Three months worth of manga

What does three months of manga look like?  Something like this. These pictures represent 4-5 separate orders placed since August. I fell a bit behind in posting.

  • sugar coat excess – I can’t deny a Minekura Kazuya artbook, especially one filled with Wild Adapter. It now rests next to the original artbook, sugar coat.
  • Color Film 1 – Yoneda Kou full color? It contains my favorite colored NightS illustration? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, MangaOh wouldn’t let me preorder LE THÉÂTRE DE A at the time, so to ensure I’d get a copy of perhaps the best release of the year, I went with Amazon. I’ve had issues with Amazon packaging before, but the condition my 2400 yen book showed up in was a new low. Very bent. The creases in the pic don’t look as dramatic as they really are–the corner is very angled and fucked up. The inner pages are mostly fine, I suppose. It amazes me that paying more for shipping gets you less quality packaging.

I had some points left over and placed a very small order with honto about two months ago. It took another month to reach my place, wooo. I hear it might have changed? I have 500 points.. maybe I’ll order a book and see.

The second picture has all the BL titles. Quite a few this time.

  • Parallel Lines
  • Urahara to Dilemma – this has the lovely oneshot Jouzetsuna Yubi
  • Tengoku mo Jigoku mo – Nishida Higashi’s newest bad boy. Loved it. Best part of the story was the old lady.
  • Mada Ai ga Tarinai – more Nishida Higashi!
  • Super Lovers 5
  • Muchuu no Hito 4 – the end!
  • Tenkousei Jinno Murasaki 1-4 – I enjoyed this title. The last volume was interesting–it went into horror manga territory and one guy went yandere. He had an impressive (spirit) body count.
  • Like a dog, as a dog
  • Yagi-san Yuubin
  • Yasashiku Shinaide Naichau kara – my random gateau tank purchases have not been very good so far, but I fell prey to the blonde on the cover. So far, it’s pretty underwhelming. Not surprised.
  • Yorokobi wa Ude no Naka – not a big Katou Setsuko fan, but I am a big oyaji fan, so it’s on.
  • Tonari no Onii-san – love impish shota seme characters. It was only a small part of the entire tank though.
  • Hana Nomi Zo Shiru 3
  • Omairi Desu yo
  • Mousukoshi Yoru ga Nagakereba – random title I remembered from Fushichou
  • Wagamama na Otoko – Ugh, that ridiculous pixelated censoring in porny manga.. but it’s Tsukasa Matsuzaki.
  • Eroman – Kami to Pen to Sex to!!
  • Shinjuku Lucky Hole
  • Konoyo Ibun 6 – more Suzuki Tsuta is always good

Then the shoujo batch.

  • Ore Monogatari!! 2 – still love it, can’t wait for more.
  • Wannin! 3
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo 10-11
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 4
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 6
  • Mahou no Tsukaikata 1 – been waiting for this release. Another textured cover
  • Mahoutsukai no Shinyuu 1 – this looks adorable
  • Moon Trick 4
  • Kemono no Tengoku 4
  • Silver Diamond 27 – the end! It was a battle of who was gayer for each other: Prince/Kinrei or Chigusa/Rakan. I’m okay with that.
  • G Defend 40
  • Ou no Ibara 8
  • Kainushi wa Akuma 1
  • Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 11
  • Hoshikuzu Crybaby
  • Ame Nochi Hare 6
  • Kaizoku to Ningyo 6
  • Akagami no Shiroyukihime 8
  • Koi to Gunkan 3 – loved this. Love this title more and more with each new volume
  • Nakajima Nakajima 1 – new Nishi Keiko!!! Yet another title for me to desperately want.
  • Love Kare – Gokujou Men Dokuhon! Suits Danshi

The months September through November are a Nishi Keiko fan’s dream with many releases, including some reprints, some continuations of her already publishing series, and the first tankoubon release for a new series.

The “other” pile

  • Koban (old), Koban 0 – I bought Koban (old) before Koban #0 was announced. Koban #0 is a rerelease with a few new additions. Love the covers of both. No regrets.
  • metro 1 – more Ishikawa Chika! Nice textured cover
  • Otoko no Isshou 4
  • 5-ji kara 9-ji Made 5
  • Fantasy – holy crap age gap! 59 vs 14. And from Manga Erotics F. I had NO clue what to expect from that combination. I liked it.
  • Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke 1 – bought on a whim after seeing it featured on Natalie.
  • Yabu to Hanamomo – I’m a dog person, but I still appreciate seeing this rough guy tamed by a cute little cat. It’s interesting to read a character talk dumb to a pet in a foreign language too.

A spoiler for Otoko no Isshou–I was a bit disappointed with the final chapter. If I could count on one author to write a convincing, beautiful story about the love between two people that didn’t require a child for the reader to believe they’ll be together forever, I would look to Nishi Keiko. But instead, she chose to have Kaieda conceive a child while he was well into his 50’s. Kay. No bucking that trend apparently. Have I ever read a romance manga with a heterosexual couple that has been married for years but has no children by choice? Hmm.. one is not coming to mind that doesn’t at least reference them having a kid in the future.

Oops, stragglers that didn’t make it into the other pics:

  • Specialty wo Douzo
  • Ashita mo Aishite Kuremasu ka
  • Heroine Shikkaku 8
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 4
  • Kuşlar – gorgeous est em! I wish the postcard didn’t have so much text on it. I’d like to display it.. I might anyway.
  • Boku no Otousan 1 – didn’t even make it into the straggler pic because I was reading it last night.

8 responses to “Three months worth of manga

  1. Where did you buy Yoneda Kou’s Color Film? :O! It’s not on, is it some sort of special publication?

  2. I’ve started to read Ore Monogatari and I love it! I think the plot overall is pretty cute xD

    Have you read Specialty wo Douzo yet? I’m just wondering what it’s like.

    Thanks for posting photos of your haul. I always use it as a way to search our for new manga xD

    • I can’t get enough of Ore Monogatari! I hope it’s popularity spawns more shoujo manga with protagonists like Takeo.

      I didn’t even finish Specialty wo Douzo yet. Honestly? It was pretty boring and uninspiring to me, thus I haven’t picked it up again. Not my type of manga, I guess.

      Thanks, I’m glad you find them useful 🙂

  3. I love Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 and am dying to know it ended!

  4. you buy quite a lot of manga. i like Heroine Shikkaku but its english scanlation is not updated regularly

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