New Bookcases

I recently purchased several new bookcases. With all the new space, I rearranged almost all the manga I own. After being over capacity for months, I’m amazed at all the extra space and snapped a few pictures.


This set is completely new. The bookcases are just the Billy bookcases from Ikea. They blend in decently with my older birch bookcases. For the first time ever, I was able to get all of my Hana to Yume manga in the same place (besides any I have packed away from before). Various other shoujo manga imprints/publishers like Ribon, Asuka, Wings, Kodansha, and Margaret have some space. There’s also author dedicated shelves, including Morinaga Ai, Yuki Kaori, Shimizu Reiko, and Mizushiro Setona.

My favorite thing here is the author cubbies–I have individual cubbies for Nishi Keiko, Nakamura Asumiko, Yamashita Tomoko, Bikke, and est em and Ono Natsume share a space. I usually have entire shelves dedicated to authors, but there weren’t enough books from each of these mangaka to follow that system. The small cubbies are great. I also needed more space for large artbooks and have a few select doujinshi stashed at the bottom.

I also have a thing where I like to decorate manga filled shelves with similar themed items, so I dug around for any pictures I could put in a simple frame. I’ve been wanting to display that Seishirou postcard for a long time. I bought the Tokyo Babylon postcard collection cheap from jpqueen years back and finally decided to dig into it. I’ll probably display another postcard or two from it, but they aren’t monochrome and I feel like they need a boldly colored frame to match the color tones used. The Dot Kareshi picture was done on a whim, but I kinda like it, so it will stay for a while.


The bookcase on the left is the last new one. It has more shoujo manga, including Flowers, Zero-Sum, Blade/Avarus, and some B’s Log. There’s a Kouga Yun shelf, a Watase Yuu shelf, and Yoshida Akimi shelf. The bookcase on the right is now strictly English translated manga. There’s a print from In These Words on top (love oranges) and another Dot Kareshi picture.


So much space in these once very cramped shelves! I kept all my Tousuisha comics here and have a space for Aria, Feel Young, and other newer imprints that I just own a few books of, such as Itan, Spica, and Gene. There’s some space dedicated to josei, including my Kawachi Haruka and Katsuta Bun collections. I had a postcard Yuki Kaori postcard collection purchased cheaply years ago, so I put one on display. That’s going back to my manga roots, so it’s kinda fun. There’s also some Ono Natsume displayed. I like to have the top right shelves empty so I can stash new arrivals, books I’m thinking of reading next, and also stack oyaji manga that I’ve neglected to add to my lists.


Another spacious spot. Most artbooks are on the far left. There’s several CLAMP shelves and the Yoshinaga Fumi collection is kinda hidden by the Ishikawa Chika and Hetalia manga. I guess I could move those. There’s also shelves for Minekura Kazuya, Takaguchi Satosumi, Kamio Yoko, and Hiwatari Saki. Towards the bottom is my Year 24 collection, with Hagio Moto, Aoike Yasuko, Takemiya Keiko (hidden by my desk), and just a little of Yamagishi Ryoko and Kihara Toshie.

I have 3 other bookcases I didn’t take pictures of, including my BL manga, some more specific author dedicated space, and a miscellaneous bookcase. I think you get the idea though–lots of space! It took lots of effort, but the end result is great. However, I’ve noticed a few mistakes that need fixed after looking at these pictures. Also, I actually packed away about 7 book boxes of manga previously, but I’m so happy with how things turned out that I’ll keep them stashed away. Most were older series that I’ve already read and there’s a number that I just don’t care for anymore, so I don’t miss them. Now, it’s so easy to find things again that I’m excited to dig in and read. I forgot I owned some of these books.

26 responses to “New Bookcases

  1. i am thoroughly impressed yo haha

  2. woah this is awesome >.<b!!!

  3. OMG I’m jealous! You own California Monogatari! This one and Private Opinion were not translated into Chinese… Will you talk about California Monogatari one day? I’m obsessed with Yoshida xD…

    I agree: this is awesome. Would like to do something similar, it’s like chaos onmy shelves 🙂 .

    • I do like Yoshida’s works. If there weren’t a few scanned chapters of Yasha already, I would have covered it ages ago. I might think of California Monogatari when I feel like covering an old shoujo title. No one really cares/reads those entries (judging from searches/hits/comments), so I only do them when I’m motivated for my own amusement.

      I had terrible chaos on my shelves before, so I’m glad it’s been tamed. If I unpacked the other boxes of books, it would likely get much worse, so I’m content with having them hidden away for now.

