Fantasy by Okachimachi Hato



Fantasy by Okachimachi Hato (aka Matsumoto Miecohouse) is a fantasy manga in two ways: some characters have supernatural powers and the main couple is a 14 year old girl pursuing a 59 year old man. Holy crap, 45 year age gap! To make things even more interesting, Fantasy was published in Manga Erotics F, so it’s not shy about pushing boundaries. Let’s find out how far it will take us while attempting to not break WordPress’s terms of use (too much).

Rumi is not your typical middle school girl; she regularly helps out at the police station. What could she possibly offer them? Rumi has the ability to read the minds of people she touches, including criminals and victims. The information and images she receives, while often disturbing, help otherwise hopeless cases. So why does she expose herself to such scary and potentially dangerous situations?

This looks like a nice job perk.

Jin is a police officer close to retirement assigned to “handle” Rumi. Rumi is very attached to Jin because he accepts her and doesn’t avoid her, unlike other people, including her parents who surrendered her to an institution at a young age. With so little contact in her life, she enjoys being spoiled by the kind Jin. However, perhaps because she’s a teenage girl, she takes it a bit too far…


She’s negotiating the terms to put her shirt back on. He’s not playing that game.

Even though his heart and thoughts are exposed, Jin reaches out to Rumi with open arms. However, he’s still human: having a young girl throw herself into his lap conjurers up some naughty images.


She removed her shirt to correct his imagination’s estimate of her breast size. Accuracy is important!

That’s just what goes on in his mind and they both know it. Rumi revels in the steamy images and wants to see and learn more, making her quite persistent. While he’s a bit of a dirty old man, Jin is reasonable enough to not actually sleep with a 14 year old girl. He pushes her back as kindly and gently as possible (and she throws herself at him with renewed vigor). Jin doesn’t just have perverted intentions towards Rumi and often invites her to spend time with his own family, which includes his adult daughter and grandchild.


A warm family environment is a foreign thing to Rumi and she even gets a glimpse into the thoughts of a hungry baby.

This manga is not just about the relationship between Rumi and Jin, but Rumi’s relationship with everyone around her. Most avoid her, not wanting their personal thoughts read. When she’s not working at the police station, Rumi stays in an institution for “special” kids with supernatural abilities. Rumi has a close relationship with Kae, a girl with a third eye. The manga grants a considerable chunk of pages toward her storyline. Kae’s story is all about young love, which apparently means lots of underage sex and teenage pregnancy. I guess there’s a message of self-acceptance somewhere in there. That story arc was less satisfying. I enjoyed Rumi’s character and personality much more and wish those pages were devoted toward her development.

Acceptance seems to be a common theme for the manga, so the question remains: will Jin accept Rumi’s feelings? Is it even possible?


Well, the manga is titled “Fantasy” after all.

10 responses to “Fantasy by Okachimachi Hato

  1. After reading your review, I actually got to a point thinking that ojiisan (not ojisan) is acceptable now. Also this manga reminds me of another anima/manga called Ristorante Paradiso (hopefully I spelled it right). This one also got some handsome ojiisan in it (wink*)

    • Good, you have been completely corrupted! I wasn’t sure what I’d think when I bought this manga that boasted of a 45 year age gap, but it turned out that I was more than okay with it, ha.

      I do love the men of Ristorante Paradiso. Ono Natsume draws the best old, *old* guys.

  2. Oooohhh, that’s one hot old man. Her art seems prettier now; I wonder if it’s because of the different genre or if her art has matured. Thanks for the review.

  3. where can I read this?

  4. haha.. so it cannot be read for free in manga websites? you really have to buy it?

    • Yeah, you do. If you look around this website at all, it’s really obvious that I buy everything. Also, the about page specifically states I buy everything and not to ask where to download.

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  6. I wish they’d sell manga like this from where I’m at. >__> Getting tired of all the Naruto. (Not that it’s bad, but her favorite dirty old man already died.) Anyway, after reading this, it seems to be pretty interesting. And the age gap IS pretty huge. -Wants to read it now.- But still it seems like the plot’s pretty good. Plus it’s always fun for me to watch the struggles of this kinds of pairings.

    • I wish they sold this where I’m at as well! I have to import everything directly. So there’s a high cost and language gap. I’ve read a few of the mangaka’s BL works before and wasn’t terribly impressed, but I felt like this one had some interesting drama and emotion in it.

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