Anime Game Text Hooker Codes for Dot Kareshi I and TinyxMachinegun

I admittedly struggle with either laziness or lack of knowledge when it comes to playing untranslated otome/BL games. Programs like AGTH and ITH are gifts because they make it simple to look up forgotten/unknown kanji or help players still developing their Japanese skills. Not all games work with these programs under the default settings and require h codes to properly extract the text.

The two recent Rejet PC games, TinyxMachinegun and Dot Kareshi I, did not play nicely with either program. However, a very kind and helpful user on has determined h codes for both games! They are available in the AGTH thread.  I’ve talked with people and have had quite a few blog search phrases looking for these h codes, so I hope people find them useful. They work for me. Now go play, text hook, and enjoy! I know I will. I’ve shied away from the unvoiced, hours long common route in TinyxMachinegun, but no longer. That delicious, scruffy oji-san shall be mine soon. I hope the upcoming Ken ga Kimi will be cracked as well.

10 responses to “Anime Game Text Hooker Codes for Dot Kareshi I and TinyxMachinegun

  1. AMEN! lol Thanks for sharing this info! These bits of hcodes are a saving grace for desperate otome game players like me with poor Japanese language understanding

  2. Seriously, maybe I’m simply stupid, but translating never works for me D:

  3. Hi!
    I know this is a slightly old post and people asking for help is probably the last thing you want to deal with, but I’m having an issue here, and I don’t know where else to ask. 😦

    Here’s my setup. As you can see, it grabs a useless hook by itself (as expected.)

    I put in the h-code like this. When I hit start, however, I get a “can’t find file” message.
    Do you know what might be wrong? Am I putting it in the wrong place? This is the trial version – that might have something to do with it…?

    Thanks in advance.

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