!


  • Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! – Looks like a nice comedy manga–the facial expressions of the man and baby are priceless, especially when they mirror each other.
  • Kiss ni Renzoku – Another Polaris manga I’m giving a try. That guy is really into feet (well, on the cover at least).
  • Kaichou-kun no Shimobe – Another Polaris manga
  • Utsutsu no Hotori
  • Ane no Kekkon 6 – Great stuff of course, but I’m not sure how much more my heart can take. Next month is a big month for Nishi Keiko releases too!
  • Hana Kuu Otome – Kinuta Murako moe!
  • Magical Change 1-2 – Adorable, hilarious series. I normally actively dislike Homerun Ken, but this is fun and feels like a parody.
  • Nieruchi – Josei manga about two half siblings from Nobara Aiko.
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous Bangaihen – I always love more getting more Kawachi Haruka.
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 9
  • Kirara no Hoshi 10 – Morinaga Ai! It’s getting a bit dramatic in this series.
  • Dorothy wa Gokigen Naname? 1 – Adorable art style
  • Usotsuki Boyfriend 1 – New Aria manga
  • Sayonara Rocking Horse – I wanted to get more older Ozaki Akira manga, but a lot is out of print. This one was not.
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 7 – Keeping up with my ongoing shoujo manga series.
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 7
  • Nijiiro Days 4
  • Kimi ni Koi Shite Ii Desu ka. 2
  • Haru x Kiyo 1 – I have a soft spot for feisty short guys.
  • Onna no Ie 1 – It was back-ordered, so it’s not in the picture. It will arrive in a few days.
  • Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai 2 – Very nice release with several color pages. Love the cover, love the content.
  • T×S 2 – more beefy policemen
  • Kimi ga Boku no Subete 1 – New Nishida Higashi, yeeees!
  • Osawagase! Boku no Boukun
  • Mayonaka no Acchimono – Naono Bohra supernatural/fantasy BL manga. The huge goat guy in the first story is cute and looks like I have an oyaji awaiting me in the second story.
  • Akegata ni Yamu Ame – Beautiful colors on the cover–I like the blue and orange accents.
  • Snips and snails and puppy dog tails – The neon colors used are so 90’s. I started reading it, but I honestly got annoyed because the date changes every few pages (very short scenes) and it’s not necessarily in chronological order. I’ll go back to it when I have more patience.
  • Super Lovers 6 – Need to catch up with this series.

14 responses to “Annual Thanksgiving Book Binge

  1. Nieruchi – oh, I wanted to read too. Have you opened it yet? I’m a bit cautious with Nobara, because BListically speaking, Akiyama-kun was good, but it’s not the type of manga I’d spend my money on really.
    I also have a question – I’ve read what available of Nijiiro Days, but how is the story developing? Is it worth reading the rest of the existing volumes?
    And also regarding Snips and Snails, I’ve read a lot of Japanese reviews and people also complained about the chronological order confusion, most even declared that it’s one of the worse works by Yamashita.
    And Dorothy wa Gokigen Naname? looks really sweet^^:

    • I haven’t made my way to Nieruchi yet. I’m the same with her BL work–it’s not something I’m compelled to own. However, I’m always intrigued by stuff in Feel Young and regularly buy their stuff on an experimental basis, so I’ll give this one a try. The chances of it showing up in English are slim.

      Nijiiro Days–it’s worth reading if you like episodic antics. That’s the “development” and it never really gave indication it would be anything more than a quirky comedy with a touch of romance. I haven’t read volume 4 yet, but I’m not expecting that to change. I think it’s worth reading though–comedy series with moe high school boys.

      Even the native speakers are confused by Snips, ha. Fragmented stories can work sometimes, but it just wasn’t working for me and I put it down about 1/3 done when I realized I had no idea what I just read. I’ll read anything by Yamashita and I’m a bit of a stalker/completionist when it comes to her. However, so far, this certainly isn’t one I’d recommend. She has many other books that are far more worth it.

      I love the cute style of Dorothy’s mangaka. Looking forward to that one.

  2. Hi,
    Love the blog! May I know where you purchase your books from? I would like to get Ane no Kekkon 6, but it costs $20 with shipping to USA from cdjapan. Do you know a cheaper option?

    • Thanks! I get my stuff from, which is not cheap shipping. Unfortunately, shipping a single book is always going to be relatively expensive and 20 bucks sounds about what I’d expect. I make bigger orders so I pay less shipping per book.

      Maybe try ? They have free shipping on orders over 40 bucks (that’s a small order!) on sale. Their books are priced to equal about what I pay from online Japanese stores+international shipping, so you’re not losing money by using them. Honestly, I’m kinda tempted to do a small order.. I never get to do those.

