Dot Kareshi Demo Available

With a little less than three weeks until release,the Dot Kareshi website posted a game demo available for download. It’s a very short demo for a short game, so there’s only a bit of content. It’s the first few minutes of gameplay, so it establishes the premise and tone while showing off more voice sampling and the system menus.

dotkare01dotkare02Here’s the status screen, which shows just how much you overleveled those characters. Poor Evil Lord didn’t stand a chance. The other menus have a similar 8bit motif.

There’s three meters visible that will determine your outcome. Yugami (distortion) must be how far warped they are from their original self. Kokoro no kizu (emotional scars) is a measure of how hurt they are and ai no chikara (power of love) sounds like an embellished affection meter.  The first two work in inverse with the last as you can see in the screenshot above. Both Thief and Wizard heard answers they liked, so love raised while the other two stats lowered.

In the demo, you also get a good look at everyone’s character designs. Lots of tight pants.


Love the closeups! The demo doesn’t work AGTH or ITH right off the bat. Perhaps someone with more knowledge could make it work (and then tell me). Thankfully, it is simple to understand and I don’t need it at all, but it would still be nice to have.

Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- I ~Densetsu no Otome~ is out July 24th. I should get back in town just in time to play it! In the meantime, I’m going through my backlog to decide what PSP games to take for some long plane/car trips ahead.


Actually, I’ve completed a number of those games and am just reorganizing a bit, so they are not all technically backlog. I’m leaning toward my unplayed Elkrone no Atelier, uncompleted Brothers Conflict, and maybe playing another route in Real Rode. If Gekka Ryouran Romance arrives on time, definitely that one too. I think I’ll leave the dummy mic ear sex Diabolik Lovers behind.

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