Arrival of the BL game No, Thank You!!!

I got my copy of the limited edition of the new BL game No, Thank You!!! in the mail today. The package contains the game, the soundtrack, and a full color special edition booklet. There goes my productive weekend.


I’ll likely post a few screenshots and impressions on tumblr as I make my way through the game. I’m not in a big rush. Not knowing what “backlog” means, I have three more PSP games on the way to split the time: Arcana Famiglia ~Yuureisen no Majutsushi~, Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~, and Gekka Ryouran Romance. I basically wanted more Yoshino Hiroyuki, seiyuu porn, and forbidden romances illustrated by Kuroyuki respectively.

3 responses to “Arrival of the BL game No, Thank You!!!

  1. *o* this looks so exciting >__< ah-hah-ha!! I just checked ur tumblr and the first thing I noticed was ur post that was full of so many PSP games~ that's a lot and I bet they are all in japanese ..right ?? (◕﹏◕✿)

    • Those are all the import PSP games I own, so they’re all in Japanese with the exception of Hakuouki on the far left. That’s the officially translated release from Aksys. They’re releasing Sweet Fuse/Bakudan Handan in English later this summer as well and I plan on picking it up.

  2. oh~ that’s cool-

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