      Last time I used, the shipping label format was wrong for the US and my books were lost for over a month. I’m not going to risk losing hundreds of dollars of books again and can’t recommend it.

      • I ended up using Kinokuniya, and browsed through your blog a few times to get the $40 minimum order! Thanks a bunch 🙂

        • Nice, I hope you found some good stuff! Getting new books is the best.

          • Hi Shinkeikaku,
            My books arrived yesterday 😀 I promptly read Ane no Kekkon, and am sad that Utsubora doesn’t have hiragana haha. I wonder what direction AnK is taking, what with that surprise ending! Do you know when volume 7 is out?

            • Books!! I’m admittedly sad anytime I open a book and see no furigana. More work for me.

              The drama in Ane no Kekkon is crazy and I definitely did not see that coming! The tanks are about.. 7 months apart? So I’m guessing we’ll see volume 7 around June next year. That series is seriously bad for my heart.

      • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that Honto updated their shipping labels. On the left side it now says something like “DELIVER TO” and on the right side “SENT FROM”, so it isn’t misunderstood any longer.
        Perhaps you would like to go back to Honto. They run even more bonus point campaigns now. If you order for over 5000 yen, you get 900 points. > 3000 yen gives 500 points.

  3. Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! looks interesting. Though I have to say I’m a sucker for stories that resolve around children and teens or unsuspecting adults taking care of them. I don’t know what’s about them that charms me so but I’m adding that one to my list of things to check out.

    I’ve read the summaries of Sayonara Rocking Horse on mangaupdates and it looks like an interesting read. Nijiiro Days and Haru x Kiyo also look interesting. And I love the cover of Saezur Tori wa Habatakanai. I’m teetering on whether to read it or not. I tend to need to be in a drama mood to read such stories.

    I love that cover by Kusama Sakae. The simplicty of the colors really goes well with her art style.

    And those neon colors on Snips and Snails actually hurt my eyes a bit. I’m usually all for cover designs but eeeh not so much this one. Sad that the stories aren’t holding up to the same status of her other works.

    I’ve been busy with school so I haven’t been looking at manga lately but now looking at your posts I’m tempted to get back into it. I might even buy some even though I still can’t read them yet.

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.:)

    • Thanks, it was a good break! Lots of relaxation is always a positive and keeps us all sane. I sympathize with you being so busy. You can always use them as a reward and break from all that hard work. The amount I buy seems inversely proportional to how much time I actually have to read them unfortunately. I hope you find some good stuff if you decide to bite 🙂

      Saezuru is worth the read! You really do have to be in the mood for a kinda dark, gritty story, but all that just makes it more compelling. I’m pretty Yoneda Kou biased though. The release has nice production values, so it feels like a nice addition to your collection.

      In contrast, I wish Yamashita would give the neon colors a rest. I thought it was interesting the first time, the second time I was less impressed, and now I just wish someone would make her stop using colors that look like they came out of my neon crayon set from the 90s! Mix it up a bit (and hopefully mute it a bit while she’s at it!). I still haven’t gone back to read it.. someday… or I might just reread something else she wrote instead.

      Haru x Kiyo is a cute, fun romp. Not deep or anything, but entertaining. I’ll buy the next! It’s a good choice for what I like to think of as “junk food” manga–delicious, but perhaps not the most filling or nutritional choice.

  4. Breaks are always the best especially since things tend to get really busy around these times just like you said. It’s okay now on my end as I finally started my winter break today. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts~

    Now I’m trying to decide between English or Japanese manga. I need to catch up on some missed volumes but at the same time I want to try something new. Then there’s deciding how many books to get but money availability seems to solve that issue really quick! It’s a good thing I learned to curb most of my other interests early on or I’d really have a problem. x)

    I’ve read some reviews that said the same so now I’m leaning towards reading it! And I definitely agree with what you said about Yamashita.

    I find a lot of series that tend to be like that. Or maybe I’m just picky lol. I’m probably biased with my limited pickings. Books like that are the best for those long waits in between volumes of your most favorite series.

    • You could always do a little English translated manga and a little raw manga. I buy both these days even though I don’t bother posting the translated purchases on my blog. Raw is the way to go for the new and exciting stuff though. It’s a great (and sometimes equally frustrating) feeling when you discover a brilliant series that no one else seems to be talking about. I’m the worst about getting behind on ongoing series because I keep on wanting to try out new ones, so I can sympathize. I don’t spend a lot of money on other hobbies either, so I can redirect it towards… more books!

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