Dot Kareshi II and New Manga

I got some new loot, including the new Dot Kareshi game and some manga.


  • Shuuten unknown 1 – I’ve been waiting for this! I was thinking of doing a blog entry, but there’s already a scanned chapter out there, so that might be a waste of time. But she’s my favorite mangaka and I’ve never been able to cover her here either. So eeeeh.. let’s just look at the pretty cover.
  • Bouzu Kawai ya Kesa Made Itoshi 1 – aaah, I’ve been waiting for the adorable monk manga and now I have it!
  • Ore Monogatari 4 – I can’t get over the looming, blurry Takeo in the background
  • Taiyou no Ie 9 – This manga is giving off very strong “second guy is actually best guy” signals lately.
  • Okashina Futari 3-4 – finishing off one shoujo series
  • Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi 4 – finishing another shoujo series
  • Heroine Shikkaku 10 – Finishing this nightmare of a series will be like ripping off a stubborn band-aid. It started out great, but turned into one of the worst second boy syndrome cases yet.
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita 15-16 – I really like this series overall, but I’m experiencing fatigue and want her to draw something new.
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier 7
  • Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de. 2 – adorable little girl for a lead
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 8
  • Dame na Watashi ni Koi Shite Kudasai 1 – cute, kinda brainless fun
  • Stand Up! 1 – new Yamakawa Aiji
  • Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei ~Sugar Apple Fairy Tale~ 1 – Cute story and nice art. Kinda makes me want to try the light novels, but light novels require more energy and time
  • Sherlock – Pink Iro no Kenkyuu
  • Yoshiwara Hana Oboro 1-3 – I thought I’d get a short, complete series for a little fun, but volume 2 ended up back-ordered and delayed the whole order for almost 3 weeks. Not that I’m bitter or anything that I had to wait for Shuuten Unknown… not at all.

I also picked up the new Anadoko manga, Naraku Izuko Emaki – Anata no Tame Nara Doko Made mo – Heian-chou Special with the small bonus calendar because I’m trolling around for pretty things to put on my bookshelves. I now own something with a page weirder than my BL tentacle porn. All I’m going to say is “bucket of worms.” And eew.

These are double-sided, so there’s a unique illustration for each month.


Sitting pretty on the shelf. I might have to hack off the calendar parts at some point so I can display just the pictures. This is probably my favorite.

I also got Dot Kareshi II ~Tenkuu no Kiss~ and all the extras from Stellaworth.


It was another all too short burst of fun. All the characters have a little something different to offer. The tone is a little different this time, so it didn’t feel stale to me. In the first game, most of the characters were hostile toward the player character and blamed her for their situation. This time, all of them except Beastmaster immediately let go of the negativity because they had her in their clutches anyway, so there was no point in dwelling upon it.

Beastmaster is a cheeky brat–which I love.


There’s something infectious about Dancer’s smile and enthusiasm.

Only one more game to go! It should end on a high note, at least. Since I was on a Rejet high, I ended up ordering some Black Wolves Saga posters to decorate my shelves. As soon as those came back in stock, the Diabolik Lovers posters were no longer available. Maybe another time. I also picked up the Black Wolves Saga Natsucomi book and the Wasurenagusa book while I was at it. I’m pretty excited about the latter artist illustrating the Alice game. I should get these goodies in a week or so.

9 responses to “Dot Kareshi II and New Manga

  1. Awesome loots, thank you for sharing. 🙂 Have you finished “Yoshiwara Hana Oboro”? If so, how is it? And what is the title between “Shitsuren Chocolatier 7” and “Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi 4”? I’m hoping “Ore Monogatari 4” gets licensed either in English or French so I can get them. I cover “Boys over flowers” Aizoban on your shelf. Luckily, Viz will released it digitally from I read, I’m waiting for that.

    • I’ve read only one volume of Yoshiwara Hana Oboro so far. It’s not incredible or anything, but interesting enough that I’d like to finish it. At only three volumes, I’m hoping it wraps up nicely and will serve as a nice, short shoujo romance series.

      The book you’re asking about is the Nakamura Asumiko Anadoko spin-off manga, Naraku Izuko Emaki – Anata no Tame Nara Doko Made mo – Heian-chou Special. It came with the calendar in the pics.

      I love Hanadan! I’d like to own a paperback version in English, although I know that would never happen.

      I’m a big fan of Ore Monogatari!! and have a little hope that it might get licensed in English. That would be the best and I’d definitely rebuy it.

  2. Is that an Akira Honma title I spy?! I love her work so hard! I wish that one was in English! I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the interesting post.

    • Yes, it’s her new one that is running in Hanamaru! I love her stuff. I’ve been dying to read this one since I saw it on the first cover of that magazine and it’s been a while because it publishes quarterly! It looks precious so far.

  3. I’m surprised Kamisama Hajimemashita is still going strong as with the latest release in English it feels like there will be some kind of climax somewhat soon. I guess I shouldn’t expect it to wrap up too quickly as there is still some important story elements to show. I just don’t want it to turn into a super long series because I want to see the author draw a new one too.
    Also, unless they’re only like two volumes long, I don’t think there’s ever been a shoujo manga I’ve read that hasn’t waned at the end. Though in English there are slim pickings so I there’s not much to go off of.
    And that calendar looks so pretty! It looks well printed and I bet it looks even better in real life.
    All the characters in the Dot Kareshi game looks so fun even if they appear to be using the standard archetypes. I think it’s the artwork, there’s something charming about it. I’ve also seen the Alice game website and the pictures are so gorgeous! It seems there’s been a great number of fun otome games lately.

    Thanks for another fun post!

    • It felt like the “climax” we were told Kamisama was heading towards is taking a while. The more recent Hana to Yume is notorious for letting long series far outlive their expiration dates. I’d rather not see Kamisama go that route.

      I’ve read longer shoujo series that remained strong, but it’s harder to find in recent memory. Actually, Silver Diamond is a recent one that ended strong with almost 30 volumes.

      Dotkare is a lot of fun. A lot of the charm comes from taking the RPG stereotype and twisting it a bit with some anime/manga character trope (saucy shota, etc.). It works well for the short games. If the games were really long, I bet it would get old. I’m sure Alice will be a different project and more developed, so I’m looking forward to it!

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