      • I know what you mean ^^ . I posted a bunch of entries about Akimi Yoshida’s manga, and there are no commentaries at all 😀 . Umimachi Diary is being published in French now, but nothing else since Banana Fish. I can’t read Japanese so I buy taiwanese editions of Yoshida. Unfortunately, Private Opinion and California Monogatari were not translated.

        • Yoshida is super popular in Japan, but you just don’t see that kind of excitement amongst the Western fans. Well, I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to read Umimachi Diary, but have put it off while I finish other series.

          • I have the feeling that Yoshida is very popular in Taiwan too 😮 . Yasha, Eve no nemuri, Kisshou Tennyo, Lovers’ Kiss (one of my favourite…), Sakura No Sono, Umimachi Diary and of course Banana Fish have been translated in chinese. Her drawing is not appealing enough for Westerners 😦 . But she really has talent for storytelling and interesting characters. Umimachi Diary (Kamakura Diary in French) is being published because of the Taisho award. It was exciting to see Yoshida back in France (and we had Fuyumi Soryo’s Cesare this same year, it’s been a long time too, since Eternal Sabbath). Umimachi Diary was a surprise, because it feels a bit like Fumi Yoshinaga, more than the usual Akimi Yoshida. But I don’t have lots of hope regarding Umimachi Diary’s success in France xD. It does have critical acclaim, but…

            • That’s awesome that so much stuff is available in Chinese. I haven’t read Lovers’ Kiss yet.. my interest is piqued.

              It’s hard convincing Westerns to read her stuff. I’m constantly pushing Banana Fish on people and they think I’m nuts, ha. But if they do read it, they LOVE it.

            • I agree, people who tries Banana Fish loves it ^^ (same for Basara). Lovers’Kiss is one of my favourite of Yoshida. The story shares some characters with Umimachi Diary. You should give Lovers’ Kiss a try: it’s only a 2 volume story 😉 . It’s a very mature story about teenagers. It was a shock when I learnt that Banana Fish was a shojo manga xD it looked more Otomo for me. Taiwan has a manga market, and I have to dig into it when I don’t have what I would like to read in French (but I have to struggle, it’s not simple for me). I continued 7 SEEDS like this, it was stopped at volume 10 here 😦 .

  4. Wow, I’m jealous of your collection~ I recently shifted my spending money towards other things so the only thing that grew was my Sailor Moon collection with the rereleases by Kodansha USA. I’m glad your shelves aren’t bending due to the weight of all your fantastic manga~

    • I like those Sailormoon editions–I have both the Japanese ones I bought years back and the English translated ones. They’re starting to release updated/perfect editions with new covers in Japan, but I’m resisting.

      I’m a bit surprised at how well the bookshelves have tolerated the book weight. I’m glad–bent bookshelves are not nice to look at.

  5. That looks awesome. I wish I had enough of my own space to put in a single bookcase. One day!

  6. Longtime lurker commenting for the first time here~
    I just want to say how much I love your blog and your love of manga and find your collection enviable. xD You have such a great, variable taste and I always find myself adding the books you buy to my to-get list. I love manga too but I have to put a hold buying on too much of it because I barely know any Japanese to read it and I don’t have much space for it at the moment though both of those reasons haven’t stopped me from buying a few things to satiate my needs. Of course I buy things in English too, but not everything I like is in English nor do we get all the nice extras Japanese volumes get. I hope to have a collection like yours one day. *v*

    Besides my ramblings, I just want to say thank you very much for sharing your books and opinions with us because I always find it a great read.<3

    • Thank you for the comment! I’m glad you like the blog. It’s hard to judge if people are reading or they’re just passing through while looking for manga, so I appreciate it. I’m glad to hear that you found new ideas for good manga to read.

      I started my own collection slowly as I gained more language skill. Space is a difficult one. Before the new bookcases, I found my books so crammed into the shelves that it was inconvenient to browse and harder to find things, so my motivation to read and enjoyment actually decreased. So it it sounds like you have the right idea to give it time. There’s no rush. I hope you get plenty of space for your books!

      I also prefer the Japanese editions overall. I like the dust covers and how many publishers include a color insert page. Thermae Romae in English is an exception because it’s a huge hardback and I’m also enjoying the Tokyo Babylon reprints. I’m rebuying quite a few series from SuBLime because it is easier to read in English and they’re pretty decent books. Once you start, it is addictive!

  7. While I can’t speak for other people, I know that I used to be too shy to comment on things over the internet but lately I’ve been getting over that, especially when it concerns things I’ve been reading for a long time like your blog. I’ll try to comment a lot more often though as I really do like your posts.^^

    That sounds like the most doable option for me. I’m trying to get back into learning the language and will try to read the few Japanese books I have now as well as anything I can find on the internet. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

    The covers in general are one of the best parts for me. I like when the publishers go all out and try to present the book with a beautiful cover design and give out bonuses for special editions. It can be an extra plus if the inside of the book isn’t that good because then at least you have something beautiful to look at!

