April Manga Order

Summer reading time is upon us once again. I have more time and energy for hobbies during this season, so here’s the first round of books. Most are continuations of ongoing series that I follow. I’ll do another round soon for either the May 10th or May 25th releases. The dollar->yen rate is finally recovering.



  • Kimi mo Jinseibou ni Futte Minai ka – Tokyo Shinjuu 3 – I hope I made it obvious that I love this series already
  • Koban 2 – Great series. I love short, angry guys.
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei 6 – just do it. dooooo iiiiit
  • Hana no Saku ka 4
  • Dangan Honey 2
  • Kids Log 3
  • Kirara no Hoshi 8
  • Taiyou no Ie 8
  • Le Theatre de B
  • Hana no Miyako de – I’m not crazy about the story (although I liked it better than Hana Nomi), but love the art
  • Puchitto Hajiketa, – I’m a big fan of seme vs seme
  • Saiyuki Ibun 1
  • Honto Yajuu 6
  • Vassalord 7 – It finally ended. I started reading this 8 years ago!
  • Ore to Karera to Kanojo no Hanashi – more of Tojitsuki Hajime’s supernatural shoujo series
  • Ace no Kyuujitsu – new Nishida Higashi is always good. You have a ship captain with a marvelous mustache who is a big fan of a pro baseball player….’s ass. Hey, it is a pretty nice butt.
  • Kakukaku Shikajika 1 – initially motivated by short, angry oji-san, I ended up really liking the story. As a teacher of a number of conceited 18 year olds, I can relate. If I do another manga entry soon, it’s in the running.
  • Sensei to Boku – bought for the naughty boy shorts, stayed for the interesting story
  • Yajuu Kanojo – hilarious cover
  • Takeyabu Yaketa – firefighter romance manga by Kusama Sakae? Yes, please
  • Sono Saki no Fuukei – love Fujiwara Kaoru’s art
  • Otoko no Sekai – mini-artbook of Nishi Keiko’s older BL art. I always considered myself mostly a fan of her writing, but there were a few illustrations in here that I really liked as well. I might pick up another artbook.

I forgot to include the May issue of Avarus in the pics. I picked it up solely for Shuuten unknown – the new Sugiura Shiho manga. Although I think her new series looks promising and was ecstatic to read the first chapter, I’m going to try to wait for the tankoubon release. I dislike magazines and how cheap they feel, not to mention I’m not really into the other Avarus series.

Although I’m teaching a summer course, further developing an outreach program, and working on other professional projects, I like to pretend I have a lot of free time during the summer. It becomes a visual novel free-for-all. Here’s a few I picked up for this season:


I’ve finished Amnesia and am currently working through Amnesia Later. Bought mostly for Ukyo, I have no regrets. Anything that can get this kind of amusing reaction out of me is worth the time. Even trainwrecks like Toma are really fun to watch. Haters gonna hate. After Amnesia, Shinigami to Shoujo will be a welcome change in tone.

I also bought the fantasy-themed Beyond the Future – Fix the Time Arrows on sale and it’s still in the mail. I love the character designs and am beyond amused by the mage who wears little hot pants. This should keep me busy while I await the late July release of Dot Kareshi – We’re 8-bit Lovers. If the website is any indicator, I’m going to love that one.

4 responses to “April Manga Order

  1. Was the PSP region free? (Ironically) I don’t remember offhand. And yay for summer reading!

  2. What is the name of the manga in the first pic? Kirara no Hoshi? Sorry i can’t see the title much. ^^;;

    OMGGG You have Puchitto Hajiketaaa!! (okay sorry again I need to calm down xD;;;). I’m loving semexseme and this one is good. The pretty art is also a plus. 😀

    Yay to your Amnesia, StS, and Beyond the Future purchases. \o/ I’m also waiting for the Dot Kareshi~. 🙂

    • The upper left hand corner is Kirara no Hoshi. I’m actively looking for seme vs seme these days and Puchitto Hajiketa is a really good one! Good story, art, and characters. I’m hoping to find even more seme vs seme.

      Dot Kareshi seems so far off! I can’t wait. In the meantime, I’m trying to fill the gap with more fantasy-themed otome games.

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