“Oyajism” is a thing

There’s a line of manga dedicated to serving oyaji lovers: Oyajism.  While it was exclusively digital before, it recently released three print titles. I received two of the three today. I missed the third because my casual cover browsing did not detect the third oyaji. I will fix that mistake soon enough. You can stalk the publisher on twitter as well.  Here’s the covers for the print line-up:

I haven’t looked into the digital titles at all yet, so I don’t know if there’s any region-locking, DRM, time limits, etc.  But some of them look ridiculously cute. If I didn’t have ~20 new manga staring at me, I’d be digging furiously. I shouldn’t covet  more manga before I’m done unpacking the new….

….but look at this.


Update:  Yeah, that lasted a whole 5 minutes. I purchased the oneshot shown above (74 yen) and loved it. It’s linked with a T-Time application. So it’s tied into their program. But damn, I can get so many adorable old guys that I just don’t care at the moment. Oyaji moe is at maximum capacity.

10 responses to ““Oyajism” is a thing

  1. Oh, exciting! I love oyaji stories! So, is “Oyajism” an imprint of a publisher? (Sorry, sometimes I’m a bit slow.) Are any of the stories longer than a chapter or two? Man, so many of your fabulous posts end with me saying, “I wish this was in English!”

    • MF Comics is an imprint itself. This is a subcategory of that imprint. You’ll see that black logo on their books. The two tanks I bought are continuous stories, so there will be a mix of one volume stories and collections of oneshots it seems.

      But yeah, I also wish more of this was in English too.

  2. *drooling*
    Please kindly write a review on those! I just spent my budget to buy other titles. What a pity.

  3. OMG thank you so much for posting this. I remember checking this out 2-3 months ago when everything was a still about Japanese number and japanese phone if you wanted anything. So happy they made content available for PV as well 😀
    BTW would you mind telling the ToC for the 3 books you have? I’m either blind or it really isn’t posted on internet <_<

    • That’s the best thing about this! I hate reading about some fun otome game to find out it’s just for cell phones etc. It’s open for all.

      I have Erotica 45 and Ichiban Nagai Yoru wo Yoroshiku. They’re continuous stories and not oneshot collections, so there’s not much in table of contents.

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  5. Just stumbled onto this blog. Had no idea “Oyajiism” was a thing! Seems they are using the word kind of liberally because none of those guys would ever pop into my head when thinking of ‘oyaji’! (^_^) I need to investigate this genre!

    • I’ve found that the usage of “oyaji” is very liberal in josei/shoujo/BL manga. I find it’s often strictly an indicator of age (past their 20s) and nothing to do with mannerisms or appearance. But even the age range seems a bit low at times! But so far in what I’ve read in this magazine, the guys are 40+ years old at least.

      There’s lots of great manga out there with this growing niche, so I hope you find some good stuff.

  6. OMG!!!! I just discovered this digital megazine for Oyaji lover like me from your post! Holy moly, before I used to think that only a few people who are has oyaji fever like me. There is a megazine just for Oyaji in Japan meaning that oyaji lovers are quite a population.

    My heart just literally bursted when I saw the website (sorry if I scared you.)

    So sad that I can’t download the app to view the manga on my computer. By the way, I really liked the professor from Otoko no Isshou. Great manga!

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