Sugiura Shiho’s new manga to appear in Avarus magazine

The publisher Tousuisha and its magazine Ichiraci have made major issues lately: they’ve recently cut back to an every two-month publishing schedule, they lost Abe Miyuki, they lost Hashiba Maki, and now their best mangaka, Sugiura Shiho, is moving to a different magazine.

With the end of Silver Diamond and its side stories, a big question loomed: what will Sugiura Shiho’s next manga be? Her newest serialization is called Shuuten Unknown (Last Stop Unknown) and will appear in the May issue of Avarus. It’s a fantasy story about two men belonging to different (perhaps rival?) organizations that hunt treasure.


Treasure hunting? Sounds like more adventure, which is what she’s so good at writing. Love the character designs. I’m honestly tempted to buy the magazine and I never, ever do that. Either way, I’m excited to see information on her next manga.

With the departure of Sugiura Shiho, I can’t imagine Ichiraci has much to offer anymore. If the ship is sinking, someone needs to rescue Morimoto Shuu and Togawa Mitomo. Tousuisha used to be my favorite publisher and I love the hundreds of manga I own from their earlier days, so it’s been hard watching this obvious decline. However, as long as my favorite mangaka is still working, I’m good. I was nervous waiting for specific news about Sugiura’s next manga, so at least we know she’ll be okay and perhaps receive the same boost in popularity that Abe Miyuki experienced when she switched publishers.

3 responses to “Sugiura Shiho’s new manga to appear in Avarus magazine

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  2. Why do you think everyone’s leaving Ichiraci? Because it’s not popular enough anymore? If so, I think that its authors are supposed to boost its reputation themselves, but not sure how the whole thing works anyway.
    Avarus’s become really nicely packed recently. I’m also tempted to renew my magazine buying spree, even though it’s rather money-consuming.

    I have only started reading Silver Diamond but I’m already excited about the new series. I’d say she’s on par with Abe Miyuki, but her stories give off a different feeling. Btw, I wonder if Abe will ever finish Hakkenden without dropping the series?

    • They were never a big, popular publisher and always had a limited distribution chain. After seeing their publishing schedule go to an every two-month model, I can only guess they are financially having a very hard time. When contract time came up for these mangaka, they probably weren’t given what they wanted and/or deserved and they moved on. Losing both Abe and Sugiura cannot be good for their survival.

      I should give it a second look. I actually wasn’t too pumped about the other series in that particular issue of Avarus. But I was pretty blinded by the anticipation for Shuuten unknown.

      For me, Sugiura >>>>> Abe. Abe is great, but Sugiura is my favorite mangaka. I love her world building skills, character development, and epic adventure stories. Hakkenden is Abe’s masterpiece (with her other stuff not being on the same level) while Sugiura has two long masterpiece level works: Koori no Mamono no Monogatari and Silver Diamond. Both of those were well-structured and completed in full. I *hope* Hakkenden gets completed. I think it will now–she seems to be a cash cow for her new publisher, so they will fight for it.

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