    I’ve seen the Thermae Romae covers and they are really nice! I’ll have to check out Tokyo Babylon as well as I’ve yet to read it but it’s nice to know that English releases are getting better. I remember when I was younger the Tokyopop volumes had flimsy covers and bad quality paper, not to mention poor translations. As much as I like how they helped the manga/anime market in the U.S., it’s really hard to appreciate what they released once you get a taste of the better quality stuff.

    It definitely is addicting! It’s hard to curb your interests once you get into it because there’s always something new to read. I know some people put the act of reading manga down but from my own outlook on how diverse the stories and art can be it’s no different from any other form of entertainment.

    • I’m glad you like reading the posts. Even small comments are good for visibility. My update schedule was so erratic and I had so few comments/readers around that I was pondering if I should just stop blogging. I decided “screw it” and wrote the Canis entry for myself. If I end up going months between updates, meh! Having visible readers gives a mixture of motivation to share cool stuff and a bit of guilt if I don’t, so I’m more productive!

      When I started learning Japanese, I experimented with really simple manga. I started with 3×3 Eyes, an action-oriented shounen manga. If you pick something with a simple writing style that has furigana, it can be fun and motivating to read a few pages.

      I’m a total cover whore. They’re one of my favorite parts too. I’ve made many picks based on that alone, ha! I have more than a few manga that are terrible on the inside but have really nice covers at least~

      The new Tokyo Babylon books are great. Tokyopop helped expand the industry and I personally started reading manga with their Sailor Moon releases in the US. However, their quality really was low at times. The new Tokyo Babylon books look great. I also bought the new X/1999 volumes and was pleased with both the book quality and translation (I reread the Seishirou and Subaru parts and it seemed like a good translation).

      I dismiss anyone who doesn’t think reading manga is a worthy activity. Like you said, there’s such a large variety of stories and art styles to experience. Also when you learn to read it raw, it’s great practice of a foreign language. It freaks people out when I tell them I regularly read comics in Japanese.

      • I’m sorry that you felt that way in the past. >__<; I understand the motivational thing. Feedback is always great to know that you're not alone in your interests. I will surely comment from now on to let you know you're definitely not! `v´

        Previous purchases of manga without furigana and the headaches they gave me have taught me to shoot for those that have them. I was learning a lot of words at one time but then I started to learn grammar and hit a mental roadblock. I look again at the grammar now and understand it's not that complicated but I guess I wasn't as organized in the past to keep motivated. But talking with you has gotten me pumped up to get back into it so thank you again!:D

        I really have to add those books to my to-get list. It feels like those are old classics that I've should've read forever ago.
        As someone who's going to major in linguistics I take great pleasure from reading books and indulging in other entertainment of different languages, though for now I haven't done much due to the previously mentioned space issue. I have a great outlook on what I will eventually get though! For those who dismiss it they don't know what they're missing out on.

  8. riddles in the dark

    Just wanted to let you know that judging by your pic (not sure if it’s changed since you took it), you’ve got Est Em’s Kono Tabi Wa in your Nakamura Asumiko cubby (first one on the left next to Barairo no Hoo no Koro). I’m a huge Nakamura Asumiko fan so when I saw that book I was all “what is this book I don’t know about????” So I did some researching and yeah… haha…. I don’t mean to get all anal on you! I’m just a super organized neat freak ^^;;;;
    Oh, and no Akira to complement Shiki? D:

    • I know–it’s a height issue. Kono Tabi wa won’t fit into the other cubby and Nakamura Asumiko has far more large books than est em, so she gets the cubby priority. In another “where’s Waldo” moment, there’s an Ogawa Yayoi volume and Koge Donbo volume also ungrouped due to height issues. Oh and Le Theatre de A and B are grouped with the artbooks due to height as well.

      I didn’t like the new Akira enough to buy him. I have the original Akira figure and also their military uniform figures. Those are just packed away.

  9. Hi, I want to buy a bookcase for my mangas and I have to ask: what high has each of yoour shelves? And what high has the highest one of your magas? I want to order one handmade – appropriate for my future manga while avoiding much additional space in high (it doesn’t look nice in my opinnion).

    Btw, your manga collection is impressive :3

    I plan to order my first mangas in Japanese in the summer, and I am quite sure that Polish publishers doesn’t always keep the orginal sizes of the volumes, so… I would like to ask especially about the high of yaoi ones, they always seem bigger on photos than shoujo etc. one…

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