Shiny New Releases: Oji-san Gahou

It’s a good time to be oyaji-obsessed. Our ranks seem ever expanding and that just means more old guys in manga for all. Oji-san Gahou (aka Everything About Oji-san) will treat us to illustrations, essays, and comics from 40 different oji-san obsessed mangaka. Glancing through the contributing mangaka, I see both josei/shoujo and BL mangaka, so we should get a nice sampling. Some names include Kuroda Sakaki (cover illustration), Akimoto Naomi, Amano Kai, Arai Sachi, Inariya Fusanosuke, Ima Ichiko, Takaguchi Satosumi, Hiiragi Nozumu, Matsuzaki Tsukasa, Miyawaki Akiko, and more. It will be released on 11/29, cost 1260 yen, and be 100 pages long.

3 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Oji-san Gahou

  1. Hah, I was sold when I saw Kuroda Sakaki’s cover without even knowing what it was. Then I saw the title and now I want it even more :} So many glorious books to get~

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