March Manga

I got really busy for a few weeks there and completely neglected this blog. I guess that’s about standard for this place. I’ll have to find the time to work on a blog entry about Tokyo Shinjuu if possible and if still relevant. I recently bought the second Tokyo Shinjuu series along with some other new releases.

  • Aishiterutte Iwanakya Korosu – Tokyo Shinjuu 2 – The title means “Say you love me or I’ll kill you” and he’s brandishing a roll of duct tape at his love interest on the cover. It’s not that cracky inside.
  • Docchi mo Docchi!! – The sequel continues the original storyline and ventures into having a stable, understanding relationship beyond sex. It’s a great addition.
  • Ojikoi – obvious purchase even though I kept up with it while published on the Hana to Yume Online site
  • Michi to no Souguu – Flipping through, the initial impression of this porny BL manga is that it’s about cute panties and the big bulges contained within. That was fun and all, but at one point, panty guy gets trapped in a cage (don’t ask. not that it makes sense anyway) and ends up peeing into a cloth held by the other guy, who then goes in for a deep kiss while this is happening… what? There’s my line and it was just crossed. Ew.
  • Shiro no Koro – looks cute
  • Ore Monogatari!! 3 – still the best. I like how they’re already in a happy relationship and it’s just about its progression.
  • Heroine Shikkaku 9 – I feel like this is going to make me rage
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 5 – This should be just fine at least. It looks like Shishio is getting bolder
  • Wannin! 4 – adorable, fluffy ninja dogs
  • Dangan Honey 1 – a little girl wants the perfect married life and finds the perfect match in a handsome, but meek young man. She’s so fiesty, determined, and adorable. One of those quick, but fun reads. I’ll be getting the next volume.
  • Tennen + Gokuraku Mahoutsukai – I love this Yukimura manga, so I bought the perfect edition. Sparkly
  • Fushigi Amedama – one more high quality, sparkly Yukimura collection that matches the first

I also have the NightS doujinshi, Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai 3, and a bunch of manga covers on the way. There’s a ton of other nice manga just released/coming up in April, including a new volume of Koban, a new volume of Tojitsuki Hajime’s Boku to Kanojo series, a new volume of Kids Log, new Hana wa Saku ka, new Nishida Higashi, new Aitsu no Daihonmei… it’s endless.

8 responses to “March Manga

  1. Heroine Shikkaku 9 !!! Hirunaka no Ryuusei 5 !!!
    Shishio is getting bolder, Oh my God!!! You do not know how much I envy you, I’m looking forward to read one of your good reviews of these two manga!

  2. “Heroine Shikkaku 9 – I feel like this is going to make me rage.”
    I love how you worded that–made me laugh, it did.

  3. Tokyo Shinjuu looks really interesting. I’m looking forward to a write-up about it. 😀

    • It’s a really good manga. If I could just find some extra time to put something together before some other title catches my attention (which I’d also leave half unfinished).

  4. I had already put down Heroine Shikkaku for a good long while now and will probably wait it out until the end. I guess I got bitten by the “second guy syndrome” as well. This sort of immature bitterness has happened with Parfait Tic! too. I got so bitter with things not working out for my pairing, that I never finished the manga and swiftly sold all 23 volumes for less than 1/3rd of the price paid for them. If things don’t work out the way I want them to in this manga, you’ll find overturned tables at my house. Deheh.

    • Since volume 10 is going to be the end for Heroine Shikkaku, I’ve decided to postpone my pain and do it all at once. I can sometimes recover from my second guy syndrome, but not when it kills a character. She lost all her determination and drive and became a waffly mess who couldn’t switch over to the guy she really wanted all of a sudden.

      I don’t remember having such problems with loving the other guy in manga until recently. I didn’t stick it out for the end of Parfait Tic! I’m half curious now.. even if I don’t remember anything that went on!

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