Addition to oyaji romance list: Shuuden na Futari

I never seem to sit down to update my blog lists, so I’m attempting a new approach: add just one at a time instead of trying to add everything at once. That way, something actually gets done! I have several titles that I want to add to the Oyaji Romance Manga Selections, so here’s the most recent addition while it’s still fresh in my head. Shuuden na Futari is published in the Oyajism digital magazine. Honestly, I’m having issues with their PC reader program, such as incomplete downloads of their monthly magazine and one issue never opened at all.  Reinstalling, repairing, redownloading, etc. doesn’t change anything. So you might want to wait for the print manga of this title. It will be worth the wait at least.

Shuuden na Futari (Shuuden na Kankei) by Tatada Yoshio(?)
type: josei
length: 0 volumes (ongoing)

From the oyaji-centric digital magazine Oyajism, Shuuden na Futari is a delight. Hibari works long hours and inevitably rides the last train home. It’s not all bad–she also runs into the train station worker, Yokose. Yokose is kind and polite, looking out for Hibari as she often sleeps defenselessly (and with a bit of drool) on her way home. Their brief encounters are a bright spot in her hectic days. It’s a slow romance as two strangers progress from being polite, to friendly, to that point where they have to figure out if there’s something else. The characters are simple, yet refreshing.

The oyaji: Yokose

Yokose is about 20 years older than Hibari. He’s a diligent worker, but a bit scatter brained. Yokose may be clumsy, but he’s self-aware enough to always have a spare pair of glasses and an extra uniform. Due to his frequent accidents, he’s abnormally fast at changing his clothes. Sometimes when he’s trying to pack customers into trains during rush hour, he gets pushed onto the train himself. Both Yokose’s actions and faults are endearing. He has a great smile.

8 responses to “Addition to oyaji romance list: Shuuden na Futari

  1. Oh, he’s hot.

  2. omg.


    I can’t wait for a print edition of this ❤

    Sadly my browser doesn't support the T-Time application, so I can't read a preview or anything 😦

    • It’s not browser-based. There’s a separate program that you have to install which also uses T-Time. I’ve had browser T-Time issues as well. But I have issues with this program unless it’s a single chapter download or short preview.

      I can’t wait for the print tank either. I missed reading a middle chapter of this story because my download won’t work! I hope the print also includes the side story, “Douzo, Okamainaku,” which is about an older man who cross-dresses at times. I enjoyed that too.

  3. After reading too much oyaji-themed stuff I’ve become interested in real oyaji in real life xD But the ones I’ve met so far are either to orich and indulging in young girls or really old fat ones. Reality sucks T^T

  4. I want to read more of this manga but can’t find it anywhere. Please please please, tell me where can I find it?

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