The End of Silver Diamond

The 27th and final volume of Silver Diamond has been released. It’s the end of an era for me. Silver Diamond is one of my favorite manga series and I don’t know how I’ll be able to say goodbye to it. I started reading from the beginning (so ~2004) and have continuously read every manga volume released. In 2007, I lost most interest in all manga and wasn’t reading much at all, but I still kept up with Silver Diamond. This sustained me until the manga addict revival in 2008, which was around the time I signed up for myanimelist.

Even though I read lots of manga these days, Silver Diamond time is special time! I need to finish an end of October release order to get my hands on the final volume.  Before that, I should probably post the manga I’ve gotten in the past two months.. oops. Whenever I get incredibly busy with work, I just don’t feel like writing. Things will calm sometime in November after my new outreach program is finished.

Currently, Sugiura Shiho is publishing some side stories for Silver Diamond, so that might soften the loss. I’ll just have to look forward to her future manga. Although I doubt anyone could be as hot as Chigusa. I’ll miss you!

6 responses to “The End of Silver Diamond

  1. Only 8 years for 27 volumes is pretty impressive, however… How am I ever going to catch up? ;__; How does it end though? 😀 Conclusively on a good note, with nothing left unsatisfied? :D? Besides the craving for more, that is…

    • I think it concludes fairly well. I’m certainly not upset by the actual content/direction. Much better than many long series! It has long chapters, so things aren’t rushed and feel like they end naturally.

  2. I’ve gotten interested in this manga after reading your tweet about it. 🙂 But 27 volumes? ;w; It’ll take me a while to finish this though I think it’s worth my time. 😀

    • It is definitely worth it! It has the epic fantasy adventure feel to it. With long chapters and 27 volumes, it feels less interrupted than some series which constantly have to end on some cliffhanger and recap. I enjoyed it for almost 10 years 🙂

  3. Well I assume that it’s too late for commented on your post but, can I ask you where the website which provide all the volumes of silver diamond? Those 27 volumes with english trans? I only found it just 16 volumes

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