June Purchases – a mountain of manga and some shiny otome and BL games

Even with my extensive otome gaming lately, I’ve burned through a lot of manga in the past few weeks. So as planned, I picked up a number of new books, including a lot of May releases.




First photo:

  • Boku to Kanojo no XXX Bangaiden – this should make the rushed ending feel a little more complete.
  • Mahoutsukai no Neko 5
  • Moon Trick 5 – Morimoto Shuu. I need to catch up with this one
  • Orenchi no Furo Jijou 3 – There’s a new monster boy who is a starfish. The design isn’t the best: it’s just spiky hair (which flattens when wet), but he does stick to the walls and ceiling.
  • Wannin 5 – the end! Adorable art and story so far. Fluffy dog ninjas~
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 6
  • Mukashi no Hanashi – interesting looking collection of short stories that is based off a novel. Pretty cover too
  • Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka 4
  • Mofu Danshi – another cute guy + animals manga
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 6
  • Romantica Clock 2 – I hope the story will refocus on the twins and not the relationship of her brother and friend.
  • Koi ni Ochitara – oyaji sighting in shoujo manga, wooo. This mangaka has a thing for older men in romance stories, yes!
  • Itsuka Kimi-tachi mo Otona ni Naru – a dad battles with his daughter’s new boyfriend because he knows how horny those teenagers are.
  • 3D Kanojo 1-4I like this story and the heroine so far. She’s decisive and level-headed. She’s misunderstood and befriends and starts dating the misunderstood “creepy nerd” guy.
  • Are ← Nochi Kareshi – another plain boy + popular girl story

Second picture:

  • Himegoto Asobi 2 – fyeah, I’ve been waiting for this one. It was worth the wait.
  • Love Stage!! 3
  • Omae no Kawaii Kijima-kun – I like ugly cute manga. You get more unique character designs. Although with this art style, I think the “ugly” guy is the more attractive of the two.
  • Nirameba Koi – I’m not a complete Yukue Moegi convert yet, but I liked the cover and the mangaka’s tendency to write seme vs. seme stories.
  • Teion Blanket 1 – an uncle/nephew story. However, the uncle doesn’t look much older, despite being almost 30. That’s a pet peeve of mine. People age. Draw them as such. The uncle has a sister complex, so he’s somewhat forgiven.
  • Otou-san wa Nayamashii – “dad is seductive?” Ha, nice title. However, the art… there’s no backgrounds. ARG.
  • Aigan Kitty – meh, I had to suffer a lot of shota and rehashing of the Love Neco storyline to get what I really wanted: the older cat boy. There was only one chapter with that couple. It was one of my least favorite Mishima Kazuhiko manga. Oh well, Brother Shuffle is coming out soon.
  • Konoyo Ibun 7 – Fluffy fox man. This series has been surprisingly long.
  • Tensai wa Soujite Doushou mo Nai
  • Wazawai Tenjite Koi to Nasu
  • Mauri to Ryuu – I was loving the oneshot from the title and then BAM inter species mpreg was shoe-horned into the last 3 pages of a story. wat. And then it was mentioned two more times. urk. I was thinking about covering this one too… meh. I think I’ll just save it for the BL fantasy list I plan on updating. Overall, I liked it.

And the third photo because I gave up trying to cram them into the other sets:

  • Kakukaku Shikajika 2 – This has an autobiographic feel on how Higashimura Akiko (known for Kuragehime) developed as an artist under the watch of a rough, unconventional, yet insightful teacher. It’s a good look a more realistic student/teacher dynamic that doesn’t involve romance. I really like it. More than Kuragehime. *ducks* I was going to cover it here, but got distracted by shiny otome games.
  • Tetsu no Klaus ~Spin-Off~ nice collection of Klaus stories
  • Koi to Gunkan 4 – ooof, we’re getting into some heavy relationship issues. I was expecting this from Ane no Kekkon
  • Ane no Kekkon 5 – I’ll read once I’m prepared for pain
  • Nijiiro Days 3
  • Saredo Itoshii Hibi – short story collection from Nakahara Aya that appeared in Bianca. Bianca tanks are starting to appear~ The old guy on the right got his own chapter, so instant buy.
  • Mad Cinderella 3
  • Seishun Sobbat 1-2 – I was going to get the onBlue manga by Kuroda Sakaki, but this series has been on my to buy list for a very long time and I went for it instead.
  • Meteorite – mmm Matsuzaki Tsukasa. There’s a dark-skinned, muscled, older man on the cover. The censoring is laughable, as expected. It’s not mosaic or glowing invisi-penis, but white-out penis that looks carved out of the page using a knife.


I also picked up a Nishi Keiko artbook which came with a separate manga. Because I love her.

If that’s not enough to keep me busy this summer, I’ve also bought/pre-ordered several BL and otome games. I never really bother to cover BL/otoge other than AkaAka separately, so I’ll just make this a general purchases post.

On the otoge side, I recently bought Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~ for PSP. I also pre-ordered the special edition of Dot Kareshi -We’re 8-bit Lovers!- I Densetsu no Otome. The special edition comes with 5 postcards with bromide illustrations and a special booklet. The game has such a nice Nintendo-era stylized look and the characters are broken versions of your typical RPG characters. I’m stupidly excited for it, particularly the sadistic priest who will make you pray to him for healing. It will be released on 7/24. I just hope I’ll have time to finish it before the school years starts and I’m swamped. Damn you, Rejet! I’m a bit addicted to their games lately.


On the BL side, I ordered No, Thank You!!! which looks like some beautiful (and lusciously hairy) revolution to the BL game industry. There is a godly demo available for download on the website that contains the game’s introduction and selected naughty scenes. Interactive Text Hooker worked flawlessly with the demo. The character designs, the fun protagonist (who tops), the fantastic artwork, the game’s interface/customization, the continuous loop of panting/moaning during sex scenes… jesus. It’s too perfect. No, Thank You!!! will be released 6/28. Soon, but not soon enough.

Yes, please!!! Oh god, yes!

Yes, please!!! Oh god, yes!

4 responses to “June Purchases – a mountain of manga and some shiny otome and BL games

  1. WoW..the BL game sounds utterly delicious :3 anyways..wanted to ask whether “no, thank you” is for pc or is it for PSP? hehe…love ur posts everytime (◕ω◕✿)

  2. *o* I am so looking forward to it~ haha..thnxx :3

  3. Hi! Nice mangas! I have Nirameba Koi too! I burned this and others in last mounth ^^
    So, sorry my poor english, i don’t speak and write very well….
    Bye! ^^/

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