August Manga Order

After playing several otome games illustrated by Kuroyuki, I decided to buy the artbooks. I purchased the Black Wolves Saga and Gekka Ryouran Romance fanbooks and about 30 more manga jumped into the shopping cart. I’m not sure what happened there, but they’re here now!


  • Aoki Umi no Torawarehime 2 – I have a thing for pirate adventures in shoujo manga.
  • Honey 2 – Scary-faced guy in a romance story #1
  • Kimi ni Koi Shite Ii Desu ka? 1 – Scary-faced guy in a romance story #2. I like his friendship with second-place-girl more than the romance.
  • Hakkenden 13
  • Kirara no Hoshi 9 – Whoa, is shit going to progress in the story?
  • Hal – I later realized I think I want to watch the movie before I read this. Oops.
  • Cubism Love 3
  • Hatsukoi Monster 1 – Overgrown shota in short shota shorts.
  • 3D Kanojo 5
  • P to JK 1-2 -Adorable, borderline jailbait girl lies to young policeman about her age while on a group date. They start to hit it off, but he finds out that she’s only 16 and that’s not cool because he’s a police officer who shouldn’t be screwing high school girls. The poor guy is pretty pissed and pushes her away, but she keeps showing up around him with sparkly teenager-in-love eyes. Pretty cute and I was thinking of covering it, but there is a HUGE bomb in chapter 3. Kinda killed it, but also kinda turned it into an amusing shitshow afterwards.
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino 3 – We get more Sagano and beautiful Shin. Good times while awaiting the PSP port.
  • Otaku Kareshi. – I’m on a nerdy boy love interest shoujo manga kick lately.
  • Tenohira no Pan 2 – This short series is already ending. I’ve enjoyed all the Spica manga I’ve bought so far.
  • Dansui! 1 – Read some of this online and it seems like good timing with the Free! anime currently running.
  • Ohtagawa Junjou Lovers – Looks adorable. I like his hair.
  • 5-ji kara 9-ji made 7 – Trashy fun.
  • Hibari no Asa 2 – After the first volume’s surprising dark tone, I’ve been dying to see what happens to Hibari. Rape culture addressed in my manga?
  • Boku no Otou-san 2 – I’ve been wanting this one for a while. I have such blog guilt when it comes to this wonderful manga since I never made a post for it. Maybe I’ll read this and write something about it this time so I can get over it.
  • Rinjin wa Chou – Part of oyaji romance series that Cheese! recently featured. It just has a oneshot with a 33 year old man.
  • Watashi wa Mada Sore wo Shiranai – Also part of the Cheese! oyaji lineup, but this looks far more promising. The manga is about a young girl throwing herself at an old man. She’s unsuccessful and in frustration, ends up throwing herself at another, younger boy, repeat cycle. Actually, it looks pretty interesting.
  • Tsukikage Baby 1 – I’ve been intrigued since the first key visual.
  • metro 2 – more Ishikawa Chika! Dying for more Koban.
  • Sono Otoko, Amatou ni Tsuki – sexy est em men and chocolate
  • Acid Town 4
  • CANIS-Dear Mr.Rain- – Opera manga with an interesting look
  • Megumarenai Otona-tachi – Opera manga with a creepy cover and supposed yandere inside
  • Kana-san – I like how Kana has a similar look to Maru from Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan with the messy black hair that partially covers his face. He has a similar “off” feel to him as well, but thankfully for him, he gets more action than Maru.
  • Brothers Shuffle – Typical Mishima Kazuhiko fun, which is comforting after the last bomb.
  • Papa wa Warui Otoko – Ossan preying on his son’s friend makes him a bad man.
  • Yozora no Sumikko de, – Beautiful work.
  • Mahoutsukai no Namida – Fantasy BL manga from Naono Bohra is always a good thing.

The two otome game fanbooks are gorgeous, worthy purchases. I like having glossy copies of the promotional art, like my two favorite pics from Black Wolves Saga below. They also contain character designs, sprites, game CGs, cast interviews, etc.


The Gekka Ryouran Romance artbook is similar. Here’s my favorite freaky brother with a huge sister complex, Wabisuke. He’s partly responsible for my current Hino Satoshi obsession.


10 responses to “August Manga Order

  1. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  2. Oh God, heaps of good manga^^ I bought Aoki Umi no Torawarehime series as well, loved the style and the story, I have a thing for the fantasy-like series. I wonder when they’re going to release Hakkenden 14? There are already enough chapters for that as far as I remember. I still love the anime series, althoughit kinda alters the overall image of manga. Makes me actually what the purpose of bead collecting is. Btw, not sure if I’ve asked you before, but, in your opinion, are they all going to die? (since they’re technically dead already).

    Also 3D Kanojo – love the series! As well as Ohtagawa Lovers. I’ve also started reading Hibari no Asa but it’s a bit difficult for me, so it’s progressing rather slowly.

    I’ve actually already spoiled myself reading Hal. Honestly speaking, I think the plot idea was great, but the execution…. I hope the movies better, one volume of manga is not enough.

    Did you like these two Rejet games? Honestly speaking, I can’t say I loved them, but either left an impression on me. And the OSTs are an earcandy.

    • I’m such a sucker for any shoujo manga that combines fantasy and adventure. The Hakkenden 13 release seemed a bit delayed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took their time for 14 as well. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve watched it in a shorter span of time versus reading, but the anime does do a pretty good job on focusing your attention on key elements like the beads. I don’t know what the outcome will be–I could see it going either way.

      I had a feeling the Hal manga would be lesser shadow of the movie, so I’m waiting on it. I don’t know if they’re similar at all, but 500-Nen no Itonami had a similar premise and I really enjoyed the execution of that story. It’s my favorite Yamanaka Hiko manga by far.

      I do like the Rejet games. I loved BWS: Bloody Nightmare. That’s mostly because of Auger and Yoshino Hiroyuki’s performance. I’m still not over that and I’m going to be stalking him through other games where he has non-genki-boy roles. I also enjoyed the range of Sakurai in Mejojo’s role. I played their routes first and it just kept escalating and I wanted to know what happened next, so I think that’s a sign of a good game. BWS: Last Hope wasn’t as good, but I liked Nesso and Elza’s routes. I didn’t like any of the wolf storylines in either game (well, except Guillan normal route). Character designs, crazy drama, and music were top notch.

      Gekka Ryouran Romance had good presentation–the overall style, interface, variety of ending branches.. I liked all that. Overall, I liked Wabisuke’s character/route/seiyuu the most. Everyone else had something that lacked a little, usually story (since I prefer fantasy), but I still enjoyed it and I’m glad I played it.

      • 500-nen no Itonami huh. Hmm, I don’t think it’s similar really. I haven’t read 500 nen but I believe I’ve listened to the drama cd and liked it. Hal is… much more… simple? It lacks tragedy, at least in manga.

        But what’s the difference between Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope? I thought that Last Hope just had some extra routes and that’s all, no? I started playing Last Hope, it was interesting but not that interesting to make me glued to PSP for hours. But I do love the style both of the games have.

        • Last Hope is like an alternative universe retelling of Bloody Nightmare. It’s supposed to be a bit “lighter” in terms of the drama. The characters are the same, but the overall plot takes a different direction, so the routes are completely different. Last Hope focuses on Rath/the wolves while Bloody Nightmare is the crazy kitty story (and they are much more entertaining). So the wolves have pretty bad, somewhat neglected routes in BN while the kitties have very developed routes. This flips in LH. The family side also got more tailored routes in LH. I think BN is great while LH is good to play if you’re a fan of the characters/overall story.

  3. and on a random note, have you watched Kotonoha no Niwa? Makoto Shinkai’s coming to Russia, so I have a chance to buy a limited edition of the dvd with a WIP ticket to the event :3 It costs a fortune though.

  4. Hi, Shin. I’m actually still hoping that you’d do a blog entry on Boku no Otousan *puppy eyes*
    After all otousan looked quite an oyaji *blush*

    • Ouch, direct hit in the blog guilt! I’m glad you’re interested in the manga. After reading volume 2, I liked it even more and I’d like to spread the word about it. It’s a great story and the dad is the pinnacle of oyaji romance love interest. After I get volume 3 (planning at end of Feb) and work is less insanely busy, I’ll try to cover it. So if you can wait until March, you’ll probably get to see him. He’s worth waiting for.

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